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Chapter 629 Suppression

  When they left the crowd, Li Dong smiled and said: "This is really coincidental tonight. The "Heavenly" 'novel Ww』W.⒉3TXT.COM" Shen Xi also laughed: "Not coincidental enough, I think it is Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming a few people for you to set the stage, what do they mean by this?" "It's not easy to say." Li Dong shook his head and said, "These guys do not know what idea to play again, I suspect and Xu Shengzhe's plan is related, he may want to promote the cooperation of the families through external pressure." "Then there's no need to set the stage for you." "That's true." Li Dong stroked his chin and thought, "Do you think …… this guy is planning to let me be the pioneer, and then when the cooperation becomes a success, this guy will use Tang Long's side to kick me out? After all, once the Chang family that ascends to the top, others must have concerns, I offended Tang Long at this time, everyone is likely to be scrupulous and throw me out as a discard." "There is this possibility, but to say that the abandoned son is a bit too much. Don't forget, there's still me." Shen Xi said with slight pride. "You? When your dad is gone, people don't see to scare you." "Humph! Look down on me, right? You see, even if my father really entered the capital, others would not dare to act rashly." "That's true." No matter whether Old Du stays or enters the capital, it is a deterrent. The Chang family, even if they do rise to power, do not dare to tear their faces. People leave tea cold, but people go higher, the tea may not be cold. The two whispered a few words, this time also to the backyard. Wang Pengfei, the fat man, can be seen from afar, this guy seems to be in no hurry lately, the heart is wide and fat, but looks fatter than before a circle. But Fatty Wang at the moment is not up with a generous heart. In front of him stood Liu Ke, who had just left, and in addition to Liu Ke, there was also Zhang Qing's group. This group of people around Wang Pengfei do not know what they are saying, Wang Pengfei shook his head and nodded one after another, and do not know what it means. Li Dong saw this frowned slightly and said: "These guys are too reckless, right? This is forcing Wang Pengfei?" Shen Xi also frowned and said, "Wang Siwen is more and more unproductive, actually stirred up with people like Liu Ke. As soon as Chen Rui left, Zhang Lan Yu had no heart, I did not expect this guy to go back the more he mixes." Li Dong is looking at Zhang Qing, Shen Xi is looking at Wang Siwen. Zhang Qing in the eyes of Shen Xi, or not on the stage, and did not care too much about this guy. But Wang Siwen is not a simple person, before with Zhang Lan Yu and Chen Rui formed a small circle, Li Dong also met a few times. I did not expect that now Wang Siwen actually also and Liu Ke hitched a relationship, these people degree is really fast. Li Dong did not speak again, paced over. Just approaching that side, Li Dong heard Liu Ke gloomily said: "Mr. Wang, my second father is very close to you, if we can cooperate, then our relationship will be even closer. In the future, if Pengfei real estate needs any help, you and I say, Sichuan side I guarantee that you can smoothly." Liu Ke just finished, Wang Siwen said smilingly: "Not only Sichuan, if Mr. Wang and our cooperation is successful, we can still make a small contribution to the Pingchuan side. Although Mr. Wang's wealth is not large, but to Jiangbei time after all is not long, we join forces, whether in the city or the province, the brothers can always help a little." "A few, this thing allows me to think again, I ……" "Wang, you think long enough, and then think, I'm afraid of accidents ah." Liu Ke sneered. Wang Pengfei wiped his sweat, his heart was a bit stifled. He Wang Pengfei at least considered a number of people, did not expect to be forced into this by a few juniors. But now the situation is indeed a bit tense, Sichuan Shu side, there is a Liu Tang in, Wang Pengfei may not be able to fight him. Jiangbei side, although he invested a lot, but also made some contacts, but the real estate thing, to be honest, the importance is not necessarily that high. If these people's appetite is a little smaller, can pull in Zhang Qing, Wang Siwen, Chang Qiqi these people, Wang Pengfei is actually happy to bleed. But someone's appetite is too big, mainly in the middle of more than a Liu Ke. If there is no Liu Ke Tang Long Group, the other guys probably want a piece of the pie, hang a job, get some dividends, which is a lot of no great success in the second generation are doing things. Of course, many companies are also happy to do so, less trouble not to mention, but also to add some protection to the business. But Liu Ke's side is not satisfied with that little dividend, this guy does not look much ability, but the heart is not small, want to swallow the whole Pengfei real estate in one breath, which Wang Pengfei can promise. Not to mention Liu Ke, is Liu Tang to come, want to swallow him, Wang Pengfei will not agree. The big deal is to fight once, the fish is better than sitting around waiting for death. But that is the last resort to make the choice, now Wang Pengfei think there is still hope, a time also do not want to so and a few people torn face. Just when he was in a difficult situation, a soft laugh suddenly came to his ears. Then Wang Pengfei heard someone outside speak: "Brother Liu, you are convenient once a long enough time, I thought you fell in." Wang Pengfei heard this voice, as if he saw the straw that saved his life, and quickly shouted, "Mr. Li, you're here."