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Chapter 630 - Fighting

  Liu Ke could not suppress his anger, annoyed to go first.? A look at the book? The first thing you need to do is to look at the book. -The other people are not going to stay for a while. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. To be honest, everyone can stir with Liu Ke, look not Liu Ke's face. The Liu family is powerful, that also can not control the Jiangbei side. The reason why Zhang Qing these people so quickly and Liu Ke reached a united front, looking at the Chang Qiqi, more important is the future Chang Qiqi. Chang Qiqi naturally also understand the meaning of the crowd, tonight if she just conceded, then the circle of people pulled up before I'm afraid so scattered. This is her and Liu Ke hard to pull up the network, if so scattered hearts, Chang Qiqi is not willing. Staring at Shen Xi and Li Dong for a while, Chang Qiqi did not care about Li Dong, but looked at Shen Xi and smiled: "This is the Du family sister, right?" Shen Xi frowned slightly, and did not answer the question. Chang Qiqi did not care whether she picked up or not, still smiling like a flower said: "Du sister ……" she this name out, the crowd's face is a little weird up. Who does not know Shen Xi's surname Shen in Jiangbei, to say that Chang Qiqi does not know, that is the ghost. But she knows, but shouted a sister Shen, is obviously deliberately to Shen Xi on the eyes of it. The Shen family and the Du family back then in the end how to discuss, no one knows now, but Du Anmin's only daughter is following her mother's surname, which is a bit abnormal. Usually, even if we have guesses in our hearts, we do not dare to mention this in front of Shen Xi. Even Li Dong and Shen Xi joke, Shen Xi did not give him a good face. Now Chang Qiqi opened his mouth and deliberately put on the eye, obviously to regain the previous situation. Sister Shen, sister Shen do not blame, I first arrived, and sister Shen has not met, sister Shen do not be angry." Shen Xi said lightly: "What are you angry about? My father's surname is Du, my mother's surname is Shen, both sides are relatives, surname doesn't matter, you can call me whatever you want. But my sister's brain is also muddled, do not be infected, right? Wang Siwen's brain is confused, Zhang Qing's brain is not too sober, I think your husband is similar, could it be that my sister is infected by them?" The next corner of Li Dong's mouth can not help but twitch, this woman fights the law, the mouth is also enough damage. w?W?W-COM two women talking, Li Dong also do not want to get involved, and moreover he does not think Shen Xi even a Chang Qiqi can not fight. As expected, Shen Xi next sarcastic a few sentences, immediately let Chang Qiqi changed his face. After a change of face, Chang Qiqi finally looked at Li Dong and laughed: "Mr. Li, I heard that you have a girlfriend? Why didn't you bring it tonight for everyone to see?" Seeing the war burned to his head, Li Dong smiled and said, "I don't need to bother Miss Chang about my private life." Chang Qiqi smiled and said, "Don't misunderstand, Mr. Li, I'm just a little curious." Said Chang Qiqi also revealed a look of innocence, looking at Shen Xi smiled: "I just think some strange, like Shen sister so excellent woman, and you are spending time with Mr. Li, Mr. Li actually did not look at ……"" ah, look at my mouth, sister Shen do not be angry, I just really some curiosity, Mr. Li's girlfriend in the end what magic, is it more excellent than sister Shen?" Li Dong smilingly said, "Miss Chang, it seems that you are quite curious." "Yes, I'm just this bad, if Mr. Li doesn't want to say then forget it, just pretend I didn't ask." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "It's not that I don't want to talk about it, but I remembered something that I've been holding in my heart, and I want to say something to Miss Chang." Chang Qiqi said with a naive face: "What did Mr. Li remember?" Li Dong stroked his chin and thought before saying, "It's been a long time, about 17 or 18 years ago. At that time, like Miss Chang, I was also naive and curious." "I was not very peaceful as a child, and I liked to ask nonsense questions whenever I met people." "At first everyone was willing to satisfy my curiosity, but one day I asked one of my neighbors why his son did not look like him, and guess what happened?" Chang Qiqi face changed slightly for a moment, forced a smile: "What happened as a result?" Li Dong suddenly reached out, cold smile: "My neighbor gave me a big mouth! I was not convinced ah, went back to my parents to complain." "As a result, Miss Chang, guess what my parents did?" Chang Qiqi did not say anything, Li Dong sighed: "I just finished the matter, my dad gave me a big mouth again! My father taught me that I should only ask questions, should not be asked can not ask. At least four or five years old, can't even control their own mouth?" "And then I understood, although the mouth grows on their own, but still have to use their brains before speaking." "If a person just grows a mouth without growing a brain, it is certainly not much success." "I understood this truth when I was four or five years old, and that was because of my father's good education, although my father was not very educated, but I have to thank him, because of him, I can live to such an age."