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Chapter 631 - Li Dong's preemptive strike

  The banquet of the ♂ Liu family did not end because of Li Dong and them. When Chang Qiqi's father came to the banquet in his private capacity, it even set off a wave of **. Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming, these people's faces are not very good, obviously did not expect the Chang family this really will come. Although the two families are in-laws, but a walk in politics, a walk in business, the avoidance should always be some of the. Who knows the Chang family this is not ordinary people, into the door to the sentence "to participate in a private capacity", immediately blocked everyone's mouth. After all, the other party is Chang Qiqi's father, the father to see his daughter, do not have to pick the time? Seeing the crowd of stars, have surrounded each other to talk, Xu Shengzhe came over and whispered: "What to do?" "You ask me?" "Nonsense!" Xu Shengzhe said, "Aren't you the main person tonight? Now everyone is looking at you, if we can't cut their momentum tonight, Tang Long Group will officially have a firm foothold in Jiangbei later." "Stand on the ground, we are still afraid of it?" Li Dong did not think so. Xu Shengzhe stared at him and said in a low voice: "Are you really stupid or fake?" "I don't know what you mean." Li Dong said smilingly. Xu Shengzhe was a little annoyed and said, "Don't pretend with me! I don't believe you don't see that tonight is an opportunity, now that they and we are on the same side, offend them a little bit, so that everyone can make up their mind. Otherwise, if we miss tonight, it will take ten times more energy to blend everyone together again!" "What's in it for me?" "What other benefits do you need? Aren't these benefits? You become the leader of the Jiangbei business community, eight-sided scenery, who will not look up to you in the future ……" "Vain name I do not care." "You!" Li Dong smiled lightly: "Come on, let's be practical! Old Xu, who do not know who we are, what you want is not clear to me? If you want me to help you kick the door, you have to give me something real." Xu Shengzhe frowned and said, "Then what do you want?" "I don't have a big heart, so this time I'll help you fix everyone and get everyone determined to get involved. But after it's done, you have to promise me one condition." "What condition?" "Let's talk about it after we finish the job." Xu Shengzhe hurriedly shook his head and said, "No, either you say it now or you don't have to say it. Even without you tonight, what I want to do can still be done, at most the process is a little more convoluted, but this is not just for me, don't you want to?" "Then I'll say it?" "Yes!" "I want to use the Greenland Building to replace Longhua Plaza." "Fuck off!" Xu Shengzhe was furious and said, "Dream on! I'm pretty much brain-dead!" Longhua Plaza was the leading commercial plaza in Pingchuan, popular and famous, which also drove the development of Longhua Group. Now Li Dong wants to use a pure office building in exchange for Longhua Plaza, not to mention other added value, the selling price alone is a world of difference between the two. If the Greenland building is now for sale, at most worth four or five hundred million. But Longhua Plaza, Longhua Group is willing to sell, not to mention that others can afford to buy, the pricing alone is not less than one billion I'm afraid. Xu Shengzhe wants to facilitate this alliance again, will not be stupid enough to eat such a big loss. Li Dong saw many people looking this way, coughed lightly and whispered: "Do not rush, wait for me to finish, okay? How much is Longhua Plaza worth, I am naturally clear, just a green building, you will certainly not agree, this I know." "But what about adding an unopened community?" "You mean Greenland's West Bay Garden?" "Yes, how about it? West Bay Garden is worth a lot of money, five or six hundred million dollars, right? Besides, West Bay Garden is very close to your Longhua Park, and I heard that your Longhua Park is going to continue to expand, even if the house is not sold, you can save a lot of effort by using it for yourself." "It's not enough!" "Then add another 100 million in cash!" "It's not enough!" Xu Shengzhe said with a sullen face, "Longhua Square is not a Greenland Building and West Bay District can replace, the significance of which you know better than I do!" "Then what other conditions did you say you have?" "I won't replace it, and there's no way this will pass the board, so don't even think about it." "No room for negotiation at all?" Xu Shengzhe looked at him for a while before saying, "Yes!" "Tell me!" "In addition to these few things, you have to add Greenland's piece of land in the southern suburbs, as well as 300 million in cash, and the name of Longhua Plaza cannot be changed!" "Fuck off! Do you think I'm an idiot? The land in the southern suburbs is at least 300 million, the Greenland building is at least 500 million, the West Bay district is 500 million, this is 1.3 billion, plus you have to give 300 million cash, that's 1.6 billion! So I spent so much money to change the name of the Long Hua Plaza?" "Love to change or not, and this may not necessarily pass. I know what you mean, you want to transform Longhua Plaza into your large shopping center in Pingchuan, to increase your competitiveness and fame, to get that you have to pay to do so. I opened the conditions or not high, you have a number in your heart. Longhua Plaza is the signature of our Longhua Group in Pingchuan, once the sign is changed, how big is the impact on Longhua Group, are you clear?" "Don't talk to me about these additional impacts, as long as our alliance can become a success, then we are partners. It's common for both sides to make some industrial swaps for their own strategic goals, who would think of anything else?" "This is not up to you." Li Dong frowned: "That means there is no more negotiation?" "The conditions are here, if we can talk, we can talk, in business, I can't take what Longhua has to meet your strategic development." Li Dong spat out, "You let me down too much, you do so but not much sincerity, how can I dare to continue cooperation with you in the future?" Xu Shengzhe snorted, not even bothering to return his words. This guy always likes to use the great righteousness to pressure others, he does not believe his bullshit. Cooperation is cooperation, and Li Dong is not without benefit, now listen to his meaning, but make it seem as if he is willing to cooperate only for his own good. Seeing that he is not on the set, Li Dong some helplessly said: "The price is too big, this condition you just force me to death is not possible. How about this, three hundred million cash will be waived, the land in the southern suburbs will also be given to you, you just give me another one hundred million." "How dare you think, do I look like my head has been kicked by a donkey?" "I don't want the 100 million, just 50 million." "Don't come with me, the condition is this condition, at most your 300 million cash minus a little, less a 10 million is to give you face, the rest you don't dream." "Ten million, you are sending the caller?" Xu Shengzhe snickered: "You are so rich, then you try to send me off with 10 million? I don't care about having more money, you give it to me, I don't mind being treated like a call girl by you." Xu Shengzhe said while reminding, "If you don't act, the banquet is almost over. Once this does not work tonight, I think we do not have to talk about anything. Alliance parties failed, the possibility of cooperation between us is also greatly reduced, once the non-cooperation, you do not even think about Longhua Square. If the alliance becomes a success, then there is still something to talk about Longhua Square, what do you think?" Xu Shengzhe's words were true, once the alliance failed, the two sides were competitors. Xu Jianghua and Xu Shengzhe are not stupid, would they do anything to capitalize on the enemy? Only the alliance has become, the two sides then there is still talk, after all, when we look at the big picture, do not see for a city and a place to give each other tripping. Li Dong saw some helplessness and said: "Then today I will give you as a gun, this favor you have to remember." "OK, OK, I know, always come to this set of interesting?" Xu Shengzhe perfunctorily, this guy is always taking advantage of the good. Li Dong can not hide some things from him, such as how Li Dong wants to counterattack later, Xu Shengzhe can guess a general. But this guy is pretending to look forced, look at the heart of Xu Shengzhe fire, but also some face line! …… Chang Yuanshan was talking with the crowd, when Liu Long came up to him and whispered, "Li Dong is here." Chang Yuanshan fixed his eyes, and saw a young man on the periphery of the crowd slowly walked over.