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Chapter 632 - Li Dong KO Xu Shengzhe

  ♂ banquet can be said to hastily ended. Liu Long father and son send guests out, although with a smile on his face, but that smile how to see how awkward. Li Dong also does not care, noisy to help greet, one by one to send others to the car, Li Dong only to get into the car to leave. When Li Dong's car just out of the neighborhood, the front suddenly lit up a piece of headlights. The blinding lights made Li Dong dizzy, rubbing his eyes, Li Dong helplessly said, "Why are they all like children, is it funny?" Shen Xi slightly twisted his head to avoid the light, and good-natured and funny said: "Others interesting? People did not directly come up and smashed your car even if you give you face, your mouth let me how to say, you can not believe in the mouth!" Li Dong tonight this move but Hu Ming and several of them are forced to the beam, mutual aid association want not to set up can not. Li Dong said sarcastically, "I was just talking about it, who knew that everyone took it seriously." "Don't explain to me, explain to them." As soon as Shen Xi's words fell, Li Dong's car window was knocked on. Opening the car window, Xu Shengzhe said with a black face, "Follow us and have a few words together!" "I still have some things to do at night ……" "If you don't go, we can smash the glass of your house tonight!" Xu Shengzhe face suffocated, Li Dong nonsense does not matter, the key is that everyone thought this thing he agreed. After all, this matter has always been Xu Shengzhe busy work, in other people's view, Li Dong recently joined, it is not necessary to bother so much. Since Li Dong is not the mastermind, it naturally can only be Xu Shengzhe. Li Dong laughed dryly and said, "Look at what you said, I am not following your advice." "Get lost!" Li Dong did not say okay, once said Xu Shengzhe said angrily: "If you later dare to say that I mastermind, I will fight with you believe it or not!" "Cough cough cough, not to say not to say, let's go, it's getting late, what's there to talk about with a bunch of old men." "You!" Seeing his perfunctory attitude, Xu Shengzhe was angry and furious, glaring at him for a while before saying in a muffled voice: "I am an idiot, in the future I will believe one more word of your words, I will not believe in Xu!" "Don't talk so much, are you going to take my surname later?" "Li Dong!" "Don't be angry, I'm just telling the truth, you say if I tell you now what to do can earn a month three to five hundred million, you with me to do? You say it, when you are certainly willing to do, which does not believe me, then you change your surname how inappropriate." "I …… Laozi do not want to talk to you!" Xu Shengzhe exploded a foul mouth, panting back to his car, then a few cars in front of him quickly departed. Li Dong skimmed: "Look, how poor the psychological quality of this guy. If you really let him become the head of the alliance, then the alliance is still a fart, how unreliable." "Li Dong!" Shen Xi also some can not stand him, helplessly said: "point face, I am convinced of you, how can you have such a big heart?" Li Dong smiled and said, "I can't help it, I learned it from them. These guys are all shameless than I can be much more powerful, I am not just following the example." "But you are doing this tonight, it is completely unpleasant!" "You don't understand!" Li Dong said with a slight smile: "There are some things to lose is blessing, tonight it seems that I have offended these old guys, but in fact is not just an association? If you join, can you still lose a piece of meat?" "But once the association has really become, you say that I, the first advocate can still be a small soldier? Since the alliance, there must be a nominal person in charge." "Xu Shengzhe wants to make a fortune, then I'll make it possible for him. He did not push me out, then I will come forward, first of all, the nominal position of the speaker to take up." "With the name, the rest is easy to do." "What Xu Shengzhe can give, can't I give? These old men are not easy to fool, Xu Shengzhe what is in mind, who does not know. And this guy is very sinister, everyone guard against him." "Do you think if they really want to choose the head of the sect, they will choose the sinister and unpredictable Xu Shengzhe? Or do they choose me, a big-hearted, seemingly unthreatening douchebag?" "Pfft!" Just as Li Dong finished, Shen Xi burst out laughing, and only after a while covered her mouth and coughed: "You also know you two, I thought you didn't know it." Li Dong rolled his eyes, speechless: "I just so described, I two? If I am two, these guys are stupid!" "Okay, I can't say you. But things are not as simple as you think, let's talk after this first." "Don't worry, since I dare to say this, I have a solution for this." The …… convoy drove all the way to the Lanshan side before stopping. Mission Hill Clubhouse. Hu Ming and his party walked straight into a private room, and when Li Dong entered, Hu Ming smiled and said, "Mr. Li, you did something unethical tonight." Li Dong played dumb and said, "Unseemly? What does Mr. Hu mean?" Hu Ming saw some irritation and said, "Mr. Li, at this time, pretending to be confused, can not be meaningful." Li Dong laughed, found a seat, saw the crowd are looking at him, raised his eyebrows and said, "Gentlemen, I admit that this matter is a little presumptuous. But to be honest, I like to be a little bit crisp, what to do what to do, dragging out what can be a big deal!" "Now the domestic economy recovery, the major state-run private enterprises are rapidly developing to seize the market, but we? Almost all shrink in Jiangbei a place to amuse themselves!" "Xu Shengzhe approached me to talk about this, my first thought is that you guys finally get the hang of it." "But what happened? Good guys, everyone is calculating, are hesitant, there are people ready to continue to wait to see the situation before making a decision."