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Chapter 633 - Struck by

  Genius one second to remember, to provide you with wonderful reading. The banquet held by the Liu family, did not let Liu Long father and son fame. Even Li Dong unobtrusively merged Pengfei real estate, also did not make a big wave. What really caused a stir was the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association, which Li Dong did not expect. He blurted out the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association, even the name was casually said, but less than a day, the association has not yet been established spread throughout the political and business circles. The next day, in the morning, Li Dong received at least more than ten calls. The identity of the callers is also very special, there are local business leaders in Jiangbei, there are also some economic experts celebrities in Jiangbei and other places, and a few are Jiangbei's foreign business tycoons. These people called Li Dong with one purpose, to ask about joining the association. This result is really out of Li Dong's expectations, there is no shadow of the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association is not even the constitution, how to add people. Li Dong had no choice but to explain a while, perfunctory a few sentences, which hung up the phone with a depressed face. As soon as the phone hung up, Li Dong then head Avenue: "What's going on? Just one association, Jiangbei such an association is also quite a lot of it, there are even semi-official Jiangbei Chamber of Commerce, but I have not seen these people interested in ah." Seeing that Li Dong himself was confused, Yuan Chengdao, who just rushed back, said with a confused face, "Mr. Li, what do you mean?" "What do you mean?" Li Dong and Yuan Chengdao stared wide-eyed, obviously not quite understanding why this guy was so surprised. Yuan Chengdao was a little confused and didn't even know what to say for a while. Li Dong was a bit speechless and asked, "Why are you back at this time? So early, you came back all night last night?" "Yes!" Yuan Chengdao wanted to cry and nodded, "I came back overnight last night." "Is there an urgent matter in Lu Province?" "No." "Then you ……" Yuan Chengdao cried and laughed: "I heard that you want to set up the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association, I thought it was such a big deal, I had to come back early to plan it. I called you before, but no one has been answering, I came straight back." "You came back for this?" Li Dong was a bit puzzled: "How come even you know about this?" "Mr. Li!" Yuan Chengdao was about to collapse and looked at him sadly, "Are you deliberately teasing me, or have you really not thought about the nature of the platform that Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association will become?" Li Dong was suffocating at this time and couldn't help but say, "What are you teasing or not, this Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association I'm talking about is not even a shadow. And the reason why I said this is just to force some people to make up their mind to join in." Li Dong finished and told Xu Shengzhe about the alliance, but he didn't want Yuan Chengdao to shake his head hurriedly after hearing it: "Li, wrong, very wrong!" Li Dong frowned and said, "What do you mean?" Yuan Chengdao also could not sit still, stood up and said, "Mr. Li, originally I thought you had figured it out, but now it seems you haven't figured it out at all!" "What alliance for shares, these are all unreliable things. Not to mention the chaos that will arise after so many companies change their shares, how to coordinate is a big problem. You guys think too simply, how can things be so easy." "Also, can't you still see the breakup of the Delonghi system? The country is not suitable for the consortium, and does not need the consortium." "Organizing this consortium was already a mistake, and I didn't expect you to think of forcing others to join, which is even more wrong!" "Mr. Li, your vision is too limited, you should go out and have a look! Not only you, but also Xu Shengzhe, I used to hear that he is very powerful, but now it seems that Xu Shengzhe is just average, this kind of person may become a profitable businessman, but will never become an excellent entrepreneur!" "……" Yuan Chengdao not only to Xu Shengzhe these people a meal of contempt, even Li Dong is no exception, was damaged enough. This guy probably let go this time, even if he saw Li Dong's face turned black, but also do not care, a series of damage and curses for more than ten minutes. Only at the end, Yuan Chengdao exhaled and sat down calmly and said, "Mr. Li, if this is your idea, then let me leave today." Li Dong frowned unhappily and said, "You threaten me?" "No, I just don't want to stay in a company that doesn't see a future." "Yuan Chengdao, speak clearly, how can Yuanfang have no future?" "Yuanfang can still be saved now, once the alliance is established, with internal and external problems, I don't see a future!" "Then you say, how exactly is the alliance bad?" Yuan Chengdao shook his head: "Not bad, but simply impractical! More than a dozen large enterprises, you want to point where to hit? Is it possible? These people are all business veterans, Hu Ming, Ji Yuanzhong these guys can really listen to you?" "Once the interests are compromised, that's when the alliance will be broken. These people will be good if they don't hold you back by then, you still expect them to help you?" "And the prospects of each business system are different, you casually change shares, this is the biggest harm to the far side!" "You always want to get it done once and for all, always want to take a few shortcuts, that shouldn't be what you do! Mr. Li, wake up, this is a shopping mall, not a fairy tale world!" "You think of everything so beautifully, treating everything as a smooth and smooth thing that should be done, but in the end it will only be you who suffers!" "I don't feel sorry for you, I just feel a little sorry for the far side." Yuan Chengdao finished these few sentences, got up and bowed slightly towards Li Dong, and said softly: "Sorry to have failed your trust. I will finish what I have to do in Lu Province, and then you can send someone to hand over, and I will send the separation report later." Li Dong did not say a word, just stared at him. When he turned to leave, Li Dong was like a wounded beast, hoarse voice muffled: "Yuan Chengdao! Don't come with me, I'm asking you, what did I do wrong? Also, since you came back for the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association, you must be in favor of this, so why are you opposing it now?" Yuan Chengdao looked back at him with a slight look of disappointment on his face and said softly, "I am in favor of the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association, not the Alliance, you still don't understand what I mean." "Hoo ……" Li Dong exhaled a long breath and rubbed his cheeks hard. At this moment, Li Dong really wanted to break into a few curses. The calculations for many days, the plans for many days, all of them were vetoed by this guy as if they were stinking shit. No, not vetoed, but thrown on the ground as if it were a piece of crap and stomped on. Li Dong would like to punch the person, would like to tell him to get lost immediately, but very much does not mean that Li Dong really want to do so.