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Chapter 634 - IQ needs to be recharged

  Li Dong's office…… The fastest update Shen Xi walked in without saying a word and sat down beside Li Dong without speaking. I don't know how long it took, but Li Dong suddenly said, "Am I wrong or is he wrong?" Although his words were unclear, Shen Xi still understood what he meant. Slightly pondering for a moment, Shen Xi softly said, "Both are right." "All right?" "Mm." While helping him massage his temples, Shen Xi sighed, "Actually, senior brother Yuan is against it, I was expecting it." "How so?" "You all actually have the same goal, wanting to make Far Far Away bigger and stronger, whether it's setting up an alliance or an association, you're all working towards that." "But the angles you stand from are different, and your ideas are naturally different." "Brother Yuan is purely standing in the perspective of a manager, a professional manager to consider, his eyes only corporate development, no personal interests to gain or lose." "You, on the other hand, may also think that Yuanfang can continue to grow bigger and stronger, but in fact you are thinking more about your own interests." "Maybe in your opinion, Yuanfang and you are the same, you are Yuanfang, and Yuanfang is also you." "But you probably have not considered others, in the eyes of others, the far side is the far side, you are you, both are unified, but sometimes independent." "The Far Side is a stage in which everyone wants to make a big splash and make a name for themselves." "When you set up the alliance, what you wanted was probably to swallow Xu Shengzhe and the others, so that the benefits gained would be greater, and you could even build an independent business empire in Jiangbei, and then use this business empire to fully develop Far Far Away, which in your eyes is just a matter of sequence." "However, in the eyes of senior brother Yuan and the others, you are putting the cart before the horse. A national retail overlord, and a local business empire, both may be of equal value. However corporate visibility, social influence, it's all fundamentally different." "So Brother Yuan will oppose it, and even General Manager Sun and the others will oppose it." Li Dong murmured, "So what you're saying is that I'm wrong?" "No." Shen Xi did not think: "Why do you care about other people's views, you are happy. Besides, even if Yuanfang becomes big, it's not necessarily better than annexing half of the Jiangbei business community." Li Dong glanced at her and the corners of his mouth twitched, "Your IQ has dropped so much now that I don't want to talk to you." "Fuck you!" Li Dong cried and laughed a little, she finally understood Shen Xi's meaning. In Shen Xi's opinion, he is happy, his own interests do not suffer loss is good, the large distant, Shen Xi care only Li Dong one. As for others, what do they have to say, and what does Shen Xi have to do with it? So Shen Xi did not persuade him, and even did not say anything more to him. The control of half of the Jiangbei business community, Li Dong, may not be as well-known as the head of those large international enterprises, but the financial strength and power is not weaker than those people, and even more influential in the Jiangbei place. In addition, Li Dong has always been a strong dictatorship *, Shen Xi also think this is better. After all, the business has expanded, decentralized, Li Dong can still do continue to dictatorship, that is also a problem. Since he likes it so much, Shen Xi thinks this is good, a Jiangbei, Li Dong dictatorship up should not be too difficult. Thinking about these, Li Dong said with a helpless face: "In the future, these things can not find you to discuss, the old girl's ideas only men, which understand our pursuit." Just as he finished speaking, Shen Xi pinched him fiercely. After glaring at him, Shen Xi huffed and puffed and wanted to leave. Li Dong wrapped his arm around her waist from behind and said with a smile on his face, "Don't be angry, I'm just kidding, I know you're doing it for me, but my lady, you're not afraid that others will rebel. I've been treating you as my think tank, you don't always think about me, you have to think about everyone." Shen Xi puffed out her mouth and said, "Why do you think so much, just be happy with yourself. Brother Yuan wants to make a big show, but a big show, that is to risk. The far side is not theirs, they just want to win a glory, failure is a big deal to start all over again." "But how hard it is for you to come this far, if the expansion fails, then do you have a chance to start over?" "It's better to take root in Jiangbei and run it well, so that even if the expansion fails later, you still have a way back." Li Dong sighed lightly, "I know all this, but I understand what you guys mean, you also think that if I set up an alliance, I will inevitably spend a lot of energy on it. The national layout of the far side and the operation of Jiangbei, in your opinion, is it necessary to give up one of the two?" "It is inevitable." Shen Xi did not deny it and nodded, "To swallow these enterprises in Longhua, you have to devote all your energy to do so. The strategic layout of the far side will definitely be affected, and since you can't be focused, it's better to just stop the expansion, which in my opinion is more stable than blind expansion." Shen Xi and Yuan Chengdao's ideas, but it is said to be the opposite of the south. The two people can not say right or wrong, as Shen Xi said himself, consider the different perspectives. Shen Xi is considering Li Dong, Yuan Chengdao is considering the enterprise, is the majority of the executives and employees of the far side of the demand. And these, in Shen Xi's opinion worthless! This is the point of conflict between the two sides, if Shen Xi's words today leaked out, I am afraid that a large number of executives will really revolt. Of course, Li Dong naturally will not leak these. Slightly pensive for a moment, Li Dong exhaled and said: "So it seems that the alliance can only be abandoned?" Shen Xi gently frowned and said, "Have you thought it over? If you give up the alliance, you will also give up the good opportunity to get involved in other enterprises, and such opportunities do not come often. Now they are dazzled by the interests, for the time being, they do not consider so much, plus you and Xu Shengzhe pushed the wave, which has the current situation. Once you give up, it will not be so easy to reach the current situation again." Li Dong shook his head and said with some interest, "Give up, in fact, my original intention was not this either. My intention was to use their strength to accelerate the expansion for the Far Side, but now since you all think that once an alliance is formed, everyone will definitely fight for power and profit, then such an alliance doesn't seem very meaningful to me." "Have you really decided?" "Yes." "No regrets?" "I don't know, regardless of regrets, so be it. Girl, don't be like this in the future, I know you do it for my own good, but don't forget, you are the group vice president, not just my Li Dong's woman." Shen Xi's face suddenly turned red, what did this guy just say? His Li Dong's woman? How shameless!