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Chapter 635 Happy Farm

  The IQ was crushed several times, and Li Dong was somewhat struck. The next day, Shen Xi was working in her office when Li Dong suddenly rushed in and said excitedly, "I want to go to school!" Shen Xi has a black face, some speechless said: "What are you crazy?" "Really!" Li Dong said excitedly, "I am really ready to go to school!" "Li Dong, can you stop it, where do you have time to go to school now ……" "Listen to me, I'm not talking about going to school, I'm ready to sign up for bsp; Shen Xi doubted:" This is fine, but how do you suddenly remember to go to school?" Li Dong wants to enroll in a training course, this point Shen Xi is supportive, after all, as the far side is getting bigger and bigger, Li Dong's management skills do need a systematic training. But not too early, not too late, at this time how Li Dong want to remember to go to school? "Because last night I went back to the Internet!" "Pfft!" Shen Xi really can't hold it in, crying and laughing: "What does this have to do with you surfing the Internet?" Li Dong laughed: "Before Yuan Chengdao did not mention to me a mouth of Chinese reunion? I went back and briefly checked, I went, there are a lot of cattle people ah. And everyone is also a classmate, together with mutual help, I feel than my Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association circle to be quite large." "Isn't Far Far Away ready to expand next? I make some contacts, the best way to mix in with the guys as a classmate, in the future there is trouble or find someone to help." "I've been stuck in Jiangbei these past few years, and my circle of friends is all from Jiangbei, so I'm too limited. This Chinese reunion is good, if I get in, we can always give a little help for the sake of classmates, some small troubles." "What do you think?" Shen Xi heard him say so, think about it before saying, "This is fine, but you are this nature, okay?" Li Dong said with a black face, "Why not?" "What do you say? When you get there, there will be more people who are better than you, can you take the hit? Besides, you are not a unique tycoon when you go there, people are not worse than you, others do not have to look at your face, can you carry it?" Li Dong said speechlessly, "Bullshit, how can I not be able to carry it?" "Since you think you can, then sign up, anyway, this kind of course is usually not long. By the way, are you going to enroll in Central Europe or Yangtze River?" "Yangtze River, it's a higher level. I checked yesterday, there will be a ceo course in April next year, so I'll set that time first." "Whatever you want, when the time comes, you do not cry back and say that you can not." Shen Xi perfunctory sentence. The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, this woman treats herself as a child? And also crying back on? Lazy to argue with her about this, Li Dong secretly calculate a little, next April the matter at hand should be able to handle almost, just in April to go to class, after class to go to Sichuan Shu Exhibition, just right. As for whether the class can learn something, Li Dong really does not care too much. He mainly wants to build some network of contacts, Yuan Chengdao guy, although the words are hard to hear, but some things are really as he said. Other big circles Li Dong can not enter for the time being, not that he does not have the qualifications, but he simply has nothing to do with others, why should others invite him in. The reunion is just right, plus the time is not long, go in to mix a face is also good. Sooner or later, Far Far Away will have to go to the whole country, always in the Jiangbei side of the mix, you are more cattle, others do not see you. Because it is next year, Li Dong mentioned a mouth and no longer say more, and asked: "How about the bond?" "The province has passed, the material just two days ago reported to the capital side, the end of the year I'm afraid it is not possible, for the beginning of next year line it." "Early next year?" Li Dong thought about it, the time is a little tight, but if it goes well, but also barely can keep up. After all this, Li Dong was about to go back to his office when Shen Xi said, "Liu Hong has been trying to find you for the past two days, what did you say to him, so he didn't have the heart to work." "Looking for me?" Li Dong slapped his head and said sarcastically, "I almost forgot about this, you tell Liu Hong to come to my office later." "You do not have bad ideas all day long, Liu Hong is now by your microblogging to do not care about the mall, microblogging for so long, there is no result, you are not tossing out any tricks again?" "This thing you do not care, Liu Hong do not care, do not care, turn back to the beginning of the year to new people, I find someone to take over." "Is that the student you met in the capital?" "Well." "A student who just graduated, are you sure you can?" "Try first, let's talk about it if it doesn't work." Hearing such irresponsible words from Li Dong, Shen Xi was speechless and paused for a moment before saying, "Whatever you want." "Okay, then I'll go back first." …… Soon after Li Dong arrived at the office, Liu Hong hurried over. As soon as he entered the door, Liu Hong could not hold back and said, "Mr. Li, the farm you mentioned last time, can you tell me more about it? These days I'm going crazy, what exactly does this farm mean? Do you mean to let Dongyu Real Estate also participate in the operation of the mall?" "What are you thinking!" Li Dong rolled his eyes, pressed his hand and said, "Sit down first, no determination at all. In addition, since I gave you the farm, and said it is a game, you can not use your brain to think for yourself?" Liu Hong some aggrieved said, "But I really can not think."