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Chapter 636 Association Dominance

  On January 21, Li Dong sent Cao Fang and his group to the plane…… The fastest update watched the plane take off, Li Dong then turned around and left the airport. This time Cao Fang back to Qian Province, although Li Dong did not accompany to go, but still arranged Cao Hongbing with two people to accompany together. Just out of the airport, Li Dong's cell phone rang. Xu Shengzhe was in a somewhat agitated mood, and once the call came through, he said with some urgency, "Li Dong, where is it?" "What? Miss me?" "Fuck you!" Xu Shengzhe grunted in anger and exhaled, "What are you busy with these days? Are you still talking about the association, everyone is waiting for you." Li Dong did not panic and said, "What is the hurry, the heart can not eat hot tofu." "I ……" Xu Shengzhe really wanted to swear at him, and this bastard communication why always so angry. What do you mean by anxious can't eat hot tofu? When this guy was in a hurry to directly publicize the association, now everyone is ready, this guy took the pinch on. Xu Shengzhe exhaled hard, which forced down the fire did not curse. I think back then he Xu Shengzhe was also a famous flamboyant brother in Pingchuan, since and this guy after a period of time, now Xu Shengzhe himself almost do not recognize himself. Put out the fire, silent for a while Xu Shengzhe only sullenly said: "What do you want in the end? Now not strike while the iron is hot, do you still wait for everyone's enthusiasm to drop down?" "Just drop, if you can't even sit still for such a little time, then what's left to talk about." "Li Dong, do you know what I want to do now?" Li Dong smiled and said, "I am not a roundworm in your stomach, how do I know what you want to do." "I want to beat someone up!" "Then do it, there are so many people in Longhua, and you are the big boss of Longhua, it's not easy to beat someone up, throw a few million out, there are plenty of people who want to beat you up." "Fuck off!" Xu Shengzhe really did not hold back, scolded a sentence before gasping, "No nonsense, you come to the Yuan Yi Stadium now, we are waiting for you here." "No, I'm not going." "Why?" "Playing golf in the winter, drink the northwest wind ah, have that free time, I might as well go back to catch up on sleep." "Li Dong!" Xu Shengzhe's voice was much louder and he was furious: "Don't make excuses! If you don't want to play, then sit down and have a cup of coffee, right? You keep delaying, do you think everyone is so idle? If you don't settle things at the end of the year, there will be more changes when it comes to next year, do you understand?" Li Dong gave a heated laugh, see this guy really anxious, then you leisurely said: "Then I will go over to see, in addition I add a sentence, in the winter in the outdoor golf is really brain-dead." "Get lost!" …… yuan a golf course. When Li Dong arrived, Xu Shengzhe was waiting at the entrance. Seeing Li Dong looking around, he frowned and said, "Get in, what are you looking at?" "Look at the beauty ah, the last time I went to the Tian Yi International Club, a large number of beautiful women, how do not see today?" "You are not bored. The international club can be compared to this? This is a place for leisure and entertainment, don't compare those pandemonium places with this." Li Dong snorted and didn't say much. Xu Shengzhe, these people never go to the Skyy International Club, but Yao Hong, they used to go more. Obviously in this guy's eyes, Yao Hong and those people are vulgar people, and he can not compare. But in Li Dong's opinion, everyone is a hill of beans, who is still qualified to look down on who. When he got on the golf cart, Xu Shengzhe acted as the driver, neither of them spoke, Li Dong looked around, although he thought it was boring to play golf in winter, but I have to say, the scenery and environment of Yuan Yi is indeed much better than Tian Yi. After all, one is an indoor course, one is outdoors, and it is still a scenic area. The car drove for a few minutes, which arrived at the course side. As soon as Li Dong got out of the car, not far from Hu Xiaorui ran over excitedly, and with her came a few young men and women of about the same age. Li Dong looked at Xu Shengzhe with some suspicion, and Xu Shengzhe said in a muffled voice: "Originally it was a weekend family gathering, everyone came over to liven up the place, and then when I saw everyone was there, I called you over by the way." Li Dong laughed and said, "So you're calling me by the way? Then you said on the phone as if you were going to jump off a building if I didn't come, fooling me?" "Not to fool you, people do have some sitting." "Come on, I think you guys discussed it yourselves and gave me a notice, right?" Xu Shengzhe frowned and said, "I said no, you guys can not be so careful. Besides, you are not here, what is the use of discussing a result, you are a big shot now, do we dare to leave you behind?" "Resentment is not small ah." Li Dong laughed, Xu Shengzhe also ignored him, at this time Hu Xiaorui several people also arrived. As soon as Hu Xiaorui arrived, she squeezed Xu Shengzhe and chattered and leaped, "Li Dong, I just hit 81 strokes, I'm great, right!" Li Dong saw her sweating and laughed, "Great, but put your clothes on first, be careful of catching a cold." "Hee hee, I'm not cold, just now it's almost hot for me." Hu Xiaorui showed off a few words, and then turned to help Li Dong introduce: "This is Uncle Zhu's daughter, Xiaonan, Xiaonan just stopped playing after half, the technology is not good. This is Uncle Chen's son, Xiaokang, although Xiaokang is a man, but also very useless, played more than 90 strokes, much worse than me ……"