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Chapter 637: Trying to let go

  The purpose of Li Dong was almost achieved when he got the right to lead the mutual aid association. .m Seeing that Xu Shengzhe was still fighting with several old men, Li Dong was a bit bored and said, "Then you guys talk, I'm going to move my muscles." Seeing that he was going to leave, the crowd froze. What does this mean? Before, Li Dong was jumping for joy, and his mind was set on competing with Xu Shengzhe for the decision-making power of the alliance. But now when it comes to business, this guy is not interested. Xu Shengzhe frowned, slightly dissatisfied: "After the talk then go, there is no hurry this moment." Li Dong saw everyone, dry smile: "Then go later, we continue to talk." When he sat down, Xu Shengzhe was relieved. Next the people began to talk about how to prepare, how to divide the rights, how to estimate the assets of each company. In the end, a temporary formation committee was reluctantly formed. According to Xu Shengzhe, this committee is a temporary agency, first let people in the coordination, to organize everyone, that is, to serve everyone such a temporary organization. As for who to serve, it goes without saying, except for him Xu Shengzhe who else can there be? After all, he is young, and more understanding of the various enterprises, in the middle of the coordination is the most suitable. And the positioning of people is also very low, is to help everyone to solve problems, to each enterprise service, when the official talks, this organization can end the mission. Although he is so explained, but everyone understands what he has in mind. Several other small businesses head 'door' people did not say anything, after all, this time the alliance, how the decision-making power will not fall in their hands. The crowd has East and Ji Yuanzhong and Hu Ming, the three, this alliance, to these four enterprises the largest, to say that the right to compete, these people have this qualification. Ji Yuanzhong has been silent, Hu Ming laughed: "I have no opinion, what does Mr. Li say?" Li Dong said casually: "I don't care, old Xu is willing to contribute, so let him contribute." Xu Shengzhe felt as if he had punched a cotton 'flower', and his body felt uncomfortable. He thought Li Dong would strongly refuse, or even brush off. But who knows this guy seems to not care at all, today's Li Dong is too strange. Staring at Li Dong will, Xu Shengzhe heart vaguely feel some bad. If Li Dong is so nice to talk, then it is not Li Dong, what is this guy thinking in the heart? Not only is he suspicious, others are also a bit puzzled, probably thinking, Li Dong is not what 'conspiracy'. Li Dong did not bother to care what they think, once the matter is finished, Li Dong said with a smile, "Go, let's play a game, talk about things to talk about also tired." Seeing him say that, the silent atmosphere was finally broken, and the crowd got up and said, "Let's play together then." When everyone went to get the equipment, Xu Shengzhe came over and said, "Li Dong, what do you want to do?" Li Dong was confused and said, "What do I want?" "You are very wrong, are you not sub alliance?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "No not just feel 'quite' troublesome. You try first, if you can really pull everyone up, when the time comes, I also save a lot of effort is not, take over a ready-made alliance is better than their own efforts." Hearing him say that, Xu Shengzhe was relieved. This is right, just Li Dong that attitude, really let him think that today's Li Dong changed a person. Li Dong smiled and did not say much, in fact, although he can now refuse the alliance, but Li Dong also did not say it. On the one hand, he still has to use the power of the people to lay the foundation for the association. On the other hand, it is Xu Shengzhe this guy all day 'essence' vigorous, he idle is idle, 'get' bad thought to calculate Dong Yu real estate. Eastwood is now taking over Greenland and Pengfei, at this time, it is better to let Xu Shengzhe focus on other things. As for whether the final alliance can become, this has no impact on Li Dong. Success, the far side does not join is, the reason a lot. Not into, that's just right, also save Li Dong also want to think of excuses how to refuse it. …… temporary committee was set up the next day. Li Dong did not care about the specifics because he did not care. Xu Shengzhe is now busy communicating with other companies, for the time being, Li Dong does not need to cooperate, Li Dong also let him busy work to go. What he cared about was not the alliance, but the association. Especially the list sent by Hu Ming several people! When he got these lists, Li Dong's face finally 'showed' a smile. Yuan Chengdao, who had just rushed back, laughed lightly at the situation and said, "It's done!" They get the dominant power of the association is only the first step, more important is still these lists, or can not say lists, but Hu Ming these people's network of contacts.