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Chapter 638 - The world is drunk and I am awake al

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The time spent looking at the ceiling these days is a bit too much, and the color is a bit too monotonous. The door was pushed open while he was thinking about it. In the Far Eastern Group, there is no one but Shen Xi who can directly push the door in. Shen Xi entered the door, saw Li Dong looking at the ceiling, could not help but sigh lightly: "Are you too tired?" Perhaps no one else noticed, perhaps others thought Li Dong had a very happy life, but day and night together, Shen Xi has long understood him through. Sometimes, Li Dong is very lonely, very lonely. Obviously surrounded by a large group of people, obviously his face always show a cynical smile, but he is so unique, as if he does not belong to this world, seems so lonely and fallen. Li Dong sniffed a little surprised: "Tired? Why do you say that?" Shen Xi saw that he did not admit it, forced a smile and changed the subject: "That is because of the matter of senior brother Yuan?" Li Dong shook his head and laughed lightly, "No, maybe at first I had some difficulty accepting it, but then I figured it out, why put so much pressure on myself. Since Yuan Chengdao is willing to take over the group and has this confidence to manage the group well, so what if I let him do it once!" "You ah!" Shen Xi sighed softly, "You always talk out of turn, obviously upset in your heart, but you don't want to talk to anyone. You are used to dictatorship, you are used to one word, now suddenly let go, you really do not lose at all?" Li Dong smilingly said: "Lost what, besides Yuan Chengdao is only the president of the group, I am the chairman. It's not like he's hollowed me out, I'm still the big boss from afar, he's willing to earn money for me, why should I be lost?" "You're always like this!" Shen Xi complained, and then fell silent. Li Dong also did not have the heart to speak, just look at the ceiling stay. After the hardships of the start-up period and overcoming the perils of the original capital accumulation, when Yuanfang was on the right track, Li Dong suddenly seemed to have lost his initial passionate surge. These days, he spent more and more time alone looking at the ceiling. Seeing that he did not speak, after a moment of silence, Shen Xi softly said, "Take a break when you are tired, give yourself some space, maybe after you rest for a while, you will ease over." Li Dong was a bit baffled: "What are you doing? I said I'm not tired anymore, so what?" "Still pretending!" Shen Xi gave him a white look, some heartache said: "outsiders do not understand you, they only know that you are bad-tempered, only know that you have money, only know that Yuanfang is the largest private group in Jiangbei!" "But who knows how much effort you have put into Yuanfang?" "Yuanfang was only established in 2004, and its total assets were only 800 million in 2005, but in 2006, its market value was over 10 billion!" "Other people take it for granted, just marvel at your great wealth, marvel at the fact that you make money until your hands are soft, but what do they know?" "They are all just a bunch of fools!" Shen Xi looked a little excited and said, "Don't worry about other people's opinions, really, I understand you, I really understand you!" Li Dong looked at her blankly, suddenly did not know what to say at this moment. Shen Xi's eyes reddened and said, "Li Dong, no matter how others misunderstand you, how to think of you, you have always been the most powerful in my heart, but also the most tolerable." "A company that has risen only a few years, and has accumulated tens of billions of dollars in a short time, how many swords and shadows there are, others will never know." "You are cynical, you are grumpy, you like to fight with your hands in spite of your status, I understand all of it. I know that you are not what they think you are." "Just like that time with the Qi family, people say you were reckless for the sake of face and forced the Qi family to take a desperate path for the sake of face. But what do they know? When the Qi family and the Zhou family marriage, and secretly united with the major small and medium-sized city stores ready to set up the Hakone, Yuanfang external and internal problems, who knows what you have paid for Yuanfang!" "You interrupted the marriage between the two families and delayed the merger and reorganization of Hak Loong, did those idiots see that?" "Guanghe, Mengshen, Dahe Group, and the Zhou family, such an alliance I still have palpitations when I think about it, how could Yuanfang at that time block such an attack? But you did it, you are really too remarkable!" "There is also the Yao family, you constantly suppress the Yao family, and even door to door smash door have done, by many people look at the joke. But how do they know that Hakone was ready to join forces with foreign groups to besiege the far side!" "In the end, the Hakone became our, it is all you step by step planning to come." "And the merger era, everyone thinks you just go to sign a contract, a matter of minutes. But the day Fang Clang father and son went to Sunan, it is obvious that they want to change their mind. At the dinner party, Hualian, Bailian step by step, it was you who took a strong stand, pointed your sword at Huadong, suppressed their temper, and let the Fang family father and son see your determination and boldness!" "There are many, many more, including the previous trip to the capital, including the revolt with Longhua, really, I can understand it all." Shen Xi's face is painful, heartbroken: "You have given so much for Yuanfang, all for the sake of Yuanfang to grow smoothly, time and again the fishy rain, all in your playful laughter and anger dissipated. It's okay that a group of fools don't understand you, but some people inside Far Far Away don't understand either!"