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Chapter 639 - Come on, come on, all of you!

  Since Shen Xi bared her heart, Li Dong and her relationship seems to be one step closer. Many times, the distant employees saw the two out in pairs, which in turn gave the crowd more room for reverie. But Shen Xi and Li Dong's relationship in the company has long been rumored, people a little chat a few words will not dare to say more. At this stage, people were more concerned about Far Eastern's annual meeting, which could be said to be a milestone annual meeting in 2006. In this year, it is hard to find a second company that can match the achievements made by Yuanfang. In the physical industry, it is several times harder to make a leap forward in one year than in the Internet industry. Plus there were rumors that Li Dong would have major news to release at the time of the annual meeting, which made it even more compelling. At the beginning, Far Eastern's annual meeting was only a sensation within Far Eastern, but as the time of the annual meeting got closer and closer, Far Eastern's annual meeting gradually became the target of everyone's attention. ……1 on the 25th, the day before the annual meeting. Liu Qi entered Li Dong's office with a tired face and saw that Li Dong was dealing with documents, Liu Qi quietly waited on the side. After a while, Li Dong put down the file and smiled, "What's wrong? Tired?" Liu Qi gently shook his head, then said with some bitterness, "I am a little tired, originally I thought it was just an annual meeting, but now I know that things are more complicated than I thought." "There is a mess?" "No!" Liu Qi hastily denied, then said, "It's that the annual meeting has caused a sensation beyond my imagination, you don't know, recently many people have found me through various channels, hoping to come to the far side to observe the ceremony, some people I can't refuse, so I really can't do anything now." "Observe the ceremony?" Li Dong froze for a moment and said somewhat strangely, "Our company's own annual meeting, how do other people want to come to observe the ceremony?" Liu Qi did not know whether he really did not know, or pretend not to know, so he had to explain: "Did not you invite some government leaders to come over to observe the ceremony before? In addition to the rumor that you have important news to announce, Yuanfang as the leader of private enterprises in Jiangbei at this stage, many people want to know what big news you are going to announce at the first time, so they want to participate in the idea." When she said that, Li Dong understood. Apart from these reasons, it was probably also related to Li Dong's preparation for the establishment of the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association. Since Li Dong announced the establishment of the association last time, together with Hu Ming and these people embraced, Li Dong's status in the jianghu was officially confirmed. As Xu Shengzhe said, with the common recognition of the bigwigs in the Jiangbei business community, Li Dong has now finally established his position in Jiangbei. Previously, the leader of the Jiangbei business community has been Xu Jianghua, now Xu Jianghua closed, Xu Shengzhe, a second generation does not have the capital to lead the entire Jiangbei business community, was introduced by the crowd, Li Dong naturally became the natural leader. The influence of Yuanfang is also spreading, and the annual meeting of Yuanfang invited political figures to observe the ceremony, obviously in the eyes of outsiders, this is something important to announce. The boss has something to say, and the younger brothers naturally want to be the first to know the news. So this has caused people to want to come to the annual meeting of the Far Side to watch the ceremony and listen to what Li Dong is going to announce by the way. Seeing Liu Qi's tired and helpless face, Li Dong cried and laughed and said, "Even if I have something to announce and they have nothing to do with it, I invited government leaders, but only because this is somewhat related to the government, I say hello in advance." Liu Qi laughed bitterly and was curious, "Mr. Li, what exactly are you going to announce?" "The establishment of the Yuanfang Charity Fund, didn't I tell you all in advance?" Li Dong said somewhat helplessly. "This ……" Liu Qi was speechless at this time, and only after a long time did he say, "But this is something we can do ourselves, there is no need to announce it at the annual meeting, right?" "I will invest a little more money, which may attract the attention of the government. In addition, I want to take this opportunity to give the charity fund a publicity, so I am ready to announce at the annual meeting. Hell knows what they think, hey, this is a mess." Although Li Dong just said it casually, Liu Qi still caught the point and hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, how much is a little more?" In 07, the corporate charity fund organization has been quite a lot. But generally small put a few tens of thousands, large put a few hundred million, which are considered more. Generally this situation, there is no need to purposely report with the government. Although the government has a document stipulating that the money invested in the charity fund can be used as tax, the government will refund the tax, in fact, in the domestic tax refund almost does not exist. Since this is the case, there is no need for the government to regulate. Sending a few clerks to do the job, this is probably the mode of operation of most charitable funds. But Li Dong now actually at the beginning of the establishment of the fund to the government in advance, obviously the money invested is not a small amount, in the domestic charity, more money will also attract suspicion. In order to avoid some trouble, Li Dong announced it in public in front of the government officials and the employees of Far Far Away, which is a good way to reduce the trouble. Hearing Liu Qi ask about it, Li Dong said perfunctorily, "Let's talk about it, it's quite a lot anyway, who makes me a famous good person." Liu Qi almost choked on his words for a while before he snapped, "So …… annual meeting still invite those people?" "Come on, all come on, one since they have nothing to do, then let them come. By then, my reputation of Li Da Shanren, probably spread, just do not know whether people call me Li Da Shanren or call me Li Da Fool."