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Chapter 640 - This is Li Dong!

  It is getting dark. Tonight, the lights of the Yuanfang Building were brilliant. The annual meeting was held in the auditorium of the Yuanfang Building. The second floor, which was not opened last time, was purposely opened this time because of the large number of people and leaders. Although it was not yet the point, the auditorium was already full of people. It was the first time for many employees to come to Yuanfang's headquarters and meet so many colleagues for the first time, and they were all excited and somewhat forgetful. They were exchanging pleasantries and discussing with each other, and the noise was heard far and wide. Compared to the second floor, the second floor was also quite crowded, but it was obviously much quieter. Even if someone speaks, it is also a soft whisper, whispering in twos and threes, no one broke out into a huge clamor. When Li Dong walked in from outside with a suit and a flash of spirit, the large auditorium was abruptly quiet. This quietness, the crowd upstairs could not help but to look sideways. Just now they thought that the staff of Far Far Away was a bit too scattered, but who knew that Li Dong actually had such a great influence in Far Far Away. After a pause of about one or two seconds, the field suddenly resounded with a unanimous greeting sound. "Hello, Mr. Li!" Li Dong smiled, arched his hand towards the crowd and said smilingly: "Hello, everyone, sit down, sit down and talk! Tonight there is no Mr. Li, only Li Dong, everyone let go, make a scene, talk, laugh!" Li Dong's words fell, the scene immediately resounded with the sound of ear-splitting laughter. Along with the laughter, Li Dong walked toward the second floor. The people upstairs saw him come up, a little lower status have risen to greet, a little higher status, did not take a big, although did not rise, most of them also nodded and smiled a few pleasantries. Li Dong saw a lot of acquaintances, but tonight is not suitable for chatting. After a few simple pleasantries, Li Dong went downstairs. Today these people were guests and he was the host, so naturally he had to be with the staff of Far Far Away. When Li Dong and other senior executives of Yuanfang had settled down in the front row on the first floor, the annual meeting started. The lights on the stage dimmed, and when the lights came on again, there was an extra stranger on the stage. Of course, it can't be considered a stranger, just relatively speaking, many employees including some management are a bit strange. Yuan Chengdao stood on the stage, looked around and suddenly had something unusual in his heart. Is this the Far Eastern Group? From today onwards, the dense people in front of him will be under his control in the future, and they will all depend on him for their meals. Suddenly, an unprecedented excitement surged up in his heart. …… Just when Yuan Chengdao was excited, many people were looking strange. The annual meeting opening remarks, generally either the host directly appear, or the group's important personnel on stage to preside over the whole situation. Many people in Far Eastern's senior management only know Sun Tao, Wang Yue, Shen Xi and Qin Hai, who hosted the annual meeting of Far Eastern last year. Last year, Sun Tao was the general manager of Yuanfang, and after the annual meeting, he became the biggest winner and became a billionaire in one go. This year's annual meeting, the presiding officer has changed, and Yuan Chengdao in front of him, many people do not know. Of course, not everyone does not know. Sun Tao these people looked at the stage Yuan Chengdao, a time when the eyes are a little strange. Tonight, Yuan Cheng Dao to host the annual meeting, a lot of things can be seen some to come. Last year's annual meeting hosted by Sun Tao became a winner in life, and this year's Yuan Chengdao is no exception. No matter how people think, Yuan Chengdao has started his opening speech. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But Yuan Chengdao is different, although he usually seems to be very stable. But really to the stage, Yuan Chengdao is passionate. Holding the microphone, Yuan Chengdao was so emotional that he danced his hands and said, "Dear colleagues, dear guests who have come from afar! Do you know that in 2006, Yuanfang Group created a miracle that belonged to us, a miracle in Jiangbei, and even a miracle in the whole country!" "…… In this year, we struggled together, cutting through the thorns, and looking out of the corner!" "…… In this year, the scale of Yuanfang has expanded ten times, and the market value has doubled twenty times!" "…… This year, we let everyone know about Yuanfang!" "All this cannot be done without the leadership of Chairman Li Dong, and the efforts of the senior management of the group like Sun, Shen and Wang. To show our respect, let's applaud!" "Pop, pop, pop!" A deafening applause rang out, and Li Dong crowd got up and bowed to the crowd behind. The applause lasted for a long time, and Yuan Chengdao on the stage was still rendering the atmosphere and continued to shout, "Likewise, the group could not achieve such glory without the efforts of all of us! It's us, we, the grassroots front-line employees, who make this skyscraper of Yuanfang stronger, who lay the foundation for Yuanfang! Fellow workers, where is the applause? Cheer and cheer for ourselves!" "Snap!" The applause became even louder, and a few people in the front row, Shen Xi Sun Tao, secretly glanced at Li Dong. In a few simple words, Yuan Chengdao revealed the direction of his main administration after he joined Yuanfang. Leadership is complementary, the staff is the main! In some groups, this is indeed the way to do, but in Yuanfang, one person in charge of the power of Yuanfang, Yuan Chengdao is a deviant! The ordinary employees were dumbfounded and just cheered. However, those who were truly knowledgeable had a different look on their faces. Apart from them, many people on the second floor had a look of interest in their eyes as they looked at Yuan Chengdao on the stage and Li Dong who was sitting still. A bit interesting! As soon as the annual meeting started, they felt that they hadn't come for nothing this time. The senior management of Far Far Away who spoke in front of them obviously occupied an important position in Far Far Away, but today they were feeling a different Far Far Away. A Yuanfang that was somewhat different from the Yuanfang that Li Dong dominated. They did not know whether this change was good or bad, but Yuan Chengdao gave them a feeling that the current Yuanfang was inclusive and could cooperate with each other to support each other. And the previous Far Side controlled by Li Dong, that is a kind of fierce tiger into the mountain, she who is my aura! Li Dong gave people the impression that he was alone, whether it was himself or Yuanfang itself. This kind of solitary, I do not know whether it has made Li Dong or harmed Li Dong. In Jiangbei, Li Dong's partners are few, because everyone is somewhat afraid of him. He gives the impression that those who obey me will prosper, those who go against me will die, either friend or foe, there is no middle ground, only distant and rival. But now, Yuan Chengdao is to the crowd opened a gap, that is, the far side is actually a member of the family, we can sit down and discuss, can talk, there is no need to make the relationship so stiff. This feeling is not sure if it is their illusion, or Yuan Chengdao wanted to reveal. Anyway, many people felt it, including some executives of Yuanfang.