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Chapter 641: Spending money like dirt

  The auditorium. Thousands of people, ravens are silent. Many people on the second floor are showing emotion, Li Dong's prestige in the Far Eastern Group has really reached the peak. Do not know without comparing, comparing can see the gap. Of course, the comparison is not Yuan Chengdao these people, but they themselves. Many people upstairs are the head of their respective groups, but when they organize activities, although the overall performance is certainly good, may do so not many Li Dong. Not many is not no, like the Longhua Group can certainly do. Xu Jianghua has such a prestige in the Longhua Group, but Xu Jianghua that is with many years of heritage, plus Longhua's staff after multiple screening to do this. And the far side, to put it bluntly, most of them are a miscellaneous soldiers. It is this group of miscellaneous soldiers, but can do this, more show Li Dong's great. Li Dong also does not care about other people's views, looking around a circle, for a while Li Dong laughed: "Good, this stance to scare people enough, before the training?" The crowd looked at each other, and then many people could not help but laugh out loud. Li Dong also cheerfully said: "That's right, just now the big guys scared me. I said originally lively, as soon as I got on stage, you suddenly lost your voice, but scared me." "Hahahaha ……" the field laughs louder, the previous solemnity also dissipated. Li Dong slightly pressed his hand, smiling and said, "All listen to me briefly say a few words." "Originally there are some things that do not need to be announced at the annual meeting, but it is not easy for everyone to come together, plus many people are still waiting for me to announce big things, then I will announce a few big things for them to enjoy." The crowd on the second floor smiled a little speechless, this guy is still out of tune as always. Li Dong made a joke and waited for everyone to finish laughing before he returned to his righteousness and said, "Long story short, I won't waste your time." "First, the group's president position, I've always been part-time before. But recently I am not as energetic as I used to be, plus I'm a little tired of wearing several hats. After some screening, I've found an awesome new president for you all, Mr. Yuan, show your face." Yuan Chengdao on the stage stood up, turned around and bowed towards the crowd. Yuan Chengdao took over the position of president, the executives from afar, as well as the crowd upstairs largely guessed, but nothing special performance. The ordinary employees smiled and looked at him with some curiosity. Just now Yuan Chengdao gave them a good feeling on the stage, and now they heard that he is the new president, there is nothing to resist. Of course, the main reason is that no matter who is the new president and they do not have much to do with it. In the eyes of ordinary employees, they only need to the store manager, the boss responsible on the line, who is the second in command, that is not their concern. Seeing no sound in the auditorium, Li Dong said in a good-natured way, "Where is the eye, applause still not ring!" "Pop pop pop!" A thunderous applause, Li Dong then laughed: "That's right, the new president took office, you still do not show expression. I'm not going to say much about Yuan's handsome looks, but I'll reveal to you that Yuan is a bachelor, so the unmarried ladies at the scene can make a good effort to capture this fortress. Of course, married don't move this mind, although I'm not opposed to office romance, but I'm afraid that your families smashed our home glass." "Hahahaha ……" Another burst of laughter rang out, and Yuan Chengdao on the stage was a bit teary-eyed. Is there such an introduction of the new group CEO? No matter what he thought, Li Dong continued to gush about Yuan Chengdao's brilliance. Graduated from the world's top business schools, served as executives of a number of international conglomerates, and previously made a great contribution to Yuanfang's stabilization of the southern Jiangsu market and the development of the Lu Province market …… by Li Dong, many people could not help but reacquaint themselves with Yuan Chengdao. Including those on the second floor before some dismissive bosses also looked at him more than a few eyes, did not see, this guy is not small skills. Before looking at him young, many people are still a little disbelieved. Think Li Dong himself young even if, but also like to use these young people. But now a listen, this guy has a lot of experience in the service, obviously not incompetent generation. Li Dong finished introducing Yuan Chengdao, and then let him go on stage and briefly said a few words. Compared with the previous, Yuan Chengdao is a lot more low-key, a simple self-introduction and then get off the stage. Once he got off the stage, many people stretched their necks. Li Dong said to announce a major event, the new president of Yuanfang to take office, although not a small matter, but not too big relationship with them. Now that the president's business is set, Li Dong should always say the main thing. Seeing Li Dong pick up the microphone, many people are holding their breath and ready to listen. But after waiting for a long time, the crowd took a look, but Li Dong was somewhat distracted, as if he had forgotten to continue talking. This time many people are full of black lines, you tease us? Li Dong is not deliberately teasing them, but remembered one thing, a slight pause for a moment, Li Dong looked upstairs snapped: "Mayor Chen, I have that thing over yet? I almost forgot, if it did not pass I will not say, or turn around and did not pass, how humiliating." The corners of the invited Mayor Pingchuan's mouth twitched a bit, for a long time before he coughed dryly and said, "Didn't you give a reply to your director's office before?" "Yes?" Li Dong muttered a sentence and looked at Liu Qi who was not far away. Liu Qi are about to collapse, nodding vigorously to indicate that it passed, at this moment Liu Qi want to die, boss, if it did not pass, we can agree to you on stage to say casually? Li Dong gave a dry laugh and said, "A joke, just to liven up the atmosphere, do not take offense." After a perfunctory sentence, Li Dong then said: "Second, the group recently to establish a charity fund association. For charity, I Li Dong that is obliged!" "Many people in Jiangbei know that I, Li Dong, am the most enthusiastic about charity."