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Chapter 642 No more fifth!

  The charity fund thing came out, the crowd did not have the heart to listen to Li Dong continue to say anything…… The fastest update tonight this matter is destined to low-key can not, is destined to cause a sensation. And tonight, it is also an important night for Li Dong to make a name for himself! Before Li Dong although some visibility in the country, but this visibility, mostly some young people to pursue out. The real political and business elites, Li Dong understand at best on a name. But after tonight, the crowd will soon do some in-depth investigation of Li Dong. Society is a field of fame and fortune, name in the front, profit in the back. Before Li Dong favorable, however, fame can at most cover half of Pingchuan, the outside world does not know much about him. But now Li Dong to give up profit to promote fame, the people do not know whether this is a good deal or not. Just when the crowd thought about the possible impact of this matter, the stage Li Dong still did not get off the stage, continued to laugh and say: "Third ……" "Third!" Many people froze for a moment, there is still something to say? They did not know whether the order in which Li Dong announced things was according to personal preference, or according to the degree of importance. But since there is a third, then the crowd could not help but stay a few more. Seeing the crowd upstairs have straightened their necks, Li Dong waved his hand disgustedly and said, "This has nothing to do with you, our group's internal affairs, you eat your melons." "Poof!" Many people really can't hold it, to the mouth of the tea almost all sprayed out. The crowd swept Li Dong with resentment, just praised you, and now you are out of tune. Li Dong did not care about them, smilingly said: "The third thing is our own business, I will briefly talk to you." "Three years is a hurdle, and I'm afraid that some of the old employees who joined us in 2004 are now a bit tired." "Today's story is to refresh your spirit." "Yuanfang was established in August of 2004, and in August of 2007, it was the third anniversary. Now it's just half a year away from the third anniversary, this half year the headquarters side will create a welfare program out, first I am ready to invest two hundred million to reward colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to Yuanfang." "You guys don't stare at me, white cash, direct award money, I'm too lazy to bother. And the number of rewards well, by and large I am prepared to control within a thousand people." "On average, a person gets a small 200,000 bar." "In fact, the company also made a share incentive program, some people also got, but to be honest, do not look at the development of Yuanfang in the past few years, in fact, the money is spent by me, the annual dividend is really not a few money." "Now think about it, everyone is not easy, I Li Dong rich, but also can not treat you poorly is not." "As for the reward which people, I am not afraid to tell you, 04 years of old employees certainly priority, the next is 05 years, and then 06 years of employees." "I am a person who misses the old, maybe the later entry may be unhappy and feel that I am biased. But 04 years can stay to the present not many people, everyone followed me a total wealth, always can not forget you." "Of course, 05 06 employees are not without a chance, I will probably take out half of the places for you." "That's it, the specific list still needs the group to do a survey. The middle of the year will definitely be honored, anyway, those employees with old qualifications these six months be careful, don't run away by yourself, or be fired, the probability of you getting this money is still very high." "And this welfare plan, not just once, the follow-up will always be there. Before someone let me share shares, I did consider, but shares I still have use, you guys are temporarily thought of, share sooner or later, now divided and no money to take, you guys took also useless. Simply, directly to the big guys share money, and the day you can't see these money, I will consider the matter of shares." Li Dong indifferently said a sentence, and then smilingly said: "still stand still, in order to keep you guys I have put down blood money, do not give me a few cheers, pat me on the back?" Li Dong blunt words, so many people first froze, and when Li Dong finished cheering, the field steeply cheered a sound. This time is really excited! Although Li Dong said the quota is limited, but since they can come to the annual meeting, either excellent staff or veteran employees, the probability of their share of the money is probably more than half. 07 can get 200,000 bonus, that is really not a small amount. Not to mention the scale is so large, a one-time is to reward thousands of people. Not to mention Jiangbei, is in the country, like Li Dong so large scale smashing money is almost not. Although other large enterprises, there may be some equity, there will be some dividends, but such enterprises are after all a minority, and they hold the shares are worth in the end, are also unknown. For the lower and middle class employees, the benefit of getting their hands on it is the benefit. Real money to give them cash, rather than equity is really. …… cheers in waves. In the end, even the slogan "Long live Mr. Li" were shouted out, so it can be seen how excited the staff of the far side in the end. The only thing the people upstairs thought at this time was that Li Dong was crazy! This guy tonight in the end by what stimulation?