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Chapter 643 - The Crazy Betting Agreement!

  Li Dong people have not yet reached the door, it was surrounded by people chasing. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Seeing them all glaring at themselves, Li Dong was a bit puzzled: "All so looking at me why?" "Li Dong!" "Mr. Li!" The people shouted in unison, Li Dong hurriedly waved his hand and said, "I have a headache, I've been sitting all night, don't ask me about business, I want to go home to catch up on my sleep." "No!" This time the crowd really spoke with one voice, Yuan Chengdao said with an eager face: "General Li, the last cooperation with Suning in the end what happened? Why the board of directors did not convene? Also, Far Far Away ……" he wanted to say that Far Far Away has no money now, but seeing Xu Shengzhe and the others were also there, he hastily closed his mouth. Although he did not say clearly, but who does not know what he means. Li Dong smiled and said, "There is no hurry, after all, it is only a verbal agreement, not yet signed a contract, I have said, is to let everyone have fun." "Verbal agreement?" The people are speechless, who are you fooling! If there is no definite news, you will announce in front of so many people? This is not a small matter, Yuanfang is not a small business, Suning is also, two large chain groups to cooperate and enter the Beijing-Tianjin region, this can be a small matter? And Li Dong not quietly shot, now suddenly announced the news in advance, in the end want to do. Everyone is eager to understand clearly the inside story, but Li Dong is refusing to speak again. Seeing him like this, everyone was a little helpless. After pestering for a while, Li Dong was a bit impatient and said: "Xu Shengzhe, what are you guys following to add to the mess! I'm cooperating with you, it doesn't cost you any money, why are you stopping me?" Xu Shengzhe frowned: "You spend money is not my business, but ……" said Xu Shengzhe lowered his voice: "But we are not ready to set up an alliance? We agreed that we work together to expand, and now you leave us behind and fly alone, Li Dong, what do you mean?" "What do I mean? Suning offered good terms, so I saw the opportunity and cooperated. "But with such a large investment, you have no money left to continue the expansion! If we don't expand, is the purpose of our alliance to play rough inside Jiangbei?" "I know this matter in my heart, you do not follow blindly involved. Well, that's it, I'm busy now, you guys go away first, don't make trouble." "I!" Xu Shengzhe really wanted to curse, but looked at the people around him, but finally did not curse out. At this time, Xu Shengzhe's heart is a little uncertain. Li Dong tonight this play he was a bit caught off guard, others may not see what, he is feeling, Li Dong on the establishment of the Alliance ** not as big as before. If there is no more Li Dong, then this alliance is still meaningful? Xu Shengzhe's mind calculated, if there is no far side involved, their own effort in the end is not cost-effective? After thinking about it for a long time, Xu Shengzhe had no clue for the time being. This matter has to go back to analyze it properly, Li Dong quit, the alliance has disadvantages and advantages, but is the disadvantages outweigh the advantages or advantages outweigh the disadvantages, this will have to analyze it carefully. So thought, Xu Shengzhe also did not stay long, hastily led the people away. Once he left, all that remained were the executives from afar. Li Dong said somewhat tiredly: "Something to say later, you all stay and continue to play with the big guys, I'll go back first." Although the heart held a stomach of doubts and depression, see Li Dong drive people, the crowd did not dare to disobey, each heavy footsteps dispersed. …… and so out of the auditorium, Li Dong saw Shen Xi still follow, some depressed said: "Why are you so curious?" Shen Xi also does not care what he said, self-consciously said: "When did you and Suning stir up? And why did you suddenly want to enter the Beijing-Tianjin area? Also, where did the money come from? Also, what exactly do you want to do by announcing the plan in advance now?" Li Dong glanced around and saw some employees coming out for air, and whispered, "Get in and say." "Good!" Shen Xi was not pretentious, and pulled him towards the car. When he got into the car, Li Dong said to Tan Yong: "Old Tan, you go down and keep watch." Tan Yong did not say a word and got out of the car, Shen Xi also did not say anything, and only when Tan Yong got out of the car said, "So serious?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "Not serious, just do not want outsiders to know." "What in the end was born? Li Dong, I'm suffocating, tell me quickly." "Say what?" Shen Xi stared at him and said, "Say what? Answer the few questions I asked before." "Don't be so mean, it's not cute at all anymore." Li Dong muttered, and only after a while said, "Reaching an agreement with Suning, it's just a matter of a few days. I'm not familiar with Zhang Jindong, and hooking up is also a communication I had when I invited him to the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association before." Shen Xi looked suspicious and said, "You have not even met?" "No, don't you know that?" "But ……" Shen Xi was tempted to say, since you have not met, you reached a multi-billion dollar cooperation with Zhang Jindong, are you crazy, or is he stupid? Or maybe this is simply a fake news. But Li Dong said the news in front of so many people, how can it be fake news. Shen Xi's stomach of questions do not know where to ask, Li Dong smiled and said, "Do not rush, listen to me slowly say is." "Because of the association, I have communicated with old Zhang several times. He did not refuse to us this association, because he did not refuse, that communication more times. After all, this guy is also a capable person, but also our hometown, chatting, always have to talk about business matters." "We are doing a chain, the day before yesterday, Zhang inadvertently complained that I mixed better than he did. He is now being squeezed by Gomez, the ten-thousand-year old second when a long time, is a person are suffocating." "This guy just said so, I'm a bit on it." "Then chatting, I said in passing that it would be good if we cooperated. Faraway City, in addition to big box stores, mainly do raw, and their business does not conflict. If we cooperate, both sides are beneficial, and by the way, we can also gather popularity." "And then …… then somehow, it's like this." After Li Dong finished, Shen Xi said with a disgusted face, "To be honest, don't omit the important process, I still don't know you!" Li Dong hehe dry laugh, raised his eyebrows and said, "Anyway, that's the general story." "Then let me ask you, why did you choose the Beijing-Tianjin region?" "Because we don't even have a market over there, it's natural to open up a blank market." Shen Xi hummed: "What about the money? You said the cooperation will start soon, but now the distant side is heavily in debt, where did you get the money? Sold the stock?" "Almost, anyway, the money is not a one-time investment."