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Chapter 644 - Li Dong's layout

  Is five or six years a long time? For different people, the answer is definitely different. But as far as Li Dong is concerned, five or six years is really too long! Now that we are in the year 07, it will take five or six years to complete the national deployment of supermarkets, and that will be around 13 years. And to complete the layout, does not mean to stand firm. And then stabilize a year or two, good guys, just a supermarket, the national strategy just completed, Li Dong to the node of rebirth time. At this time, e-commerce on the physical industry began a violent impact, Li Dong almost just stabilize the situation, you have to face a big impact. Without the help of foresight, he can get through this? This result is not easy to predict now, but the risk is great. Li Dong does not dare to gamble so much, so he can only seize the time to make the industrial layout of the Far Side a little more stable and more secure. At present, because of the limitations of capital and manpower, Far Eastern can only focus on the development of one aspect. This is naturally the supermarket as the main focus, and the other as a supplement. Only by completing the layout of supermarkets as soon as possible, and then carrying out the expansion of several aspects of e-commerce, real estate and logistics, several key industries under Yuanfang will be able to go hand in hand before 16 years, and then Li Dong can not worry about it. So he set himself the goal that within three years, he must complete the overall planning layout of the supermarket. That was only 10 years, there are still six or seven years left for Li Dong to complete the industrial upgrade, this time is considered ample. But this is all Li Dong's own ideas, not good to tell others, and not good to explain. So people may be a bit incomprehensible to his hurry, but outsiders do not understand, does not mean that Li Dong will not do. Because of this, there is this crazy betting agreement. In fact, in Li Dong's opinion, this agreement is not crazy. 08 years old Huang was arrested, after Suning quickly threw off the hat of the second oldest, rising quickly. Of course, until the rebirth of Li Dong, Suning in Beijing and Tianjin region also did not account for half of the market share, but also close to the same. Then why Li Dong still dare to bet? Because it's only 07 years! This time in the previous life, Suning was suppressed, this time simply did not enter the Beijing-Tianjin market, even if you enter, but also a small-scale test. And because of this, Suning missed the best time at that time. After all, the old Huang went in, although Gomez chaos, but chaos is not too long, so little time, simply not enough Suning to complete the rearrangement. And now a few years ahead of the layout, and the scale of investment is not small, even if again suppressed, but also to occupy some of the market. When Gome is a mess, then it is the time to counterattack. Laying the foundation of Suning, on the Gome without the old yellow, dare not say crushing, but grabbing about half of the market is still not a big problem, after all, Zhang Jindong is not weak. If Zhang Jindong can not grasp this opportunity, then Li Dong can only say that this guy is too stupid. And a stupid partner to cooperate, it is better to give up, failure is also a failure. These are Li Dong's thoughts, he felt that the possibility of losing this agreement himself is still very small. But in the eyes of outsiders, even including Zhang Jindong himself, all think Li Dong is a madman. This agreement, in their eyes that is the embodiment of Li Dong crazy. Take more than a billion as a bet, for any enterprise, that is crazy and unwise, let alone in the situation is simply not in their favor. Everyone does not understand, including Shen Xi at this time. Do not understand is not understand, when see Li Dong fallen eyes, Shen Xi suddenly soft heart. She has long known that Li Dong is lonely. Lonely to no one to understand him, no one to support him. Just like this cooperation with Suning, Li Dong can not need to announce in advance, but he still did so. Why? Because within the group, almost no one will agree to such a crazy move he made. Others agree or not, in fact, Li Dong simply do not have to care, because the far side is his own. But Li Dong seems not to care, but actually compromised, he announced in advance is to let this become an established reality, so that all the employees of Far Eastern can understand him and support him. At this time, if others don't support him, do they have to put pressure on him? Having figured this out, Shen Xi's face softened and was silent for a moment before she said softly: "Although I don't understand why you are in such a hurry, but since you want to do it, then go ahead and do it. Do what you want to do, just be happy with yourself." Li Dong looked at her and suddenly laughed. Shen Xi also laughed, both of them may not know why they are laughing, but at this moment they are laughing so happy. After laughing for a while, Shen Xi gently exhaled and said, "Support is support, but there are some things I have to remind you. North China is not like East China, East China, the reason for the smooth development of the far side, it is because Jiangbei belongs to East China a part of several nearby provinces, but also did not treat you as an outsider. In their view, the enterprises in Jiangbei is the enterprises in East China, so you did not encounter any barriers. But North China, especially the Beijing-Tianjin region, the competitive pressure is very high. You say that Gome is in trouble, this is, after all, only your personal statement, with Gome in, our cooperation with Suning, is not destined to be so smooth.