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Chapter 645 - We don't understand the world of cra

  After sending Shen Xi back home, the time was already more than eleven o'clock. ΔΔ『.M Because Cao Fang was not in, Li Chengyuan had been busy recently and people were exhausted, Li Chengyuan was already asleep when Li Dong arrived home. Li Dong saw the situation and lowered his voice, and was about to go back to his room to wash up, when Li Chengyuan suddenly came out of his room. Sleepy-eyed East glance, Li Chengyuan yawned and said, "Busy today, right, until now to come back." "Not bad, Dad you should go today, the company's annual meeting is very lively." "I'll forget it, the hotel is also busy today. By the way, did not eat anything at night, I brought you some food, let the chef boil a pot of eight porridge for you, I'll warm it up for you now, drink a little to fill your stomach." "Forget it ……" "Better eat some, your mother called me several times today, specially instructed me. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. "The 8th day of the lunar calendar?" Li Dong suddenly froze for a moment and said, "Dad, today is the eighth day of the waxing moon?" "Yes, you don't know?" Li Chengyuan said somewhat strangely, "You chose today for the annual meeting, I thought you knew." "I ……" Li Dong's face was speechless, he knew shit! He is now busy all day long, plus his brain has been using the calendar, no one reminded, he how to remember this matter. People in the company thought he knew, and no one deliberately reminded him. In addition, the 8th day of the lunar month and other traditional festivals are different, not many people care about this side of Jiangbei, so we are not too Li Dong only then remembered, no wonder the annual banquet seems to have prepared porridge for everyone, feelings because today is a holiday. Li Dong actually does not care too much about the La Ba Festival, the key La Ba Festival is not just the La Ba Festival ah! Raising his hand time, eyes twelve o'clock, Li Dong hurriedly said: "Dad, do not work, I am not hungry now, you sleep your, tomorrow morning I will heat up to eat." "Tomorrow is after the eighth day of the lunar month, I'd better heat it up for you." "Then you work first, I'll go make a phone call." "Go ahead." Li Chengyuan also did not care much, rubbed his eyes into the kitchen and began to work up. …… into the room, Li Dong hurriedly picked up his phone and dialed Yuan Xue's number. The phone soon got through, and Li Dong immediately said, "Still awake?" "Mm." Yuan Xue answered, and then said, "You're not sleeping either?" "I just came back from a busy schedule, I've been particularly busy lately, today the company had its annual meeting, people from the province and the city, and a large group of peers to entertain, I'm tired and almost vomiting blood." Li Dong complained a few words of bitterness, Yuan Xue on the other side of the phone comforted: "Do not be too tired of yourself, money is inexhaustible, there is time or more rest." "Well, I also think so, when the New Year is over I can rest for a while. By the way, when are you going to America?" "Around March." "Haven't you finished your studies there yet? I said two years before, it's almost time to return to China by June this year." "It's not set in stone yet, let's talk about it then." "……" The two talked for a while, Li Dong kept staring at his watch, and when the time almost crossed twelve, Li Dong hurriedly said, "Happy birthday!" The opposite side of the phone was quiet for a moment, and not long after, the sound of a big bell came from somewhere, and the waxing and waning passed. When the bell finished ringing, Yuan Xue said quietly, "I thought you had forgotten." Li Dong smiled: "How can ah, before all ready to call you, but really busy not available. Then I thought, I have to pick a special time to wish you a happy birthday again, you you spend the last second of your birthday is me, touched, right?" "Pfft!" Across the phone, Yuan Xue suddenly laughed, for a while before she said, "Really think I'm stupid! You must have long forgotten, just deliberately complained to me, looking for reasons. But think of the part, I will not tear you down." Li Dong gave a dry laugh and coughed: "There is no snow this year, so I won't send gifts. Also, when I have time after the New Year, I will go to Dongping" "Forget it, you are a busy person now, don't delay you. Also my parents asked me to thank you for them, if it wasn't for you, our family wouldn't have been able to get through this year so easily." "Don't be polite, I've thanked you many times." Li Dong accompanied her to chat for a while, waiting for Li Chengyuan's voice to come from outside the door, Li Dong said: "More than twelve o'clock, go to bed early, women stay up late easily old." "It is not waiting for you to wait!" Yuan Xue muttered a small voice, Li Dong lost his smile. Yuan Xue on the other side of the phone seemed to know that she had said the wrong thing, and hurriedly said goodbye and hung up the phone. Listening to the "beep" sound in the phone, Li Dong shook his head and laughed for a while. This night, Li Dong slept quite peacefully, but some people are sleepless night. ……1 27th. This day, there is nothing big at home and abroad. However, the major domestic media, the network on the major portals have stirred up a bit. "Li Dong threw a billion for which?" "The youngest philanthropist!" "The successor of philanthropy!" "Post-85s become the mainstream of philanthropy!" …… a news fresh out of the oven, the instant work, Li Dong has become a domestic celebrity. One billion! Although Li Dong announced that he would only donate 500 million this year, everyone subconsciously ignored this figure and naturally chose to exaggerate a bit. And at this moment, the focus of people's attention is not exactly how many billions Li Dong said he would donate. The moment the news came out, the network, the media have been discussed. Some people say Li Dong is stupid, some say Li Dong is a psychopath, too much money to spend indiscriminately. Of course, the scolding is only a small number of people. These people may be red-eyed, perhaps jealous, the scolding will soon be drowned out in a praise sound. A young man who started with nothing after 85, a difficult business, starting a few years of work to spend a huge amount of money to do charity, whether it is to promote positive energy or for other reasons, a high degree of praise is inevitable. And this matter is not only the media since the propaganda, and even behind the scenes there is a pusher. This pusher is not derogatory, but the government propaganda department acquiesced to the myth of Li Dong, Li Dong will be launched. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, Li Dong is young and has an important influence among the young generation, and mythologizing Li Dong will help lead them to establish the right values. On the other hand, it is the nature of Yuanfang's business. If Yuanfang was in another industry or in conflict with the mainstream social consciousness, such as the real estate industry, the official media would not necessarily be willing to push for it. But Yuanfang is mainly engaged in the retail industry, and the mainstream of society is not exclusive or hostile to the retail industry, so it is easy to understand the official attitude. In addition to these, another point is that the matter itself is really worthy of publicity. There is a big gap between domestic philanthropy and foreign philanthropy, and many rich people in China are not very enthusiastic about charity. Although people like Niu Gensheng are also enthusiastic about charity, but relatively speaking, this is only a small number of people. Some large enterprises are fine, whether for face or for the sake of profit, not resistant to charity, but the domestic wealth is not only focused on the hands of these people. There are many rich people, out of various scruples, or because of the famous saying of the old ancestors, wealth does not reveal wealth, so many people die to keep the wealth afraid to show their heads. This also led to domestic philanthropy, has been a small number of people doing, while most people choose to watch. Now with Li Dong shot, representing a great significance. Hong Kong and Macao, not to mention that this side of the mainland 6 do charity has always been the middle-aged and elderly class, in many people's minds, they do charity, it is because they enjoy enough, too much money to spend, so only meaningful. And Li Dong, this year is only the early twenties, his age is not yet to enjoy the time. In this case, Li Dong spent so much money on charity, also brought a shock to the public. It turns out that charity is not only the middle-aged and elderly generation of the special, young people can also do so majestic! The combination of many factors, Li Dong completely fire a. Unlike in the past, when the focus was mostly on young people, this time many big names in politics and business also came out to speak. Not long after the news spread, several bigwigs in the business world praised Li Dong in a non-public forum. Although it is not a public occasion, but these people are not low status, said the words will soon be spread out.