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Chapter 646 - Nothing to do

  Walking out of the office, Li Dong did not look back again. The day of the novel Ww『W.W.⒉3TXT.COM now he does not want to say anything, can understand the understanding, can not understand let them go. They think they're crazy, that's just what they think. Is Li Dong crazy? His expansion plan really has no chance of success at all? It looks like Li Dong is going to get involved in the four regions, but in fact he is really operating in East China. The Central China side is just incidental, the E province side he just needs to lend a hand, and Li Dong is communicating with Wang Aiqun of China Bai during this time. Wang Aijun does not want the three groups to merge, he is now alone and needs help. Li Dong's appearance gave him hope, although Li Dong is an outsider, although Li Dong may seize the market, but belongs to their own Zhongbai is Zhongbai. Wang Aiqun and Li Dong's goals have largely agreed, and with the assistance of Zhongbai in E Province, it should not be difficult and costly for Li Dong to borrow the road. Shancheng is just a city, Li Dong will not invest too much, and the cost will not be too big. North China side is even simpler, the first Li Dong do not have to spend a penny, all Suning in the investment, but also nothing to spend. Chuanshu side may invest a little more, but Li Dong's purpose is only to temporarily stand firm, the real big investment should be at the end of the year or early next year. That is to say, the first half of o7, the main need to invest in the far side or East China, and these budgets have long been done, the money is also ready. In the second half of the year, it will cost a little more, but it should not be out of five billion. Five billion investment, at that time the far side has so much money? Of course there is! The stock market is one side, before and Wang Pengfei took a few pieces of land is one side, plus the Yuanfang Group's own profits, five billion is not much. So all said and done, now Yuan Chengdao they need to solve the March maturity of the four billion. As long as the bond line is successful, this money is not a problem, everything is not as difficult as they think. But since everyone thinks it is difficult, Li Dong also does not want to say more, this may be an opportunity to test the group's top management. The group is getting bigger and bigger, all just thinking about benefits, not thinking about work, Li Dong is not a fool. The patriarch can be treated generously, does not mean that you can just take the money and not do anything. Walking out of the Yuanfang Building, Li Dong exhaled a long breath. How many days, he can now finally take a good rest. Yuan Chengdao, the next group will be handed over to you. …… Yuan Chengdao took over as president of the group, and Li Dong directly put down. This is beyond the expectations of many people, Li Dong announced that the group has a new president, everyone still thought and the same as before Sun Tao. At that time, Sun Tao was in charge of internal affairs, Li Dong in charge of the overall situation, everyone felt quite good. This time the crowd also thought the same, but who knows, Li Dong directly said he wanted to take a vacation, and then really ran away. Not to mention the others, even Yuan Chengdao himself was confused. What's going on here? If it was before, Yuan Chengdao could not wait for this to happen, only when Li Dong left, he could make a big move and develop a perfect strategy for the far side. But what about now? Now that Li Dong has set the big picture, leaving only the wreckage all over the ground for him to clean up, how can he clean up when he first arrived? When he thought of Li Dong's crazy expansion plan, Yuan Chengdao was really going crazy. Others still think he must be happy now, but only he knows how much pressure he really has to bear. If he didn't do a good job this time and messed up the situation in Yuanfang, all the mistakes would be his fault and he would probably become a sinner in the eyes of tens of thousands of employees in Yuanfang. …… City God Temple. Li Dong comfortably leaning on the recliner and sunbathing, several years, he has never been so comfortable. No need to think about the company, no need to think about feelings, and no need to think about all of it. Just so lazily leaning on the recliner, basking in the winter sun, that is a comfort. Just when Li Dong was about to fall asleep, not far away suddenly came a "click!" Immediately after the crowd around Li Dong scattered, Zhang Meng came over with a bitter face and said, "Mr. Li, just now you have a line, why did not you say?" Li Dong opened his eyes and said with a dumbfounded look, "Do I have a line?" Zhang Mang wanted to cry, shooting a movie is afraid to encounter this kind of thing. You say you are not a good boss, a good man not to do, but to come to the film set why. Come on, you also want to have a good time, playing a passerby. Acting, the key you can not be more professional ah! Just a line, the result you actually forgot, Zhang Meng can say anything else. Seeing his appearance, Li Dong laughed dryly and said, "Sorry, sorry, the weather is too good today, the sun is confused." Li Dong arched his hand toward the surrounding actors and staff, then moved the deck chair and said smilingly: "Then I will not give you a mess, not to mention, in the Chenghuang Temple Street sun, this taste is really good. Lend me the recliner, sunbathe for a while I will leave." The surrounding crowd pursed their lips and snickered, and it was the first time they felt that Li Dong was so colored. Originally in their imagination, Li Dong must be majestic, a serious look. But really wait and Li Dong after dealing with, everyone knows they misunderstood. Li Dong is actually a fun-loving young man, but everyone is just intimidated by the halo on his head. These days there are rumors everywhere that Li Dong is spending money like dirt, some people say that the toilets in Li Dong's house are made of gold, and he is living in unparalleled luxury. But only after contacting Li Dong know that Li Dong himself is actually no different from them. Drinking the mineral water of the crew, when the meal and they eat the same boxed lunch, at most a little special privilege, add a chicken leg to yourself. The clothes worn on the body may be considered a big name, but in the eyes of the crew, this is nothing special, they have seen some stars, seven or eight lines of some small stars may be better than Li Dong wear. Such Li Dong, completely overturned the outside world some unpleasant rumors.