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Chapter 647 - Did you have a good life in your pre

  Pingchuan Railway Station. When Li Dong arrived, Li Chengyuan had already arrived one step ahead of him. A large group of people were exchanging pleasantries at the entrance of the station, and when Li Dong approached to listen, he was suddenly full of confusion. The language spoken was not Mandarin, nor was it the local language of Jiangbei, but a local dialect of Qian Province. Li Dong had heard it several times before, but Cao Fang rarely speaks dialect at home, he was familiar with it, but more than 80% of the words were not understood at all. When he saw Li Dong arrive, Cao Fang waved at him, then turned around and said something to the people around him. Probably is the introduction of Li Dong identity and other words, when she finished, Li Dong's two uncles followed with a simple smile greeted. After all, it was the first time they met, and Li Dong's two uncles are honest croppers, and can not say anything flattering, let alone do a laugh. Li Dong is not surprised, smiling and shouted a few uncles will be considered to know. When Li Dong was ready to exchange pleasantries with his grandmother, the old lady who had cleaned up well, the old lady who had been acting calmly before suddenly looked at him with wide eyes. The old lady's eyes were full of surprise and shock, staring at Li Dong without saying a word. Li Dong was a little confused by the stare, and smiled and shouted, "Grandma, I'm Dongzi, are you feeling well?" The old lady, however, did not say anything and just kept looking at him. Cao Fang next to him frowned, as if she was not too happy, and said something to the old lady in dialect. The old lady should have heard her daughter's words this time and looked at Li Dong again, then the old lady took a step forward and reached out and touched Li Dong's face. Li Dong saw that she was not tall, even half squatted a little, so that the old lady can touch himself. This time the old man's bland face only slightly smile, gently in Li Dong face touched a few times, and then closed his eyes and made a strange gesture. The whole process, Li Dong the whole dumbfounded state. The couple next to Li Chengyuan and his two uncles were a little nervous, and when the old lady opened her eyes again, everyone looked at the old man. The old man did not look at them, smiled and said to Li Dong Dong: "Go, go home." Because the accent is too heavy, Li Dong did not know if this is the meaning, anyway, he felt that this is probably the meaning. Although some curiosity about what his grandmother just did, but Li Dong did not open his mouth to ask, wait for the old man finished then smiled and said: "That's okay, grandmother, let's get in the car." Because there were many people this time, Li Dong deliberately transferred another car from the company to come. His two uncles were still a little nervous and uneasy when they saw Li Dong's car, but Li Dong's grandmother remained calm and unruffled, as if she was not surprised at all. When they got into the car, Li Dong's uncle and Cao Feng and their car. Li Dong family and his grandmother a car. Another car scenario Li Dong does not know, but Li Dong is feeling a little uncomfortable at the moment. The grandmother, whom he has not met for many years, always looks at him with some strange eyes, and the old man does not speak, which makes Li Dong do not know what to do. Some of the help-like glance at Cao Fang, but see Cao Fang also baffled. Li Dong once again turned his attention to Li Chengyuan, who also did not say a word, as if the whole car was under the spell of fixation. Li Dong saw his father and mother do not pay attention to themselves, so they had to continue to bear the gaze of the elderly with a bitter face. …… half an hour later. The car stopped underneath his house, Li Dong just took a long breath, almost escaped from the car jumped down. It is reasonable to say that Li Dong's mental capacity is not so bad, but the old lady stared all the way, his heart is now a little hairy. When Li Chengyuan helped the old lady out of the car, Li Dong hurriedly went around to Cao Fang's side and lowered his voice, "Mom, don't I look like Grandpa?" Cao Fang was confused and said, "Not like ah, your father said you look a little like your grandfather, and your grandfather is very different." "That ……" Li Dong said carefully glanced at his grandmother not far away, whispered: "That grandmother is always staring at me why, Mom, my heart is a little hairy, grandmother is not too many years have not seen me, too miss me, right? " Cao Fang could not help but frown at these words, and looked at the old man not far away. See the old man also looked at this side, Cao Fang thought about it or go over and communicate with the old man. The old man did not say a word, but Cao Fang seemed to be a little angry, the tone of voice gradually some agitation up. Li Dong hurriedly went forward and prepared to persuade, when the old man suddenly said a word, Cao Fang's agitation seemed to gradually calm down. Looked at Li Dong, Cao Fang finally frowned and muttered a sentence then no longer angry. The whole process, Li Dong is dumbfounded state. What the hell is going on here? He wanted to ask about the situation, but Cao Fang looked reluctant to say more, the old man also silent not to speak, Li Dong had to entertain the two uncles with suspicion. …… eating dinner, Li Dong's grandmother again showed a different place. The old man refused to go to the table, but had to eat alone. And also do not eat meat, finally or Cao Fang got a small table next to her, to her folder some vegetarian dishes, the old man willing to eat. When finished eating, the old man said very little, almost no communication with everyone, standing alone at the balcony looking at the stars.