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Chapter 648 New Year's Greetings

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The old man likes to be quiet, usually by himself, and in his spare time he likes to sit by the balcony in the sun, and does not like to communicate with people. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. By the time Qin Yuhan returned from winter break, Li Dong completely left this behind. The old man has his own beliefs, some of the Shinto can be understood. As for what the old man said that night, it doesn't mean she really knows anything, Li Dong thinks it's still his own weak heart that led to it. …… put aside the annoying things, Li Dong took advantage of the fact that he was not busy, accompanied Qin Yuhan strolled around. After playing around in Pingchuan for a few days, Li Dong's main business came. Although he now gives himself a holiday, did not go to the company, but does not mean that the company he really do not care. On the day of the 23rd of the lunar month, Li Dong once again rushed back to the Far Eastern Building. After a few days of absence, the company had changed a lot. The environment was the same, there was no difference, but the staff's spirit seemed to have risen a lot. Although Yuan Chengdao complained that Li Dong had left a chicken feather behind, things still had to be done. The new official took office three fires, Yuan Chengdao is not really a name in vain. A few simple programs were implemented, and the company's personnel was straightened out by him. When he saw Li Dong enter the door, Yuan Chengdao got up and smiled, "Mr. Li, it just so happens that you are here, I was just about to look for you." Li Dong didn't answer, but laughed: "Good job, I see everyone's spirit has risen, you're not a president for nothing." Yuan Chengdao modestly said a few words, then greeted Li Dong sat down and said, "Mr. Li, I have a few things I want to discuss with you." "Go ahead." "First, I want to recruit two vice presidents, one in charge of external affairs and one in charge of internal affairs, what do you think?" Li Dong first frowned slightly, then thought about it and said, "General Manager Shen and General Manager Sun's side ……" Yuan Chengdao understood what he meant and hurriedly said, "Although General Manager Shen and General Manager Sun are also titled as vice presidents, but in reality, as you know, General Manager Sun and General Manager Shen are both The company has been busy with its own mess and has no time to participate in the management of the group." "What about Mr. Wang?" "Wang is still in charge of developing the Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, and I'm going to give her the Gan Province side as well. In addition, you said before that you want to enter the market of E province, this matter must find a competent person to preside over the big picture, I think only Wang can do it, so Wang will also be very busy next." Hearing him say so, Li Dong nodded and said, "Then I promise to do this, you look after it yourself." Yuan Chengdao was slightly relieved, it's hard to support a lone tree, he was a new official, he couldn't really do it without finding a few helpers. As for Sun Tao and the others, these are all old employees and old ministers of Yuanfang, almost all of them have deeper seniority than him. Not to mention that they are not busy, the key is that they simply can not direct the move. Thinking about it, or the formation of their own new management is the most appropriate. Originally he thought that Li Dong would not necessarily agree, but now it seems that he had underestimated Li Dong, and apparently Li Dong also understood his meaning. After talking about this matter, Yuan Chengdao said: "In addition is the side of General Xu, I think he understands our meaning, the alliance is completely over. The association, you should pay more attention to the matter, after the New Year to find time to get together with everyone, to do this." "I know, I'm doing it recently, I'll officially set up the license next year." "That's best." Yuan Chengdao continued, "There is one more thing that I have to trouble you to do personally, Mr. Li." "What is it?" "Paying respects to the New Year." "Pay respects?" Li Dong was a bit confused and said, "To whom?" "Inside the province, you have to go personally." Yuan Chengdao explained, "Now is not like the previous two years, the previous two years, the scale of Yuanfang is not large, the influence is also small. At that time, you let Mr. Sun lead a team to visit, and others did not care. But now that Yuanfang has come this far, the support from Jiangbei is still not small, so I hope you can go and visit us personally." Li Dong nodded after thinking for a while and said, "Leave this to me, I almost forgot before, it is necessary for me to go personally." Yuan Chengdao's words were polite, in fact, the reason why Li Dong did not visit personally two years ago was that he could not get into the eyes of others. In the eyes of the provincial party committee bigwigs, two years ago, Li Dong was a complete and utter little man. Li Dong even to visit, but also may not be able to enter the door. Of course, that was before, now Li Dong water rose, this time he is also qualified to visit the door, and even others will feel dignified. Whether it is officialdom or shopping malls, you give others face, others will give you face. This year, if Li Dong do not visit, others will feel that he looked down on themselves, or pretend to be noble. Wide minded okay, meet small-minded, can offend people. Seeing that Li Dong promised, Yuan Chengdao thought and whispered: "In addition, I hope you can visit Governor Qin." "Governor Qin ……" Li Dong's eyes narrowed, he had heard about this mysterious and low-key provincial number one. Unfortunately, until now, Li Dong had never seen him in person. That bit is too low-profile, low-profile often let people ignore him. Others ignore him, does not mean that Li Dong also ignore him, but he knows that the former life after the successor of Du Anmin. Even if Yuan Chengdao does not say, Li Dong will go to visit. Nodding, Li Dong did not say anything, and when Yuan Chengdao reported a few more important things, Li Dong then smiled and said: "It looks like you're doing a good job, then I'm relieved. Okay, I won't bother you anymore, I'll leave first." "Mr. Li, you're leaving now?" "Well, it's New Year's Eve, I have to get ready, it's almost New Year's Eve, everyone is busy." "Okay, then I'll see you off." Yuan Chengdao got up and kept sending Li Dong out the door, before he turned around and went back to his business. ……