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Chapter 649 - Another Year

  Like a horse's-eye view of the bigwigs in the political and business circles of Jiangbei visited until the twenty-ninth day of the lunar month, Li Dong counted down. A simple New Year's visit, Li Dong is tired enough. Only then did Li Dong completely understand what it means to see people talking about people, see ghosts talking about ghosts. Can let him visit the door, are not simple people. And these uncomplicated characters, can succeed naturally have their own independent personality, personality habits vary greatly. Some big people like polite, Li Dong door-to-door visits, people pull him can talk for half a day without repeating, and the whole time you are embarrassed to interrupt others to talk. When you get used to the silence on this side, to visit another time, you silent, the results of people more silent than you. Li Dong does not speak, the other side with a cup of tea can sit for a day without speaking, so the atmosphere is awkward. These two people are actually quite good to deal with, at least what attitude can be seen in plain sight. The third kind of people more trouble, you can not see what his attitude, you smile he also smile, you silent he also silent, anyway, with you how to change, he can pick up. This kind of person in the heart of what, to you is good or bad, you can not read. Even the first two kinds of people, in fact, Li Dong can not see whether it is true or false. Of course, true or false at the moment Li Dong does not care, door to door is an attitude, their attitude shows that others are goodwill or malice to themselves, this point is not controlled by him. …… side just finished the task of paying respects to the New Year, a turn of the work, the New Year's Eve arrived. Early in the morning, Li Dong was awakened by the sound of firecrackers outside. From the early morning, the sound of firecrackers in Pingchuan has not been interrupted. Li Dong yawned and complained, "It would be nice to ban fireworks someday." Just as the words fell from his side, the door of the room was pushed open. When Cao Fang heard his words, he did not think so and said, "If we ban fireworks, it depends on whether the people agree or not. Besides, if we don't set off firecrackers in the New Year, is it still called the New Year?" Li Dong laughed: "Mom, you don't have to be serious about this. As for whether you agree or not, it does not matter, the government really wants to control, then you say anything is useless. A ban down, I guarantee that Pingchuan no sound of firecrackers." "You're fooling me." Cao Fang did not believe. Li Dong laughed and said nothing more, this is really not fooling the ghost. Now it sounds, we may feel some disbelief, New Year's firecrackers are how many years of old traditions, the government said the ban can be banned? Set aside in the past, Li Dong also do not believe. We all have a mind, the law is not responsible for the masses, all in the firecrackers, you can still take me what. But Li Dong clearly know, the government to really serious up, the efficiency is really not ordinary. In the previous life, there was a year, Pingchuan on the ban on the release of a year, at first we still feel indifferent. Good guy, really wait until the New Year's time, the whole Pingchuan silent, that is a little sound. People directly to the source to cut off, the New Year's Day also arranged special police patrol around, who dare to be this out of the bird. As a result, that New Year's Eve, single person Li Dong to see if there is not the Spring Festival, almost forgot that they are in the New Year. The topic is somewhat far away, Li Dong also did not say this crop, he just complained about a, really want to ban the release, that the flavor of the year is indeed less a large part. While dressing, Li Dong said: "Mom, next time remember to knock on the door, okay? I am more than an adult, you come in without saying a word, this if ……" "Why? You are my son, still afraid of your mother I see what? The actual fact that you don't lock the door yourself, I pushed it in ……" Cao Fang rambled for a while, Li Dong full of helplessness, but also lazy to continue to be serious, waiting for the mother finished then hurriedly said: "Mom, is there something to say?" Li Dong mentioned a sentence, Cao Fang then remembered the business, quickly said: "almost brought you in the ditch, quickly get up, pack a go to the Qin family." "To Qin's house?" Li Dong muttered, Cao Fang nodded and said, "It's New Year's Eve, let's go there. I've prepared gifts for you, be polite when you come to the door, and ask the Qin girl if she's coming to our house for New Year's Eve? This year, your grandmother and uncle are in, let everyone meet." "Your classmate Wang Jie children are born, the A Feng side will soon be married, you are 23 after the New Year ……" "Mom, I'm 22!" Cao Fang white glance at him no good said. "We say false years, what 22, say 22 is not small, your father and your age are ……" to see the mother again to talk about ancient, Li Dong suddenly full of helplessness said: "know, I go into it. But Yu Han to come to the New Year is not easy to say, their family also came to a lot of people, her grandparents are here this year to celebrate the New Year ……" "Then you have to go more! Come on, let's not talk about it, I'll add some more things for you, you bring them all over." Cao Fang also did not talk to him, hurriedly then out of the room. Li Dong couldn't help but laugh and cry, so he had to get up and wash up. When he washed up and went out, he was shocked. The good guys, the living room in the middle of more than a person high gift boxes, do not know also think that the family opened a grocery store. Seeing Li Dong out, Cao Fang while packing things said: "Go to breakfast, if you are embarrassed alone, Mom I will accompany you to ……" "No no, I go on!" Li Dong at this time which dare to let their own mother over, she is now seeing women can not wait to let Li Dong marry home only good. Since two days ago, Wang Jie brought the children over to pay their respects, their own mother is obsessed. Now she is full of thoughts of holding grandchildren, holding grandchildren, holding grandchildren …… As for who the daughter-in-law really is, Cao Fang now does not care, Qin girl or Shen girl, can add a grandson on the line. Simply eat something, Li Dong some tangled will be a pile of gifts to hold up, before going out Cao Fang also did not forget to urge: "sweet mouth, remember to call the Qin family girl to our home to eat New Year's Eve dinner." "Got it." "Have you prepared the red packets? After all, there are many people over there, are the eldest children, not prepared I help you prepare this side, you first wait." "No no, I'll get it myself on the way." "That …… thing is not a little less, last time Ah Feng bought me a few new sweaters, I have not worn, or I take out again together with bring over ……" "Mom, I'm leaving!" Li Dong dared to listen to her nagging, carrying the gift and running out with a huff and a puff. Seeing that he ran fast, Cao Fang's face was a bit sarcastic. When she saw that Li Chengyuan was wandering around like nothing was wrong, Cao Fang said angrily: "You're idle, you don't care about such a big matter, are you still your son?" Li Chengyuan looked innocent and said helplessly, "I am preparing to put up the door coupling." "What does it matter if the couplets are put up later? You said Dongzi is going alone, why don't I worry about it? I should have known that I should have gone with him." "You should not follow and make trouble." Cao Fang suddenly glared, "How did I add to the mess?" The corners of Li Chengyuan's mouth twitched for a while and he laughed dryly, "Then you tell Dongzi that I'll pick up Lan Lan from the station." "Oh, I almost forgot about that. Then you go, and Nanming and Qingqing's side really won't let them come over?" Cao Fang was instantly distracted and somewhat concerned. This year, the Cao family has a lot of people coming, and Cao Fang is also afraid that Li Chengyuan will have a hard time in his heart, so he let Li Lan come over for the New Year. But Li Nanming side, Cao Fang mentioned a mouth, Li Chengyuan is refused.