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Chapter 650 - Opening a New Era

  The exchange between Qin Yuhan's second aunt and Yang Yun, Li Dong did not know. Even if he knew, he would not care. After chatting with the two old people for a while, Li Dong then cornered the question of letting Qin Yuhan go to his side for the New Year. When Qin Hai heard this, he was a bit dazed. But soon Qin Hai reacted, frowned slightly and said: "Your own meaning?" Li Dong hurriedly laughed: "My mom made a point of telling me several times before I came, saying that she missed Yu Han." This statement is obviously a pretext, Li Dong's mother and his own daughter have not seen several times, where to think. But Qin Hai still understood the meaning of the Li family, thought about it and said: "What do you think of yourself?" Li Dong smilingly said, "Of course I want Yu Han to go over, but grandparents are also on this side, I'm afraid that Uncle Qin you are not happy, or Uncle Qin you go together to our family New Year, this year our family is lively, we all eat New Year's Eve dinner together more lively." Qin Hai did not make a sound, but looked at Qin Yuhan next to him. In fact, Qin Yuhan himself is now a little dazed, just upstairs and before the phone, Li Dong did not say this. Now when she saw her father looking at her, Qin Yuhan blushed a little and then told Li Dong Dong: "Li Dong, let's forget it. Thank you for your kindness, why don't I go see auntie tomorrow, today I have agreed with my grandparents to set off fireworks together at night." As soon as the words left her mouth, Qin Yuhan's grandfather smiled and said, "Hanhan, go ahead and go. If you really want to see the fireworks, let Rui Rui accompany us later." It is said that people become sophisticated in their old age, Qin Yuhan's grandfather was able to raise a college student in those days, obviously not a fool. The oldest son is now the president of a large group, and who doesn't know that his oldest son has made his mark over there in his hometown. And his granddaughter is still a student of Beijing University, that is even more sensational. Although the old man understands that his son and granddaughter are not mercenary people, but the young man in front of him can be seen by the eldest son's family, and also polite at all like treating door-to-door son-in-law, this is interesting. The eldest son now has a high status, and his vision is naturally not low. Even if it is not mercenary, but Qin Yuhan is his only daughter, can not just come to a person, the two families are so polite it. A little thought, the old man knew that the young man in front of him must have something to make people look at. If this is the case, the old man does not mind giving a push. Just after he finished, Yang Yun, who came out from the kitchen, said, "Yu Han, since Li Dong has said that your Aunt Cao misses you, you should go over and see your Uncle Li and Aunt Cao." Yang Yun is now eager to let her daughter see Li Dong's parents, this is not the time to be pretentious. Although it seems a bit unreserved to just let her daughter go, Yang Yun doesn't care about that. Li Dong and Shen Xi's relationship is now a thorn in her throat. Although Yang Yun's heart is not happy, but Li Dong's side she can not manage, since this is the case, it can only be settled before it is too late. It is not that she is thinking of climbing the rich and famous, nor is it that her daughter can't get married. But since her daughter met Li Dong, it is destiny. The mother wants her daughter to find a good man to marry, Li Dong is considered a good man? At least in Yang Yun's opinion, Li Dong everything is good, what conditions are excellent, the only little flaw is probably Shen Xi's side. But although the two are somewhat unclear, after all, Li Dong is not married now, and not in what formal occasions and Shen Xi hooked up. Putting aside this point of Shen Xi, Li Dong is definitely the golden tortoise son-in-law in the eyes of everyone. And Yang Yun also has enough confidence in her daughter, her daughter is not stupid, as long as they meet their parents, their daughter can definitely put Li Dong in charge of the proper. Since this is the case, there is no need to be polite at this time. Before the Li family side has not taken a stand, Yang Yun will not let her daughter rush to the door to offer attentiveness, but now since the Li family themselves took the initiative to mention it, then she has to pay attention. Seeing that her mother and grandfather agreed, and her father did not object, Qin Yuhan slightly pondered for a moment and then blushed and said, "Then I will go and see my aunt and uncle." Li Dong saw her blush and couldn't help but let out a laugh. Qin Yuhan glared at him and got up and said, "Then I'll go into my room and clean up." When Qin Yuhan entered the room, Yang Yun also followed into the room, obviously to admonish something. The lunch was eaten in the Qin family, and the atmosphere was quite good. Although Qin Yuhan's second aunt was a little unhappy, but did not show it. Now the second oldest and Qin Hai's own family did not speak out, she an outsider can still say anything. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The director of the Far Eastern Group, this identity is not ordinary, plus or subsidiary of the old president, between the fingers of the casual ** oil and water will be able to make their family a rich and noble. …… Li Dong how to come, and finally how to go back. When he came to carry a large number of small bags, back when Yang Yun prepared more. In his own home, Li Dong can still refute, but in the Qin family, he can only obediently obey. The two of them carried a big bag of things downstairs, Li Dong said with a helpless face: "You come and go, things are still these things, put at home may not be eaten, this is not a torment me well." Qin Yuhan said with amusement: "This is called human interaction, thousands of years of Chinese etiquette, so you should not complain." Li Dong lamented, "Yes, it's been done for thousands of years, our old ancestors were really polite." "Pfft!" Qin Yuhan laughed, did not pay attention to him, helped to put things away, followed Li Dong into the car. The first half of the road, the two people talking and laughing, but also can not see the abnormal.