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Chapter 651 - The first meeting of the opening yea

  Happiness, sometimes it is so simple. But after happiness, always inevitably annoying and distressing. When Li Dong sent Qin Yuhan back, Cao Fang followed him and rambled all night. Throughout the night, Li Dong remembered two words. "Marry, grandson!" This grandson is not a curse, it is a product of old mom's demons after she went crazy thinking about her grandson. Li Dong is hard to understand the old mother's thinking, he is only in his early twenties this year, and Cao Fang is only in her forties, not even fifty. Where the hell did she get the obsession? The depth of Mom's obsession, so that Li Dong can only be attributed to the arrival of menopause, this time to discourage ineffective, reasoning is also ineffective. In the end, Li Dong could only choose to escape. He picked up the phone and began to pay his respects to people, classmates, teachers, friends, colleagues …… As long as he had the phone number, Li Dong was playing. When many people received Li Dong's phone, they were a bit incredulous, followed by happiness and excitement. Li Dong while politely exchanging pleasantries, while staring at the reaction of his mother. When he saw that his mother stood by his side for a while and went to Li Chengyuan to complain with some boredom, Li Dong was finally relieved. From a distance, Li Dong saw the sultry eyes of his dad. But at this time Li Dong can not care to save Dad from the fire, it is easy to beat away the mother, Dad himself to seek their own good fortune. The night of the New Year, in the sound of Li Dong's phone, Mom's nagging voice slowly passed. …… the first day of the New Year. The new year began, Li Dong's idle days have passed. In fact, he has not been idle, after Yuan Chengdao took over as group president, in addition to the first few days Li Dong leisurely, the latter he has been busy. Early in the morning, many senior executives of the group came to the door to pay their respects to Li Dong. Except for Qin Hai, almost all the top management of the company were there, even Shen Xi was no exception. More than ten people came at once, and the living room of Li Dong's house almost couldn't sit down. It was hard to entertain them all and just after exchanging a few pleasantries, Yuan Chengdao said, "Mr. Li, I would like to hold a board meeting tomorrow, what do you think?" "Tomorrow?" Li Dong was a little surprised, "So early? Tomorrow is only the second day of the year ……" "I know it's a little early." Yuan Chengdao said somewhat helplessly: "But this year the time is too tight, ordinary employees can still rest a few days, we really can not. Soon we will enter the month of March, Mr. Li have you forgotten what we have to do in March?" "Bonds?" "This is the one hand, in March, several payments are due on the Dongyu side, and now there is a big funding gap, so this cannot be delayed. Let's hold a meeting as soon as possible to lay out the tasks, the capital side still has to send someone to preside over the big picture, or the capital will drag on, we'll be in big trouble." Last year, Dongyu real estate side, almost accumulated a four billion dollar shortfall. And some time ago, Eastwood continued to sell houses, the performance is quite good, a total of about one billion funds raised. But even with a billion, there is still a gap of three billion. The bank loan side is talking, although the construction bank promised to be quite painful, but the key is to give the amount is not high. The rest of the money, in Yuan Chengdao's view, can only rely on bonds at the moment. And these need time, this year Yuan Chengdao lived some tasteless, if not for concern for everyone's feelings, he really want to start today on the official work forget. Seeing his eager face, Li Dong thought about it and nodded: "Then you can ask the director's office to notify, and hold a meeting tomorrow." Seeing Li Dong agree, Yuan Chengdao was relieved. The next brief report on some company matters, because tomorrow will meet, Yuan Chengdao also did not say much, and soon led the crowd to leave. Shen Xi also followed along, Li Dong sent them to the downstairs. When the others got into the car, Li Dong said to Shen Xi: "Why don't you sit down for a while?" Shen Xi glanced at him and said with a smile, "I won't give you any trouble, and save everyone from gossiping." Li Dong said sarcastically, "That's what I said, what kind of mess can I make by sitting for a while." "Heh." "Don't heh ah, chat properly." "Heh!" Li Dong a black line, some helplessly said: "Come on, with you can not continue to chat." Shen Xi grunted: "Of course you can't chat with me, there are plenty of people to chat with you anyway." Li Dong suspected that she probably knew that Qin Yuhan in his home for the New Year, some head Avenue: "New Year's Eve, talk about happy things into it, what angry ah." "I'm not angry." "Still say no? The face is almost a donkey face." Shen Xi glared at him and said, "Don't gag with me, I'm not going to bother with you about this. But I have to remind you, some things I do not care does not mean that I agree, anyway, you look after yourself."