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Chapter 652: Sensibility and Reason

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. The company has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, for large chains, it is still not cost-effective to join. Small and medium-sized enterprises, choose to join, on the one hand, to expand their influence, on the other hand, to earn a fortune. For them, the brand this thing is still a little far away. And really value the brand of large enterprises, is not quite like to do franchising. On the one hand, the supervision is very troublesome, a regulatory error may bring a great adverse impact on the enterprise, on the other hand, is chaos. Franchise because of the different sizes, it is difficult to do unified planning. Large groups do chain, sometimes look at not only the number of stores, but also the overall planning and distribution impact of each store. In the previous life, the city industry to do a lot of franchises, like Sogo, RT, Hualian these large cities have done. Can do after a period of time, these companies are now the drawbacks. Soon, franchises around the world have been withdrawn from the license, and finally left only a few convenience stores are still allowed to join, on the scale of the franchise is almost non-existent. Not only is the city industry, other industries are the same. Like the courier industry, Shunfeng, when there was a period of rapid expansion, looking for people to join, but finally Wang Wei almost capsized in the gutter because of this. If it is not later he re-take over the Shunfeng, fast and furious, will be around the franchise kicked out of the Shunfeng, there is no later Shunfeng are difficult to say. Now Yuan Chengdao in order to save money, want to open the franchise mode, Li Dong will not just agree. See Li Dong directly refused, Yuan Chengdao some reluctantly said: "Mr. Li, there are actually many benefits of franchising, some large foreign chains ……" Yuan Chengdao crackled a lot of benefits, but also gave many examples. Li Dong also did not interrupt, waiting for him to finish before saying lightly: "Foreign is foreign, domestic is domestic, the market is not the same." "There's no need to talk about joining, I won't agree." Yuan Chengdao frowned and thought for a moment, "Mr. Li, why don't we ask everyone's opinion?" Since a board of directors had been established, it seemed to Yuan Chengdao that Li Dong should not be allowed to dictate alone at this time. If Li Dong continued to be dictatorial, would it be necessary to set up a board of directors? Moreover, when Li Dong asked him to take over as president before, he also stated that the power would be delegated. Now Li Dong directly vetoed his own proposal, Yuan Chengdao had to hit the idea to the board of directors. Hearing him say so, Li Dong did not fire, smiled lightly and said, "Then everyone say their opinions, speak freely, if everyone agrees, I will consider it." The others looked at each other and did not rush to make a sound. Li Dong saw this and laughed: "General Sun, you know this piece of the city best, you speak first." Sun Tao coughed lightly, looked at Yuan Chengdao, thought about it and said, "There are disadvantages and advantages of franchising, in fact, if Yuan said that the territory of Jiangbei, or the territory of southern Jiangsu implementation of the franchise policy, I actually agree. These two provinces, we have a lot of self-operated stores, appropriate to join some small stores as an extension of our business, is conducive to enhance our overall competitiveness. And because it is right under our nose, supervision is also convenient. But in E province and mountain city, to be honest, we have no influence there, not to mention whether others are willing to join. Even if they are willing, we are too long to reach. Supervision requires a lot of manpower, not to mention that even if there is a problem, it is easy to muddle through. Even in the end, the other party is likely to turn against us, completely out of our system, which is possible. Therefore, I think it is not suitable to implement the franchise policy in the mountain city side of E province." After Sun Tao's side finished, Li Dong looked at Qin Hai: "General Qin, what is your opinion?" Qin Hai shook his head and said, "I don't know much about the city business, so I won't take a position on this, but since Mr. Sun said so, I think it's still somewhat reasonable." "What about Mr. Shen?" Shen Xi did not raise his head, said casually: "Definitely not, this I think Mr. Yuan or think about it again." A series of three people asked, Li Dong did not continue to ask, but looked at Yuan Chengdao. Yuan Chengdao's face did not look too good, and when he saw Li Dong looking over, he sighed softly and said, "Since everyone thinks so, I'll think about it again. But Mr. Li, since we can't join, we can only expand ourselves, do you think we should delay the time and wait for the second half of the year when we have stabilized the situation?" "Just the first half, the second half is too late." "But the first half of our side ……" Li Dong frowned and interrupted: "Mr. Yuan, this matter has been decided before, it is meaningless to discuss back and forth now. Since I said the first half of the year, there must be my reasons." Yuan Chengdao exhaled, and finally said nothing more. Next, the people discussed a little bit of other things separately, Yuan Chengdao finally announced the meeting was adjourned, before the people got up and prepared to leave. Seeing that Li Dong was about to leave, Yuan Chengdao shouted, "Mr. Li, I still have something I want to talk to you about." Li Dong stopped in his tracks and waited for everyone else to leave before Li Dong smiled and said, "What is it?" Yuan Chengdao took out a document from his folder and handed it to Li Dong, "Mr. Li, please take a look first." Li Dong took a look at it and looked up at Yuan Chengdao, who did not change his face and nodded slightly towards him. Li Dong didn't say anything and looked at the document with his head down for a while. This is a new program on staff assessment, if it was just a simple staff assessment, Yuan Chengdao did not need to let Li Dong look at it deliberately. But this program involves not only ordinary employees and low and middle management, which even includes the group's various senior management. This senior, referring to Shen Xi and Sun Tao these people, including Yuan Chengdao himself. Of course, Li Dong is not included. Yuan Chengdao will not be brainless enough to test Li Dong, it is difficult to kick Li Dong out of the game? Li Dong looked for a while, focusing on the appraisal program for the executives. When finished reading the document, time has passed a little half an hour. Li Dong did not rush to say opinions, but asked: "This is what you came up with?" Yuan Chengdao shook his head and said, "This is the new program made by the personnel side, but I added some suggestions in it, including the assessment of the board members. And the specific program, I have consulted some domestic and foreign well-known hR, including some of my senior brothers and sisters. At this stage, Yuanfang is in the stage of exhibition and transformation, and the existing management system is very disorganized. Human resources are duplicated and management is disorganized. All these need to be changed. The bottom staff needs to be changed, and the top management also needs to be changed. Especially the top of this piece, because the early stage of our manpower shortage, many senior although are the company's oldest, but the ability gradually some can not keep up. Not that we tear down the bridge, but the company is the company, feelings are feelings. The capable, the mediocre, which is every enterprise wants to grow are going to appear the pain. In order to let capable talents see hope, in order to let them see the company's prospects and fairness, so I think it is necessary to treat everyone equally.