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Chapter 653 - The First Bomb of the New Year

  After discussing a few words with Shen Xi about Yuan Chengdao, Li Dong didn't talk about business matters anymore. After chatting for a few minutes, Li Dong asked, "How is the renovation of the provincial party committee compound?" "Almost there, and then dissipate the smell." "Can you move in at the end of this month?" Shen Xi wondered, "What's the hurry?" Li Dong said casually: "Did not we say before, to Xiao Yu and stone to change schools. At the end of the month to move in, just in time to enroll in school." Hearing Li Dong talk about the two girls, Shen Xi some hesitation, thought before saying, "You are really prepared to leave these two girls around to raise?" Li Dong frowned at her and did not make a sound. Shen Xi said softly: "You do not look at me like that, I do not mean that. But you are a young unmarried man, raising two little girls around, inconvenient. You don't have time to take care of yourself, not to mention the impact of the word out is also bad. In fact, according to my idea, find a rich family for the two girls, maybe it is better for them. You can give them material needs, can you give them feelings and affection? You think about it, other than to say, this little half year, you went to see them a few times? Li Dong, sometimes kindness is a good thing, but you make decisions in such a hot-headed way, many times not only to their own trouble, maybe also hurt others may not be." Li Dong frowned, after a while before saying, "This matter will be discussed later. Let's wait for two years, I will first cure the little stone's disease, then they are also a little older, a little more mature psychologically, I will ask their own opinions." Shen Xi heard these words and knew that this guy was perfunctory, wait two years? Wait two years we have feelings, you still want to let others to adopt these two children? But some things point a line on the line, and then continue to let Li Dong complained. Shen Xi did not mention this stubble again, picking up the previous topic: "really urgent, the end of the month to move into the line. Decoration materials used are the best, many are pure natural materials, disperse a few days of smell on almost. The other two girls go to school, I'll help you get it done later, so you don't forget." "Okay, then thanks a lot." "Why are you polite with me? By the way, what about yourself? Move in too?" Li Dong stroked his chin and thought for a while before saying, "It depends, I'll probably move in. Now my grandmother and uncle are at home, my cousin will have to get married next, and recently people are coming and going, there is not enough room to live, I will pack some clothes and move in." Shen Xi heard that he was also moving in, immediately laughed: "Then let's take the time to buy some furniture and decorations and so on to set up?" "Let Chen Ke do this, I have a lot of things to do lately." "No need for Chen Ke, you are busy with your own, I will help you buy." Li Dong glanced at her, saw her leap forward and said with amusement, "Just be happy with yourself, but next you have to be busy on your side too, do you have time to get this?" "No problem!" "Then feel free." Li Dong said got up and said, "I still have things to deal with on my side, let's not chat first, hurry up." Once she saw that Li Dong was leaving, Shen Xi couldn't help but say sullenly, "Going to see Qin Yuhan?" Li Dong helplessly said, "You are getting smaller and smaller, Yu Han accompanied Aunt Yang to pay New Year's visit to the seven aunts and eight aunts, people are not in Pingchuan, where to see?" "I went to the green side to see, the association 28th will have to hang, which is not a few days. That day I also have to talk with Zhang Jindong about the agreement, but also have to invite many important people, I do not go to see I do not feel safe." As soon as she heard that Li Dong was not going to see Qin Yuhan, Shen Xi immediately resumed her smile. Then she smiled and said, "Then I'll accompany you to the Greenland Building?" The association was listed and always needed a place to work. Xu Shengzhe these people are willing to provide office space for free, but Li Dong will not save this small amount of money to put the association under the noses of others. It just so happens that after the acquisition of Greenland by Dongyu, part of the duplicate departments were abolished, and part of the Greenland staff was relocated to the Far East Building, which is now empty on several floors. Idle is also idle, and Li Dong is not ready to rent, just use it to the Association as office space. So not only can they completely control the association, outsiders also feel that the association is upscale enough formal. Shen Xi had to go, Li Dong also did not stop. Now there are not many things in the company, more things are the city and the real estate side, the mall is not too much, Shen Xi is not busy, go on it. …… busy in the busy, the New Year's Eve will be so past. After the eighth day of the New Year, the work of the work, the flavor of the year is gradually dissipated. The time of Cao Feng's wedding was also set in a few days when Lin Meng's parents rushed to Pingchuan, married on the 16th day of the first month. The reason for picking this day, and Li Dong is also a bit related. He was busy during this time, Cao Feng and Lin Meng know, this time they married, Li Dong may not have time to attend. But Li Dong is the Cao family's side of the most powerful people, if he does not have time, then the wedding has to be less a large part of the prestige. People, more than 90% of people only have such a wedding once in their lives. If the family does not have such a big name as Li Dong also forget, since there is, the relationship is still good, Cao Feng and Lin Meng naturally want to scenery once. Li Dong does not care about the small minds of the young couple, in fact, even if the wedding is scheduled for the sixth and eighth day, he is busy again will also go to participate. Cao Feng, the cousin gave him a good impression, before in the city to do a conscientious job, but also never take their relationship with Li Dong said. Later let him and Wang Jie to manage the stock that pile of things, Cao Feng although know nothing, but also did not say two words, but also often find time to learn about the stock knowledge, sometimes also and Tang Kuan they ask for advice. Half a year down, a layman now speculation stock terms said Li Dong are confused. Plus or his cousin, Li Dong how will also take care of one or two. Of course, this is also Cao Feng himself hard enough. Otherwise, all with Li Nanming guy to learn, Li Dong is not bothered to care about them dead or alive. Although he is not in Qingyang, but for the current Li Dong, he just want to know something, it is not too easy, there are people willing to help him inquire. Since the last incident with the pseudo brother-in-law, Li Dong had someone check out Li Nanming. The guy, as always, is no good, taking advantage of Li Dong's name to take over several projects in Qingyang. Originally to just this, Li Dong also did not want to say anything, borrow a name on the borrow it, as long as you do not jerry-built to their own embarrassment on the line. Who knows, then a check, good guys, Li Dong was only one thought, this guy loves to die, he will never care about him. Li Nanming took over the project, actually did not let their own engineering team to do, turn around and contracted to a third party! And his own hands under the group of people to go to what? To do the demolition!