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Chapter 654: A legend meets a legend

  8:00 pm. The entrance of Far Far Away Mansion campus. When a line of three cars stopped at the entrance of the building, Yuan Chengdao led several people with Zhang Mingduo and hurriedly welcomed them. Li Dong and Shen Xi stood still, waiting for the end of the pleasantries not far away. It didn't take long for Yuan Chengdao to lead Zhang Jindong's group over. Zhang Jindong just forty-four years old this year, not too old, walking is also a dragon walk, as if always busy. As soon as he approached, Li Dong reached out and said with a big smile: "Zhang Dong, hoping for the stars and the moon, but finally you have come!" Zhang Jindong did not extend his hand, but fixed his eyes on him, after about a few seconds, Zhang Jindong suddenly laughed: "Little brother, the photo is not clear, just now I did not dare to recognize, you know why?" Li Dong did not feel the least bit embarrassed, naturally put down his hand, smiled and answered, "Why?" "Too young! A hundred hearings is better than seeing, seeing you, I suddenly feel that my old bones are still fighting for what." Zhang Jindong laughed loudly and said he didn't shake hands with Li Dong, but gave him a hug first, then laughed and said, "Shaking hands doesn't show our friendship, as they say, when old folks see old folks, their eyes are full of tears! Today is a big event, let's not shed tears, hug for a souvenir!" Li Dong laughed at the words, and the others on both sides also followed. Although Li Dong and Zhang Jindong only had telephone contact, but the two are not rusty, chatting a few sentences Zhang Jindong said: "pleasantries wait for us to talk tonight, tonight I have to talk with my little brother to a long time. Now we still discuss cooperation matters, Wal-Mart today is a big gun, people foreign companies took the lead in pulling up the curtain, we can't lag behind is not!" "This is the truth, then I will not be polite, Zhang Dong, let's talk in the door." "Look, I have called you little brother, you still call me Zhang Dong? Called brother Zhang also okay, if you do not mind me taking advantage of you, call me uncle Zhang is also no problem." The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched and laughed bitterly, "Come on, let's call him Brother Zhang, so as not to shout you old." "Hahahaha, that's true, I'm still young, still ready to retire for another thirty years." Zhang Jindong again a burst of laughter, and Zhang Jindong's first contact, Li Dong's biggest impression is that this person loves to laugh. In his previous life, Zhang Jindong was too far away from him, and Li Dong did not know much about these legendary figures. Most of the news came from the Internet, and there was only a vague impression of these people. He used to think that these people must be silent, immovable as a mountain kind. When he gradually came into contact with these legends, Li Dong knew that everyone was the same, no one had more than a pair of eyes and a few noses. Of course, this is also related to Li Dong's current identity. The head of the distant, we are all standing in a level of characters, meet and their equivalent, this time take the pinch to do rather than let people look at the joke, it is better to face the true nature. Just like before Xu Shengzhe and Li Dong, is also the case. Xu Shengzhe received others, no matter what the status of the other party, can always do to welcome people with a smile, never get angry, the absolute fluttering son. But and Li Dong contact for a period of time, this guy foul-mouthed time not too much. Now Zhang Jindong is also the same, even if the two sides do not cooperate, see Li Dong he did not have to pinch anything. The hero does not ask the origin, the same, the hero also does not ask the age. Li Dong's young age is nothing, young age means that the potential is large, and this kind of people to make friends is the long-term way. To put it mildly, if you meet an old man like Xu Jianghua, Zhang Jindong is not interested in calling him brother. Both of them laughed for a while, and then they walked towards the Yuanfang Building. The two companies' entourage, behind them, also followed. …… conference room. When both sides were seated, Zhang Jindong didn't let anyone else speak, but said straightforwardly himself, "Little brother, are you serious about the promise you said before?" Li Dong knew what he said about the betting agreement, his face solemnly said, "Seriously!" "You are so confident?" Zhang Jindong laughed: "No longer think about it? Once it fails ……" "There is no failure!" Li Dong interrupted: "In my eyes, there is only success! If it really fails, it will also be my success, which means that Suning is not the best partner for Yuanfang, at that time I will give up the cooperation with Suning, and instead look for companies that can move forward hand in hand with Yuanfang!" Zhang Jindong froze for a moment, then laughed out loud and said, "Good! Very good!" "Only I, Zhang Jindong, have always underestimated others, but I never thought I would be underestimated by you today! You've woken me up with this slap, if you're not afraid, what am I afraid of? They say I'm a ten-thousand-year old man, it seems that this old Huang guy has really bullied me so much that even the courage to rise up and fight has dissipated!" "In that case, then I will not hide it. This cooperation, generally according to our program, but there are a few points, I want to change a change!" Li Dong nodded and said, "You say." "First, the three years in the betting agreement to five years, three years I am not very sure, within five years, I will be sure to cut off the old Huang!" Although Zhang Jindong seems to be joking, but in fact these words are said with a murderous spirit. As for the relaxation of the time limit, it is not to give concessions to Li Dong or what to step down, there is no need for this. The reason for changing three years to five years, as he himself said, three years layout time is too short, if seize three years not to release, both sides may lead to some strategic mistakes because of the rush. Relax the time to five years, so that everyone has a buffer time. In fact, at this point, what we really value is the success of the cooperation, and the betting agreement is just a final guarantee. Li Dong and Zhang Jindong are actually of one mind, the agreement does not need to be taken seriously, more than a billion of gains and losses is not their ultimate goal. Beijing and Tianjin markets, the market in North China, these markets are what they want. Once they can get a firm foothold in North China, the next few years, the benefits are not a billion or so can be measured. After Zhang Jindong finished, Li Dong nodded and said, "Yes!" "Second, the cooperation between Yuanfang and Suning, I hope it's not just limited to offline." Li Dong frowned: "You mean online, B2C mall?" Zhang Jindong nodded and said, "Good!" Li Dong but shook his head and said, "Cooperation can be, but Suning is not enough to qualify!" Once Li Dong said this, Suning's face was a bit unsightly. Suning is not qualified? How dare you say that! Li Dong is regardless of them, said in a deep voice: "Suning's electrical mall, before only in Jinling spread. 06 December in the capital, Shanghai, these large and medium-sized cities online sales, the influence is too small. Far Eastern Mall, the second half of last year has opened up the national market, registered users more than ten million people! Offline cooperation, you and I are zero start, but online, unless you come up with conditions that can impress me, otherwise online cooperation is not helpful to Far Eastern."