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Chapter 655 - Establishment of the Association

  February 28th. The sunshine finally came to Pingchuan, which had been gloomy for several days. Greenland Building. The red carpet was paved and firecrackers were fired. When Li Dong and Hu Ming, these people picked up the scissors to cut the short silk, the crowd could not help but let out a good laugh. After laughing for a while, Xu Shengzhe said, "In the future, you can't call Li Dong, nor can you call Li President, you have to call the President." The others laughed at his words, and Chang Yuanshan, who was standing in the middle, smiled and said, "This is good, I actually hope that the association can have more people, more people who need more help. We can help each other, not only is what you want, but also the result that our government wants to see. President Li, I am looking forward to the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association to continue to grow in your hands and carry forward the fine style of our Jiangbei entrepreneurs." Li Dong smiled and nodded, and hurriedly said, "Then we still need Chang Province to give us more care before we can do so." "Hahaha, you don't need to say this, as long as you need, you can come to me anytime. Let the enterprises of Jiangbei go out, let the elites of Jiangbei go out, this is a scene that all of us are happy to see." Chang Yuanshan's tone was sincere, his attitude was kind, and he could not see any difference at all. Li Dong does not dare to take it seriously, this old fox may not know how to curse himself in his heart now. The previous incident is not to mention, two days ago, Liu Long side also politely through the middleman to Li Dong delivered a message, hoping to join the association. But Li Dong did not even think about it and rejected it directly, using the excuse that it was just an association for the self-indulgence of the people of Jiangbei. If that was all, Liu Long and Chang Yuanshan would not have seen any dissatisfaction. But when the membership list is exposed today, Liu Long is afraid that he will be angry and curse. The promised association of Jiangbei people? Today's membership of more than twenty companies, but really belong to the Jiangbei people's enterprises on ten or so, of which there are at least seven or eight to not ancestral Jiangbei, or simply not Jiangbei people, just the business in Jiangbei. They can join the club, why can't Tang Long Group join the club? Of course, Liu Long how to curse Li Dong also do not care, he just do not give him membership and what can be. Want to use their own hands to open up the network of contacts in Jiangbei, Liu Long also dare to think. For this association, Li Dong himself spent a lot of time and network resources, not to mention that Hu Ming these people are contributing. We can not easily build a network, how will be willing to let others come in to share the pie. Now more than 20 companies are enrolled, they are carefully selected, for this, Li Dong also rejected a lot of Hu Ming their recommended candidates. As a result, Li Dong offended people not to mention, Hu Ming, Ji Yuanzhong these people are also a bit shameless. This time let Liu Long come in, this is not their own face well. Did not think about these messy things, and so Chang Yuanshan in the crowd of people invited the following table to give a speech, Li Dong also went on stage to read out the association's constitution. In fact, the constitution is just the same, what unity and love, mutual help, these are actually empty words. Everyone is gathered together for the benefit of each other, now there is no common front, only wait for a long time, we are familiar with, understand each other, then the people will look at friendship, look at the prospects. When finished with the charter, Li Dong is not in a hurry to get off the stage. Today he invited a lot of media reporters, a pause, Li Dong only slowly said, "Next I also have something I want to take this opportunity to announce today." Once he said this, many people looked at Zhang Jindong next to him. Li Dong said to cooperate with Suning is not a day, when the annual meeting last year, Li Dong said. At that time everyone knew that the two hooked up, today Zhang Jindong came to participate in the hanging ceremony, but also served as the association's vice president, the crowd probably guessed that the two fears have fully reached an agreement. Now Li Dong said to announce things, the crowd naturally the first time to think of this. As expected, in everyone's speculation, Li Dong slowly said: "Far Eastern Group has now reached a strategic cooperation with Suning, the two sides will jointly contribute five billion, the next three years to North China's industrial layout and upgrade ……" Next, Li Dong and briefly revealed Next, Li Dong briefly revealed some cooperation content, such as the expected investment in the construction of how many stores, how much profit in the next few years …… Waiting for him to finish his words, Zhang Jindong also walked over. The two shook hands, then Zhang Jindong took over the microphone and said: "Suning and Yuanfang's cooperation is just the beginning, the next few years, we may reach more aspects of the two sides, more industrial cooperation. Cooperation project funds should exceed ten billion. The reason why we chose to announce it today is also to add to the establishment of the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association. The reason why Mr. Li and I met and cooperated with each other is due to the Jiangbei Mutual Association. Without the Association, Mr. Li and I would not have met, and without the Association, Suning and Yuanfang would not have reached cooperation. Now, Suning and Yuanfang have reached cooperation, we have to thank President Li for providing us with this platform and the opportunity to work together ……" Zhang Jindong spoke eloquently on the stage, and the association members next to him were all excited. Ji Yuanzhong asked Hu Ming in a somewhat incredulous whisper, "Did President Li and President Zhang really meet only when the association was established?"