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Chapter 656 I also set a small goal!

  The reporters asked some more questions, Li Dong answered in the regulation щww……lā According to reason, today's explosive enough, the reporters should also be satisfied with the right. But Jiangbei's reporters just feel a little twisted, always feel where some wrong. Wait a while, we finally reacted, not right ah! They are accustomed to Li Dong cannon, and now Li Dong does not release the cannon, no wonder it feels a little wrong. Thinking of this immediately a reporter asked: "General Li, do you think this cooperation between Yuanfang and Suning can beat the two American alliance?" "Two America Alliance?" "It is the joint effort of Gome and Wumei." Li Dong bristled and said, "Who told you that Gome and Wumei have joined hands?" The reporter who asked the question laughed: "Everyone said so, we also think the possibility is very high. Mr. Li, let's not worry about whether they join hands or not. Do you think Yuanfang can achieve strategic success in entering the North China market this time?" Li Dong glanced at him and said with amusement, "So you have to force me to blow off some steam, right?" The crowd laughed at his words. The reporter who asked the question boasted: "Mr. Li's words are not in line with your style, how is it bragging. Most of what you said before didn't work out? You are different from others, others may not be able to do what they say, but you can definitely do what you say." Li Dong laughed and said, "Come on, just because you say that, today that I really have to blow a few lines to do!" The crowd could not help but laugh, even Zhang Jindong next to him could not help but laugh. Li Dong said bragging, but did not really dare to brag indiscriminately. Slightly pensive for a moment, Li Dong said: "Since Yuanfang and Suning entered the North China market, it is certainly the hope of success. Suning's goal is Gomez, after all, Mr. Huang has been riding on Mr. Zhang's head for a long time, this time at least have to resist once, you say it, right? Zhang's goal I will not help him set, anyway, it is the same thing. I'll talk about Yuanfang's side. Yuanfang's competitors are not only the Meiji, there are many chain cities in North China, and many famous foreign chain groups. I set a small goal for myself, to occupy 30% of the market in the department store industry in Beijing and Tianjin within three years." "Thirty percent of the market!" "A small goal?" "……" There was a clamor from the crowd, and then many people couldn't help but have black lines all over their faces. This is what you call low-profile? This is what you call a small goal? The people of Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association are full of helplessness, their own president how to see how are a little unreliable ah. Even Zhang Jindong can not help but look at Li Dong, see this guy does not look like a joke, can not help but cry and laugh. Originally Li Dong bet Suning can occupy more than fifty percent of the market in Beijing and Tianjin, Zhang Jindong already think this guy is crazy. I did not expect that he is actually more crazy! Fifty percent of the home appliance market, it sounds more than 30%, but in fact the opposite. Now the domestic home appliance chain industry, in the Beijing-Tianjin area in addition to the Gome a dominant, competitive home appliance companies are not many. The capital side to say a little stronger is probably Dazhong, but Suning is recently talking about the acquisition of Dazhong. Once the acquisition is successful, occupy the Beijing-Tianjin area fifty percent of the home appliance market is actually not finished. Even if the acquisition failed, fifty percent may be a bit difficult, but in Zhang Jindong's view, if they do not spare blood, thirty percent should be ten to nine. Of course, this is the home appliance chain. But the city department store? Far East now has zero geographical share in Beijing and Tianjin, and the local small and medium-sized cities in Beijing and Tianjin, not to mention. Just say that those larger enterprises with higher visibility. Thingsmart must be counted as one, then there is Home World, and then Jingkelong, these enterprises are also local enterprises, but has been considered a national well-known enterprises. And in addition to these local enterprises, in addition to a high market share in Beijing and Tianjin, there are Carrefour, RTG, these foreign or joint ventures. In addition is to have begun to enter the layout of North China Bailian Group, as well as the layout of North China's China Resources Group. Compared to a few home appliance chain, the city department store that is really a hundred families. Under such circumstances, Li Dong actually said that within three years to occupy more than 30% of the market in Beijing and Tianjin, this is not bragging is what? Thirty percent is what concept, small and medium-sized cities occupy the market share, even if not much, at least 10% more to have it. And Li Dong said thirty percent, which means that the other large chain groups, a total of only 60% of the market. He is not afraid that the wind will blow his tongue? Just about everyone is subdued, Li Dong smiled and said: "laugh, laugh, everyone wants me to say a few words, I'm not following your instructions. Besides, it is a goal, do not take it seriously, anyway, these days bragging and not taxed." He did not say okay, once said everyone more speechless. Seeing the reporters jaw dropped and forgot to ask questions, Li Dong laughed: "All right, that's it for today. Everyone can help me to promote the publicity, as the saying goes, the army and horses have not moved food first. Although the far side and Suning has not yet entered the field, but we help us to fight the fame is also very good, turn around if there is an effect, I will give everyone a big red packet." The crowd was once again amused, many people echoed: "Don't worry, Mr. Li, we can help you blow a wave tomorrow." "Then thank you all." Li Dong smiled and arched his hand, and then went straight off the stage. …… waited until the stage, Zhang Jindong could not help but say: "Little brother, you just said that you are serious?" Li Dong rightfully said, "Of course I'm serious. But old brother also do not take it too seriously, I have said, the goal is the goal, as to whether it can become, three years later who still remember this." "You ……" Zhang Jindong wanted to say a few words, but did not know what to say.