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Chapter 657: Fate always likes to bully the weak

  Provincial Hospital. When Li Dong got off the bus, he saw Fang Qingfei wandering in front of the hospital, lost in thought. When Li Dong took a few steps closer, Fang Qingfei was still wandering with her head down, not even noticing his arrival. Seeing this, Li Dong couldn't help but shout, "Teacher Fang!" Fang Qingfei abruptly raised her head, Li Dong and she looked at each other, startled, Fang Qingfei's eyes were bloodshot, filled with blood. At the sight of this, Li Dong just wanted to speak, Fang Qing Fei suddenly said, "Li Dong?" Seeing that she was dazed, Li Dong nodded and said, "It's me, I'm here. Are you okay?" "Me?" Fang Qingfei said in a daze, "I'm fine, you're here." "Well, I'm here." "You're here ……" Fang Qingfei mumbled, then tears dripped down. Li Dong was caught off guard and hurriedly said, "Don't cry first, what's going on? And you said on the phone that Wang Jia was hospitalized, what's going on?" "Yes, Jia Jia, Jia Jia is hospitalized." Fang Qingfei's whole body was on the verge of collapse, and only when Li Dong mentioned Wang Jia did Fang Qingfei come to her senses, and then she said hysterically, "Jia Jia is sick! Sick! Is God blind? Li Dong, do you think God is blind?" "Let him torture me! Come on!" "What's wrong with bullying a woman so hard? Did Jia Jia do something wrong? Why is it not enough to torture her all the time? Does God have to force her to die!" "I hate it! Why, why is it always like this …… ooooooooo ……" Fang Qingfei seemed to have found the object of her discharge, bawling and cursing while her face was full of indignation. Seeing her madness, Li Dong was a little worried about herself. For a while, when Fang Qingfei quieted down, Li Dong saw her sitting down directly in front of the hospital with her hands on her legs, and couldn't help but say: "Teacher Fang, wake up first. What is clear with me first, otherwise how can I help?" Fang Qingfei leaked out, as if she felt better. Looking up at Li Dong, Fang Qingfei wiped her eyes and showed a smile on her face that was worse than crying. Barely standing up, Fang Qingfei then choked and said, "I'm sorry for making you follow me in disgrace." Seeing that she was not as crazy as she was just now, Li Dong was relieved and said, "Don't be anxious first, anxious cannot solve the problem. You first tell me about Wang Jia, and also, where is Wang Jia now?" "Jia Jia, Jia Jia …… woo woo ……" Fang Qingfei could not help but cry again when she talked about Wang Jia. It is also in the hospital, if set aside in other places, would have been surrounded by people. After a while, Fang Qingfei choked: "Jia Jia is now in Icu, I haven't seen her for two days. Li Dong, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Originally I was not going to bother you, but I have no choice, I beg you, please save Jia Jia. In Jiangbei, the only person I can think of is you, please ……" Fang Qingfei choked up for a while, pulling Li Dong's hand and refused to let go. See her words are confused, half a day can not say anything, Li Dong some annoyance: "first do not cry! Say the point, how Wang Jia into Inetbsp; "I …… I do not know ……" "You do not know? " Fang Qingfei while crying: "I really do not know, the third day I went to see her, she has been unconscious. I sent her to the hospital, she has not been awake. The doctor said it was explosive liver failure, and the liver had to be replaced, but now the doctor said there was no liver source. And I'm really close to collapse, I don't have any money on me now, and the doctors are not prepared to save Jiajia. I can borrow friends have borrowed, my parents say I'm crazy, I'm also really crazy. I regret it! Again and again, I am not a saint, these two years I am so tired, really tired. Li Dong, forgive me for being selfish and cold-blooded, you have money, you save Jia Jia, okay? Really, please, I kowtow to you, okay? I am a cold-blooded animal, I can not save her, I do not want to save her ……" Fang Qingfei broke down like bawling, mouth while murmuring, while about to give Li Dong kowtow. Li Dong hastily pulled her back and said: "Fang Qingfei, crazy enough! I didn't say I wouldn't save people, can you fucking give me some sense, if you do this again I'm really leaving!" Fang Qingfei is not listening to anything at this time, the whole person is in a state of confusion. Li Dong was afraid that she really had a problem, and hurriedly waved behind him. Tan Yong came over with two people, Li Dong pulled Fang Qingfei towards the hospital while saying, "You guys go and ask what happened, this woman is now crazy, I'll take her to see a doctor." When things were arranged, Li Dong hurriedly took Fang Qingfei to find a doctor. …… tossed for a small half hour, Fang Qingfei finally subsided. It is not that she wants to stop, the doctor gave her a shot, want not to stop can not.