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Chapter 658: No. 1 in the country in terms of incr

  Fang Qingfei did not sleep until the next day and woke up that afternoon. The first time I heard the news, Li Dong rushed to the ward, and when Fang Qing Fei saw him enter, she hastily avoided the head. Li Dong laughed and said, "What are you hiding? It's not like you haven't seen it before." "Did not hide!" Fang Qingfei topped off, then hurriedly said, "You go out first, I'll go wash up!" "Now you know how to be beautiful, your pimply face is not unseen ……" "Go out!" Fang Qingfei was said by him to blush, annoyed shouted, and then used the quilt to cover his head up. Li Dong saw the situation and laughed, turned around and left the ward. After almost twenty minutes, Fang Qingfei opened the door with a calm face and said, "Come in." "Can't understand you women." Li Dong muttered, apparently feeling that her act of covering her ears was pointless. Fang Qingfei also ignored him, and when Li Dong entered the ward, Fang Qingfei asked, "You know about Jiajia, right?" "Well, I have communicated with the hospital, which is contacting the liver source and will be in place soon. Wang Jia's fever has gone down, but now her body is too weak, so she probably has to recuperate for a few more days before she can have a liver transplant." Li Dong said flatly, but Fang Qingfei's face changed again and again. Li Dong finished turning his head to look at her, saw that she did not speak, some strange said: "Still not awake?" Fang Qingfei shook her head, and only after a while did she say, "Only now do I understand what the privileged class is." "For the problem of liver source, I have looked for many doctors, also begged the hospital many times, and even entrusted people to find other hospitals, but they all said they had to queue and wait …… originally I thought it might be true that there was a lack of liver source, but you turned around and told me that you had gotten everything done, and even the operation time was set ……" Fang Qingfei lamented twice, then laughed: "I used to abhor the privileged class, but now I'm happy and glad to know you, a privileged class person." Li Dong laughed lightly: "The desire for absolute equality is a joke, and only little rookies like you in the ivory tower would think that society is a common society. In fact, the students think so because they have not experienced it. But you are at least a teacher, do not even have this understanding? President Huang has a car to take him out, do you have one? He was given a house of several hundred square meters, do you have it? Why do people have to struggle, why do they want to go higher, but not to distinguish themselves from ordinary people. Don't feel unfair, this class is also the efforts of others to get. In the past, I also felt unfair and angry. But now I take it for granted, not because I am on this side I say so, but now I know how much effort others have put in to succeed. Whether it's officialdom or the mall, the effort and price paid to become that small group of people is more than you can imagine." Fang Qingfei heard him say so and did not refute, just shook his head and said, "What you said is still too far away from me, let's not talk about that, this time again gave you trouble." "Nothing, it's just a handy thing." Li Dong laughed: "You should know that Yuanfang set up a charity fund not long ago, I spent so much money before and after, is it just an advertisement? Doing charity is the social responsibility of a company like Yuanfang, and helping others is also helping, and helping Wang Jia is also helping. The purpose of charity is to help people in distress, so it's not worth your attention." Fang Qingfei wanted to say something, but finally did not know what to say. Seeing that she was silent, Li Dong got up and said, "Since you are awake, I won't stay much longer. You should take a good rest in the next few days, you don't have to worry about Wang Jia's side. In addition, when Wang Jia wakes up, no need to mention me specifically, you women are small-minded, a little thing is always calculating. And when she wakes up, you spend more time with her, and I will help you and Dean Huang to say hello to the school and give you a few days off. That's it, when Wang Jia surgery if I have time I will come, no time I will not come." After saying these words Li Dong got up and left, when he went to the door, Fang Qingfei said softly, "Thank you." "Don't be polite, give me a call whenever you need something." Li Dong waved his hand with carelessness, then his figure disappeared outside the ward. …… hospital side Li Dong did not go again. Since everything has been arranged, there is no point in going again, he did not do all this to show merit. The company's main goal is to provide a platform for the development of the company's business. Ltd., the holding company of China Resources Group, formally signed an agreement to fully acquire the equity of Home World Chain City Co. As a result, from the sales calculation, the city business of China Resources Group jumped to the first in the country. And before the city business ranked first Bailian Group, slipped to the second place. China Resources mergers and acquisitions Home World Li Dong was expected, but some of his expectations is that this time, China Resources mergers and acquisitions time seems to have advanced some. As for the specific is not, Li Dong does not remember, anyway, he vaguely felt that China Resources this time rush to public news, should be influenced by Wal-Mart and their own. After all, the new year has just begun, the retail industry is constantly shaken, this time China Resources does not take some fierce material out, but also let people underestimate him. In addition, another freshly released ranking also makes a lot of people talk about. This is a just finished statistics of retail sales ranking, specifically by what organization statistics, Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to. But the list, Far Far Away City Limited, the first time to kill the top of the list. 2oo6 China's retail sales ranked 17th, the total annual cumulative sales of 12.2 billion, up 6oo% year-on-year, up to the first in the country. And last year at this time, although the Far Eastern City business into the top 100, but in fact the top 100 is really not enough to see. The top 100 in the retail industry, even the top 500 in China can not enter. However, this year, if there are no surprises, the second half of the statistics of the list of the top 500 enterprises, Far Eastern Group 100% can kill in. This is not the top 500 private enterprises, but the top 500 in China. The company's sales volume in 2005 was only 2 billion, which was only one step away from the top 500. o6, the city business alone reached 10 billion, plus the real estate company side, total sales can reach about 20 billion. With twenty billion in revenue, it may be able to kill the top 100 companies in one fell swoop. ……