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Chapter 660 Road Rage One

  Li Dong is not a god, can not do insight into world affairs. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Life in the world, not as good as things, ten often **. ……3 on the 4th. Pingchuan airport. Seeing a white Yuan Xue fluttering away, Li Dong suddenly thought of the ancient people often hanging on the mouth of the phrase: not as good as things often **, can be no two or three with the language people. At this moment, this situation, Li Dong really some sorrow on the upsurge. He broke his word. Again and again, and again and again broken promises, so that the relationship has been restored before Yuan Xue again full of disappointment. The promised return to Dongping, because of trivial drag, Li Dong failed to make the trip. The delayed, Yuan Xue's vacation finally came to an end. Until the day of departure, Li Dong only took a little time to send people. Yuan Xue's mood swings were not great, but when she was leaving, she told Li Dong that her application to stay in the United States had been approved. The reason for the change of heart is because of Li Dong's broken promise. The reason for the change of heart is that Li Dong has gone back on his word. This time Li Dong next to shake his head and said: "Ask what is love in this world, and teach people to live and die!" Li Dong sentimental emotions after hearing this sentence instantly dissipated a void, some amused look to the next pretend to be old, Chang Yue Yue, Li Dong lost his smile: "What do children know love love love, good to your school, less involved in adult matters." Chang Yueyue looked at him with a disgusted face and cooed, "A little kid? I'm 18 years old, how old are you? And I briefly analyzed, now you are a very low emotional intelligence, so I just make an exception to point out to you, do not understand the gratitude." "You point me out?" Li Dong pointed to himself, then said with amusement: "I have a low emotional intelligence?" Chang Yueyue sighed: "Generally people with low emotional intelligence will not admit that they have low emotional intelligence, this I understand. According to my many years of experience ……" "Go go go, also many years of experience, may I ask the old man this year, your germs?" Chang Yueyue snapped, "Do not use age to measure emotional intelligence, according to your performance, you are living to seventy years old, emotional intelligence is probably not as high as me." The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, full of black lines said: "Okay, you have a high emotional quotient, I have a low emotional quotient, I can't afford to piss you off, right. Let's go, go home, you go back or not?" "I'm serious, don't you be embarrassed to admit ……" Chang Yueyue had not finished, Li Dong has gone towards the parking lot. Chang Yueyue saw the situation and hurried to catch up, while walking and chattering: "Brother-in-law, your emotional quotient is really too low, how can you still be my brother-in-law if you go on like this. Why don't you give me some benefit fee, I'll teach you?" Li Dong turned a deaf ear and continued to go his own way. Chang Yueyue puffed her mouth somewhat reluctantly and said: "Cheapskate, not even give a benefit fee. Forget it, I'll give you a free instruction today. According to the normal logic of things, just my sister said to stay in the United States not to return, you should say I do not let you go right! Then my sister must be pretentious, and then you come to a domineering hug or kiss, my sister must have surrendered. But the result I waited a good half day, now you stupidly look at her go. How can you pick up girls with this emotional quotient, a little initiative is not well. Brother-in-law, you say yourself, your emotional intelligence is not very low? Also, I have said so much you are not listening? When my sister arrived in the United States, you should call and tell her that you do not allow her to stay in the United States, or else directly kill to find her. Anyway, you have money, do you still care about the return trip? Brother-in-law, do not go ah, wait for me ……"…… until the parking lot, Chang Yueyue still nagging. Li Dong said funny: "Okay, I have a low emotional intelligence, I am stupid, you are great. Say, want what benefit fee, I thank your old man for the mention!" Chang Yueyue sniffed a bit indignantly and said, "Do you think I said so much just for the benefit? Am I that kind of person?" "That's fine, I'll leave if you don't want the benefit." As soon as Li Dong finished speaking, Chang Yueyue hurriedly pulled him back and said playfully, "But if brother-in-law is willing to give some benefit fee, then I don't mind." "Say, what do you want?" "A motorcycle!" Chang Yueyue hurriedly said. Li Dong lost his smile and said, "I knew you were going to say this, but no way. Last time your sister said, not for you to drive a motorcycle. You girl is always hanging out with those out-of-tune friends, driving a motorcycle who dare to rest assured. This thing you will die, unless you still want me to send your family a truckload of toy dolls." Li Dong did not say okay, once said Chang Yueyue suddenly full of resentment: "Brother-in-law, you see how many good words I said for you and my sister? As a result, even this small wish you are not willing to meet me, but also send toys, and then send toys our family can not put! Besides, I'm an adult now, I have an ID card, you know? You also gave me a cloth doll, how embarrassing to spread out, the last time Yuan Yuan went to our house to see, almost did not laugh at me." Li Dong smilingly said: "People are jealous, how good the rag doll, the little girl should play this is right. Your sister said you are only in your third year of high school, or a child, you do not play with rag dolls at this age to play what? All day long to go to the bar, to go racing, dyed with the red hair of the human ghost, must show that you rebellious?" Chang Yueyue was he said, suddenly some indignation: "Who said that dyeing is rebellious, you are too old-fashioned old tradition! Besides, those people are my good friends, we go to the bar together to see the world, rarely go, okay, you people always like to be on the line. Forget it, I don't want the motorcycle, cheapskate, cheapskate!" The little girl puffed her tongue at Li Dong, and then turned and ran away with a smile. Seeing this, Li Dong shouted, "Where are you going? I'll take you back!" "No, I'll take a taxi back by myself!" "You are not safe alone, do not run, then run I let people catch you back believe it or not?" "……" Although Chang Yueyue was eager to fly solo, when several of Li Dong's bodyguards surrounded her, the little girl still obediently turned her head and walked back. Seeing her face depressed, Li Dong mood is a lot happier. Waiting for the car, Chang Yueyue's depression is quickly dissipated. This time, Li Dong came to the airport and drove the Bentley that had been placed in the Jinhu Park. As soon as Chang Yue Yue got into the car, she said excitedly, "Brother-in-law, you changed your car?" "This car is much better than that Maybach, Maybach drive out like an old man, brother-in-law should drive this car is right." "Brother-in-law, did you know that I got my driver's license over winter break?" "Brother-in-law, why don't I take you for a drive?" "Brother-in-law, my driving skills can be good, I help you drive, you don't get too tired." "……" the little girl has a sweet mouth, brother-in-law brother-in-law called non-stop. At first Li Dong can still hold up, and later was annoyed no way, plus he has not driven for a long time, and not too used to. Halfway through the drive, Li Dong slammed on the brakes and said with a helpless face, "You drive, but be careful, don't mess around." "Thank you brother-in-law!"