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Chapter 661 - The Great Strawman

  When Li Dong got off, the two people on the Porsche probably knew that they were in trouble, after all, the airbags were popped out. The young age does not mean that people are stupid, driving a Bentley, needless to say is also not short of money master. Seeing Li Dong cold face came over, the man with long bangs said sarcastically: "I just want to compare with you, after all, you were the first to overtake my car." The first sentence is an explanation, the back of the long bangs as if there is still some indignation, grunting: "Who asked you to drive so bad, I thought you could turn over." Li Dong stared at him and said, "First, the front overtaking is not me. Second, even if I had overtaken, I should not have violated the law, and even if I did, there are traffic police to deal with it. Third, you said you wanted to race before, I did not reply, obviously refused, you still pestered, you think you are justified? Fourth, when you learn to drive, did not the coach teach you not to drive fighting?" Long Liu Hai skimmed his mouth, apparently some disbelief. Seeing Li Dong staring at himself, long Liu Hai some impatience said: "I know, this time I admit it okay. The matter of compensation is not to say, look at you this look is not like lack of money, besides you are not injured, you say it, what do you want?" "Not what I want, and, by the way, you don't get to say whether you're hurt or not!" Long Liu Hai did not say anything, the young woman next to him was a little unhappy: "Almost on the line, driving a Bentley is great ah! It was you who first picked a fight, now you are fine, we also apologized, what else do you want?" "You apologized?" Li Dong stared at her and said coldly: "Why didn't I hear any apology? From the sound of your words, you still think you've been wronged, right?" The young woman said indignantly, "Didn't Chun Hu just say that he had conceded? Then what else do you want, for us to kneel down and apologize to you?" Li Dong stared at her for a while, and only after a long time did he faintly say, "What do you mean, a confession means an apology? Also, are you now thinking that I am pestering and unforgiving?" "Isn't it?" The young woman said indignantly. Li Dong even gasped and laughed, nodding, "Great! Now you young people's logic I can't figure out, but I don't want to figure it out either. My sister just hit her head, medical expenses and so on as you say, I do not lack the money, and do not want to make trouble with you for this money. Apologize, be sincere, think of not a big deal, plus you guys are young, this I can not bother with you!" "Say it like you're so old." Long Liu Hai muttered, probably not happy with Li Dong mouth young people. Li Dong said apologize, look at the attitude of long Liu Hai should be compromised. But the woman beside him was not happy: "Have said modesty, why still apologize! Besides, you are not okay? The Bentley is a bully? Bentley is great, my family does not have too many cars like this, what do you think!" Li Dong suddenly some three views upside down feeling. I bullying people? You do not follow the rules of driving, so I almost had an accident, I do not care with you, let you apologize, you tell me that I bully you? Especially the latter sentence, which is probably the reason why this woman is so strong. Bentley dare not say how awesome, but the cheapest also has to be several million, this woman said her family many such cars, either bragging, or not really rich. The bragging component should not be large, this second generation some times although the mouth, but generally not how to blow the atmosphere. Li Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled: "So I'm wrong, dare to ask the lady's surname, in addition if you do not mind, please also tell your father's name?" The young woman was a little uncomfortable by his smile, frowned and said: "You are the lady! Besides, you don't care what my name is!" Li Dong waved his hand behind him, and Tan Yong walked over in a hurry. Li Dong also did not say much, said indifferently: "Is this reason enough? I would like to ask the tutor how to do it if I know him. If you do not know, then I send you to the police station for a few days, do not think that the family to fish, do you believe that I send you in, Jiangbei not many people dare to fish you out?" Long bangs and young women look at each other, now even if the two really stupid, also know to mess with the strong man. The two of them are really stupid, but they know that they've got a strong man. The two looked at each other, the young woman puffed her mouth and did not say anything, long bangs although it seems to be a delinquent young man, but compared to the young woman is more than a point of understanding the time. Seeing Li Dong staring at them, long Liu Hai dry smile: "My name is Tang Chunhu, this is my girlfriend Hu Xiuzhu. I'm not from Jiangbei, just came from the capital side to Jiangbei not two days, Xiuzhu also have not returned to Jiangbei for some years, have eyes do not know Taishan, this big brother surname?" "Not from Jiangbei?" Li Dong looked at the two, frowned slightly: "Since they are not from Jiangbei, the first time to arrive, more should be low-key! Since you are so open, you must have some strength, and I don't care what strength you have in the end, apologize, I don't want to pursue more." "On what basis!" Long Liu Hai has not yet replied, the young woman once again could not help but say: "You say apologize and apologize ah! Chun Hu is not from Jiangbei, but I am! It's okay to scare others with bodyguards, don't scare me! My uncle is the chairman of Nanrui Group, my aunt is the chairman of Tengxiang Group, you send me to the police station try!" "Nanrui?"