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Chapter 662 - House warming wine

  The two Hu Xiuzhu's matter, Li Dong quickly cast aside…… The fastest update March 5 is the day of Cao Feng's wedding, Cao Feng, although they are not prepared to make a big deal, Li Dong is not prepared to be overly publicized, but also can not be hastily done. Especially the wedding is still held in Pingchuan, this is because the Cao family feel that the Li Dong family has face. At this time and then low-key, can not even guests are not invited, or else the face of the Li family is still lost. Li Dong is not prepared to invite people in the mall to support the show, but some people are still to invite. Qin Yuhan family, this is Li Dong personally door to door to send invitations. After sending the Qin family's invitations here, Shen Xi also clamored to come, Li Dong despite the headache, but also did not dare to refuse. In addition to them, the other is Wang Jie's side. Cao Feng does not have many friends in Pingchuan, and Wang Jie has been with them for more than half a year, these people must be invited. Li Dong purposely gave Tang Kuan and the others two days off, urging them to come and participate. Then there are some of Lin Meng's friends and former colleagues, plus relatives' families on both sides, and finally a total of eight tables. When Li Dong drove home, Cao Fang was busy at home. As soon as she saw that Li Dong had returned, Cao Fang hurriedly said, "Dongzi, come here, I have something to tell you." Li Dong walked over and Cao Fang lowered her voice and said, "Dongzi, do you think you should invite more people tomorrow?" Li Dong said, "What's wrong? Is uncle not satisfied with them?" Cao Fang shook her head and said, "Your uncle and his family are quite satisfied, but the key is the Lin family's side. Although Lin Meng's parents did not explicitly say, but today's meeting Lin Meng's mother also deliberately mentioned a mouth, said our family so big, but the wedding on eight tables, but also too shabby. And also said that their side, even if the family is poor can not be uncovered, the wedding at least also set a 20 to 30 tables. Your uncle was a little embarrassed, I also feel bad in my heart. After all, Feng got married in Pingchuan, looking at our family. A Feng this person I know, honest hearted, although not much ability, but after all, is my nephew, your cousin. Those relatives and friends back home can't come all the way to Pingchuan to make a big show, and that's our family's face. Dongzi, you see how about adding a few more tables?" Seeing his mother looking at himself expectantly, Li Dong immediately understood her meaning. After all, it is his own nephew, or the only nephew, the old mother probably also feel not quite satisfied in her heart. In everyone's opinion, Li Dong so capable, cousin's wedding, dare not say get a few hundred tables banquet to support the scene, dozens of tables always have. But now ten tables are less than, is indeed too shabby. Li Dong saw some helplessness and said: "Mom, since the Lin family side feel unsatisfied, then you prepare a few more tables is. People are not easy, your hotel side of the people, Dongping people, in addition I invite some more people to come, make a twenty tables is not difficult. In fact, I am not afraid of money, it does not cost a few dollars. I was thinking that my cousin and cousin-in-law are down-to-earth and doing well, so don't make too much of a mess, it's not easy to live with yourself in the future. I didn't expect everyone to think I was stingy now, you say I'm not wrong. Come on, while there is still time, I make a few phone calls, is not the people, really can not I call people from far away, hundreds of tables are there." Li Dong actually really some helplessness, this made, but let people complain. Some words he did not say, originally he was thinking to let Cao Feng low-profile some, later he also arranged. The distant side knows that Cao Feng and his own relationship not many people, and so the end of this side of the stock market, their own trend to Cao Feng to arrange a position, first sharpen a few years, later can also be step-by-step upward. Now well, we all want to make a little more noise. A big commotion, their relationship with Cao Feng probably can not be concealed. Although the concealment of the concealment of Li Dong relationship are not big, but Cao Feng still has a considerable impact. Once hung with Li Dong's cousin's identity into the far side, that Cao Feng should be ready to be colored glasses to look at the vision. It's not easy to say whether your cousin can hold up, but it's not good enough to break the road you arranged for Cao Feng in the end. But Li Dong turned his head and thought, this is also a common sense. After all, marriage is a big deal, we all naturally want to be a little more lively, a little more dignified. The road he arranged for Cao Feng, Cao Feng actually may not be really satisfied. This is the case, then a little lively, some people may be pursuing a down-to-earth life, ordinary future may be more suitable for Cao Feng is not necessarily. …… afternoon Li Dong made a lot of phone calls out, although the wedding tomorrow, today said the invitation is a bit urgent. But Li Dong personally called to invite, this face is also enough. In addition to the really busy can not leave, Li Dong called to invite people almost all promised to come tomorrow for sure. Busy afternoon, finally got these things done. Li Dong just breathed a sigh of relief, the doorbell rang. He went up and opened the door, and saw Cao Feng standing outside the door panting with a big sweat. Li Dong saw the situation and laughed: "Cousin, the wedding is tomorrow, look at you nervous, why not in the new room set up?" "Over there is almost set up, Wang Jie and Tang Kuan and a few of them are getting it, and a few of Xiao Meng's friends are also helping, I'm here to invite you." "Invite me?" "Jiangbei side is not the wedding before you have to invite the house warming wine? I've said hello to my aunt and uncle before, but I forgot to mention your side, just as the new house is almost decorated, let's drink together tonight." Cao Feng smiled nervously, but the smile was not very natural. Li Dong took a look to know what he meant, not forgetting to say, is deliberately door to door to invite people to block. He was probably afraid that Li Dong did not go, so did not call. Li Dong some helpless, sometimes not he does not care, not rusty can eliminate some things.