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Chapter 663 - Siege of a city

  March 5th, Cao Feng's big wedding…… The fastest update Tianhu Hotel. Li Dong acted as a welcoming guest, greeting the endless stream of guests with a smile. In the middle of the gap, Wang Jie, who followed along with the welcome guests, lamented, "Cousin has finally entered the city." Li Dong looked at him with a suspicious face, not understanding what he meant. Wang Jie smiled and said, "It is said that marriage is a siege city, people outside the city want to go in, people inside the city want to come out. In the past, cousin was outside the city, but today is not into the city." Li Dong speechlessly said, "So you want to get out of the city?" Wang Jie a black line, straight rolled his eyes and said, "I am not ready to go out of the city, but you, think of which city into?" "Other people's siege city only one, you damn now in all directions are the city, you are the one standing in the center point of the city outsider, ready to go to which city to see?" Li Dong lost his smile: "What's wrong with you guys now, what are you all always staring at me for? Look at our high school classmates, besides you who else got married? Is this something that can be solved in a hurry?" Wang Jie smiled and said: "It's not that you're being watched on purpose, the key is your high exposure now. I see those lace tabloids every day about you, Wang Laowu ranking you have been ironclad first, concerned not only me, many people are staring at it." "They are idle." Li Dong bristled, and as he spoke, he arched his hand towards the guests who had just entered and greeted them with a smile. When the guests went upstairs, Wang Jie laughed again: "I won't inquire about anything else, I'm just a little curious, are you moving your feet now or not? Is it still in the center point did not move, or has gone in which direction?" "None of your business! I'm welcoming guests, don't look for me to chat." "Come on, I won't ask either." Wang Jie gave a laugh, then he squeezed his eyebrows and said, "Here it comes, you do not move your feet, people besieged the city itself moved over, I first take refuge, to save you from delay." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Today Cao Feng's best man is not Wang Jie, nor is it Li Dong. Wang Jie is not the appropriate best man because he is getting married. The best man is obviously not the best man because he is also responsible for the reception of guests, plus he is the face of the two Cao Lin families. Cao Feng's best man is Tang Kuan, although Tang Kuan is not young, but not yet married. The original Tang Kuan as the best man, this time should be surrounded by Cao Feng is right. Cao Feng, who has never experienced such a big scene, looks a little nervous at this time, and is most in need of someone to ease the tension. But Tang Kuan, the best man is obviously not very good at his job, this guy from the door to stare at the bridesmaid fiercely, 30-year-old Tang Kuan is anxious to get rid of this time, has long forgotten Cao Feng that crop. Wang Jie went over to accompany Cao Feng to say a few words, Cao Feng this just relaxed a lot. Li Dong glanced over there and then did not pay attention, but looked not far away from the slowly coming siege …… siege, ahem, Shen Xi smilingly and the bride and groom greeted, and sent a large red envelope full of sincerity, which came towards Li Dong. Seeing Li Dong wearing a straight suit, Shen Xi smiled lightly and said, "Cold?" "It's okay, not too cold." Li Dong shook his head. Shen Xi said with concern: "How about standing inside, your side just on the wind, in the middle of winter, do not freeze." "It's really okay ……" Li Dong had not finished speaking, Shen Xi went forward to help him stroke his hair and said, "Hair are blown by the wind, and still say it's okay, or I'll find you a piece of clothing draped?" Li Dong cried, lowered his voice and said, "Miss, can you not deliberately pit me, you are not trying to kill me." Shen Xi pretended not to know: "What's wrong? I'm afraid you're freezing, I want to give you an extra piece of clothing and you complain about me?" Li Dong laughed bitterly and said softly, "Okay, my fault, you go in first and sit down, we'll talk later." "So you're in a hurry to get rid of people?" Shen Xi looked at him with a smile, and helped him straighten his collar before walking upstairs with a smile. From the beginning to the end, Shen Xi did not look back. Only when she left, Qin Yuhan laughed lightly and said, "It seems that sister Shen is very dedicated to the company, and incidentally, even you, the boss, are taken care of together." Li Dong had a helpless face, he just saw Qin Yuhan. The bias is that Shen Xi deliberately gave him hair and collar, Li Dong really can not say anything. As for Shen Xi not knowing that Qin Yu Han came, it goes without saying that it is impossible. The two entered the door back and forth, probably met outside, Shen Xi is deliberately to Qin Yu Han on the eyes. If it was before, Shen Xi certainly would not do such a thing. But since the New Year when Shen Xi knew Qin Yu Han went to Li Dong's house for the New Year, all day long to find things for Li Dong, this woman is obviously not happy in the heart. Not daring to dwell on this matter, Li Dong laughed dryly and said, "Yu Han, where are Uncle Qin and Aunt Yang?" "Are parking, will come soon." Qin Yuhan said with a smile, and did not continue to dwell on what just happened. A smart woman point a sentence is enough, chatter will only make people bored. Li Dong and Shen Xi is unclear between, Qin Yuhan actually have a number in mind. But sometimes women have to learn to play dumb, she now occupies all the advantages, is Li Dong's legitimate girlfriend, but also met the parents, this time the cards are in her hands. A good hand in the hand, Qin Yuhan naturally know how to use this advantage. As for Shen Xi, although there seems to be some threat, but really think deeply down to know, Shen Xi's hands in addition to holding a card near the water, almost nothing. Such a good card, Qin Yuhan will not be indiscriminate. The man well, all this virtue, eating the bowl looking at the pot. When really married, the man will probably also close the heart.