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Chapter 664 - The Battle of the Flower Balls

  Wedding banquet, nothing more than eating and drinking and chatting. Li Dong's friends, not many young people, Cao Feng and Lin Meng as well. Because of the young people less, the wedding banquet is naturally less lively. Although not too lively, but we are not disappointed. When the host invited Li Dong to the stage to say a few words, the applause was particularly loud. Chairman of the Far Eastern Group, Chairman of the Far Eastern Charity Fund Association, President of the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association …… a series of names, adding a few luster to Li Dong in the center of the crowd. Standing on the stage, Li Dong picked up the microphone and smiled: "Today is my cousin and sister-in-law's wedding joy, first I want to say is naturally wish them a hundred years of good luck, early birth ……" The wedding is not compared to the press conference, Li Dong can hokey. This is a major life event, Li Dong this point of proportion is natural. The first thing you need to do is to get ready to leave the stage, he went on stage just to give Cao Feng couple to support a scene, as to what was said is not important. He was about to leave the stage when the host of the wedding company smiled and said, "Li Dong stay." Li Dong looked at him with some confusion, the host said with a smile on his face: "Since Li Dong is on stage, you can't just let you go. The bride will throw the bouquet later, Li Dong also follow the lively bar." Li Dong lost his smile and said, "I am a big man, is this job not a woman's business?" The host smiled and said: "Just a lively, figure a festive. This way, Li Dong if you do not want to grab it does not matter, later who grabbed the bouquet, Li Dong can accompany the lady who grabbed the bouquet to take a photo?" If it were someone else's wedding, Li Dong is not interested in this lively. But this is his own cousin's wedding, Li Dong smiled and nodded: "Of course this is no problem, that is, I act as a human sculpture on the line, right?" When the host saw his funny words, he nodded with a smile. The others on the floor also laughed, and after a while, the host began to wave: "The unmarried ladies on the floor come on stage quickly, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. The marriage is destined, maybe in a few months we can have a wedding drink again may not be oh!" Although the host did not say too explicitly, but who does not understand the meaning of the words. Grab a flower ball to catch Li Dong may not have much hope, but eye contact this thing who can say the right. Love at first sight is not only a legend, many times is also the reality. You do not go on stage, perhaps Li Dong will never know who you are. But you came up, this is an opportunity. At least so many people in the field, Li Dong will see you, know that you are unmarried, this is a chance to win the lottery. If you don't buy a lottery ticket, you will never win the lottery. Buy, the chances may be infinitely slim, but at least there is a chance of winning the jackpot. If you can then grab the flower ball and take a picture with Li Dong, even if he doesn't pay attention to you, when you are alone together, he will not completely ignore you. So, when the host's words fell, there were more than a dozen flowery girls on the stage in a few moments. Most of these girls are Lin Meng's colleagues and friends, Lin Meng used to do insurance, insurance companies are not only big women, but also many young girls. And the crowd, there are a few people is a crane stand out, a glance can see the gap with the next person. Standing on the side of Li Dong at the moment, his head is as big as a cow, how these few women also came together to liven up. Shen Xi, Qin Yuhan, Hu Xiaorui are on stage, Hu Xiaorui up Li Dong is not surprised, this girl is originally like to get together the nature of the hustle and bustle. But Shen Xi and Qin Yuhan, to say that the two are to get together, Li Dong did not believe. Whether he believes it or not, people on stage, he can not drive people away. When the girls on stage stood in two columns, the host nodded towards Lin Meng. At this time, Lin Meng is also a nervous face, there are some things she knows better than Cao Feng, a big horse. Li Dong and other people's relationship she is not clear, but and Qin Yuhan and Shen Xi's relationship, she is clear. Qin Yuhan not to mention, Shen Xi side of Li Dong also took her to the Oriental Fishing Village dinner. There was even a time when the two were holding hands in the past, not much avoidance. And now these two women are eyeing the stage to grab the flower ball, one standing on the far left, one standing on the far right, which let her throw to which side is right? When she was in a dilemma, someone behind her suddenly shouted with a smile, "Cousin sister-in-law, throw it to me, I'm here!" Although Lin Meng and Hu Xiaorui did not know each other and had only just met, at this moment Lin Meng seemed to have seen a savior. As soon as Hu Xiaorui finished speaking, Lin Meng smiled and said, "Then you have to catch it, don't blame cousin sister-in-law if you are robbed." If she said that to others at this time, people might still be a little upset, after all, this time not only to grab the flower ball, but mainly to get acquainted with Li Dong. But Hu Xiaorui looks naive and lively, plus many people know that she is the daughter of another big boss, many people are much less jealous. Even the two girls standing beside Hu Xiaorui laughed and said, "Don't worry, later Xiaomeng will throw to our side, sisters help you stop the others." Hu Xiaorui smiled and said, "Really? Great, I haven't grabbed the bridal bouquet yet, it's so much fun, thank you." As several people were talking, Lin Meng also made up her mind, looked back at Hu Xiaorui's location, turned her back and threw down the flower ball towards the area where she was impressed. There is always a gap between …… ending and imagination. When Lin Meng turned around, a cold sweat suddenly seeped out of his back. Hu Xiaorui, who grabbed the flower ball, was full of aggression and looked at Qin Yuhan and Shen Xi pitifully: "Sister Yuhan, sister Shen Bing …… Shen, I grabbed it first." Shen Xi grabbed the upper end of the flower ball, looked at Qin Yuhan, after a while before laughing: "Since Xiaorui likes it, then sister will not compete with you." Said Shen Xi put down her hand and laughed lightly and went straight off the stage. Qin Yu Han saw her go, and looked at Hu Xiaorui, see this girl a face of innocence, with a little aggression in the eyes, a pause before laughing: "sister is to help you grab, Xiaorui back to buy me dinner to do." Hu Xiaorui nodded with a smile and said, "I'm sure I'll invite you to dinner." "Then I'll go down first, we'll talk later." Qin Yuhan said with a smile, looked at Li Dong who was looking up at the sky not far away, slightly lost her smile, then turned around and went down the stage. The other girls did not get it, so they also got off the stage. Seeing that people have gone, Hu Xiaorui then happily took the flower ball to Li Dong's side and said to the cameraman: "Brother, take pictures of us, we have to take beautiful pictures!" Hu Xiaorui said while laughing at Li Dong: "Li Dong, head lower, yes, a little lower ……" "smile happy ah, well, take my shoulder, you hide so far away why ……" Li Dong face bitter smile, swept a glance at the stage Qin Yuhan and Shen Xi, these two women are looking at him with a very peculiar sunlight, this moment Li Dong feel that he is the sinner in their eyes. Then look at the cheerful Hu Xiaorui, Li Dong secretly glad, although this girl is also difficult, but it is better than letting those two women grab it.