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Chapter 665 - Hu Ming's Dinner Party

  Once Cao Feng's wedding was over, everything went back to normal. The day after the wedding, Cao Feng went back to Lanshan Villa. Although Li Dong told him to rest for a few more days, or take Lin Meng on his honeymoon, Cao Feng was a stickler and had to go to the villa to keep an eye on it. Lin Meng's side is the same, Cao Feng went to Lanshan Villa, she turned her head and went to the Oriental Fishing Village. The two of them are fully committed to do their part, what else can Li Dong say. Although he feels that it is completely unnecessary, but there is no way to stop them from going. …… Because of the appointment with Hu Ming, Li Dong rushed to the Hui Garden on the evening of the 6th. The Chang Yueyue, who was following him, was excited and chattered endlessly. Li Dong did not care about her, and by the time he got to the private room, Hu Ming had already arrived. Arrived not only Hu Ming, Li Dong eyes quickly cast a middle-aged woman smiling at him. Say middle-aged, that is the age there, Li Dong even stupid also know that this is Hu Xiaorui's mother. But in fact, Hu Xiaorui's mother is very well maintained, does not look too old, said she is less than forty, probably also some people believe. In addition to Hu Xiaorui's mother, the other three are Hu Xiaorui or before Li Dong met Hu Xiuzhu and Tang Chunhu. Hu Xiaorui, as always, greeted Li Dong with a big smile and took a seat. Hu Xiuzhu and Tang Chunhu are a little embarrassed, lowering their heads and not daring to look at people. In Pingchuan, Li Dong's secret is not a secret. Two people don't Li Dong's car, almost let Li Dong had a car accident, this thing although not many people see, does not mean that the news does not get out. Just one day, Pingchuan people with sensitive information know about this, but also know the identity of Hu Xiuzhu and Tang Chunhu two people. One is the niece of the chairman of Nanrui Group, one is the son of the second largest shareholder of Tengxiang Group. Two fledgling brats, so boldly rely on family history to bully Li Dong once. Li Dong really bowed down, this can be a good show. If Li Dong on the spot, do not give Hu Ming and Tengxiang Group face, this is normal, we are not surprised. But Li Dong did not have a hard time, but ate the stifling loss, which is the news. Some people say that Li Dong is afraid to turn the other cheek with Nanrui and Tengxiang, after all, the strength of the two groups are not weak, coupled with the Sun family behind the support, Li Dong will not see for this small matter and the two cross. Some people also say that Li Dong and Hu Ming relationship is good. One is the president of the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association, one is the vice president, when the association was established, Hu Ming contributed a lot, plus Li Dong and Hu Ming's daughter also jointly invested in a film. Li Dong's allies in Jiangbei would have been few, this time Li Dong ate a small loss for the greater good. Of course, people who really know Li Dong know that this guy is not a loser. When Li Dong did in the capital, not no one knows. At least many people know that Li Dong in the capital did not give the Sun family face, slapped the Sun family's baby granddaughter on the spot. At this time, Li Dong did not make a fuss, I'm afraid it is also ready to retaliate more fiercely later. No matter how others guess, how to think, at this time Hu Xiuzhu and Tang Chunhu know that they have provoked the wrong people. Jiangbei Li Dong, this name does not dare to say that the thundering ears, at least two people are heard of. In particular, they have been in the capital for so long, more and Sun family close relations, when Sun Manman was slapped, they are naturally also clear. In the past, when they had dinner with Sun Manman in the capital, they also said a lot of bad things about Li Dong, including helping to retaliate and so on. I didn't expect the prophecy to come true, the two just arrived in Pingchuan soon, but really met with this one. That day, Li Dong bowed his head and conceded, directly drove away. The two originally did not take it seriously, but the news was spread by others, and then by Hu Ming mouth to their mouths, the two dumb also know that Li Dong is not a big straw bag in their imagination, this guy must be holding bad it. And this bad without him personally, no matter what for, Hu Ming certainly will not sit idly by. As expected, as soon as Li Dong sat down, Hu Ming laughed and said: "Mr. Li, I have heard about Xiuzhu and Chunhu. A family does not know a family, this time it has made friends from Pingchuan look at the joke." Hu Ming said casually, as if it was not a big deal. Li Dong also did not rush to speak, smiled and nodded. After a while, Hu Ming's tone changed and he looked at Hu Xiuzhu and Tang Chunhu: "If you are a family again, the respect you should have is the minimum. You don't have Li's car, this is already a mistake, afterwards also refused to admit fault, that is even more wrong! Xiuzhu, your father left early, these years I have been treating you as my own daughter. If you make a mistake, then I, as an uncle, did not teach you well! I will talk about the matter with Mr. Li later, you come over and apologize to Mr. Li and Mr. Li's sister, I don't believe that my family's tutelage has not fallen to this level!" Although Hu Ming did not speak harshly, Hu Xiuzhu's face changed greatly. Looking at Li Dong, Hu Xiuzhu lost her arrogance this time and immediately walked forward with her head bowed and said, "Mr. Li, this sister, I'm sorry. Last time it was my fault, I shouldn't have been capricious, I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive me." Li Dong did not say anything, and only after a while smiled lightly and said, "Mr. Hu is too much, it's just a small matter, when you say so, it makes it seem as if I, Li Dong, can't tolerate people. Am I that small-minded? Mr. Hu is hitting me in the face." Hu Ming shook his head and said, "I am sincere! This is not just a matter of face, it is about the reputation of my Hu family. I'm not a bad kid, but I've been too spoiled these past few years, and her aunt is too busy with her business, so she doesn't have much time to discipline her. If you don't let her realize her mistakes now, she will make even bigger mistakes in the future. So I let her apologize to you, that is also sincere, if you feel where the bad, Li, you can say! I don't believe it, my own daughter still can not discipline!" After Hu Ming finished, Sun Yue'e, who was sitting next to him, said with an apologetic face, "It's all because of my lax discipline, making Mr. Li laugh, I'm here to apologize to Mr. Li for the two children. Chunhu, although you are not a member of the Hu family, I can't control you from reason to reason, but since you have talked with Xiuzhu, you are also considered half of the Hu family, auntie asked you to apologize to Mr. Li, do you have a problem?" Tang Chunhu, who was standing next to him, had an embarrassed look on his face, and when Sun Yue'e spoke up, Tang Chunhu hurriedly said, "I should, I should, I really know this is wrong. Mr. Li and this sister, it's all because I'm confused, I've caused trouble for everyone. I'm sorry, the two adults do not remember the small man, next time I will change!" Li Dong smiled and looked at the two people, did not say anything more, said in a flat tone: "It's okay, a little thing if it is not Mr. Hu on the line, I have almost forgotten. Since the two of you are sincere, if I still take it into consideration, it would not seem that I am careful." Hearing Li Dong say so, both of them sighed with relief. Here just after the relief, but listened to Li Dong said: "But my side does not matter, but my sister after all hurt her head ……" Tang Chunhu two people a face suffocated, said the good do not care about it? The first said good, turn the head to find an excuse, this guy is really the same as in the legend, no reason, no reason is not forgiven. Li Dong also do not care about them, smiling: "hurt head problems or some trouble, but we are all family, there is no point in talking about this. Last time Yueyue said that your car looks more suitable for driving, maybe driving around Yueyue this headache will be gone?"