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Chapter 666 Moving

  After dinner, it was already more than nine o'clock in the evening. Because also send Chang Yueyue back, Li Dong did not stay much, finished eating and ready to go. Just about to go out, Chang Yueyue suddenly pulled him and said, "Sister …… Dong brother, how about returning the car to them?" Li Dong looked at her, and swept next to the two smiling Hu Xiuzhu, smiled and said, "What, a meal to eat out of affection?" Chang Yueyue cooed: "Sister Xiuzhu they are quite pitiful ……" "Pitiful?" Li Dong almost sprayed, which eye did you see them poor? A few hundred thousand used cars, these two people lack of this money? Needless to say, it must be Hu Xiuzhu and Tang Chunhu fooling this girl. After all, Chang Yueyue is not very old and has not seen much, a few hundred thousand in her eyes is probably a huge sum of money. But she does not know that for Hu Xiuzhu and the two of them, a few hundred thousand may not be enough to cover their monthly expenses. What they care about is not the car, but the face. When I was in the capital, they said a lot of big words, what sooner or later let Li Dong look good, must help Manman sister to find face …… result of the two empty cannons put a lot, turn the head of the work face was beaten snapped. This is only a few days to Jiangbei, the two even seat to Li Dong, how to see people in the future? Hu Ming sent, the two dare not refute, and do not dare to find Li Dong to say this. Thinking about it, the two people think it's better to fool Chang Yueyue, so when they eat, they sell out for a while. The two of them think that it is better to be fooled, so they sold out during the dinner. Li Dong looked at a few people, after a while before faintly said: "Let's talk about it later, the car first use to drive a few days, and after the addiction also do not return whatever you." Chang Yueyue did not insist on hearing this, but smilingly looked at Hu Xiuzhu two, obviously in the credit. In her opinion, a few days of driving does not lose anything, she may also be able to enjoy the addiction, and then returned to Hu Xiuzhu and them, no loss for everyone. But this girl does not know, at this moment Hu Xiuzhu two depressed want to vomit blood. They are for the car? A car is nothing, as Hu Xiuzhu said, her garage in the luxury car not too much, who cares about this. At this time, the two people can not say anything, see Chang Yueyue smiled at them, the two people reluctantly returned a smile. Li Dong also do not care about them, finished this matter then look to Hu Xiaorui said: "you that movie publicity ready to do when?" Hu Xiaorui shook her head and said, "No more publicity after the Sunan publicity, the 18th premiered at the Jiangbei Grand Theater." "So soon?" Hu Xiaorui sullenly said: "I used to think that a few million investment in the film, should be quite good. But only after I got in touch with this business did I realize that a few million is just a small production. When I went to Sunan for promotion, I happened to meet another movie that was also doing promotion. As a result, there were a lot of stars and media on the other side, but there were only three small cats on our side, so everyone looked down on us. The opening ceremony we made before, in fact, the industry is laughing at us, everyone is waiting to see us laugh. Since this is the case, I will not promote it, directly after the release." Seeing her face full of frustration, Li Dong laughed: "What do you care what others think, just be happy. But since we decided to release it, let's release it. In the future, we will invest in some big production movies, to suppress the wind of others, and then no one will laugh at you." Hu Xiaorui gas came quickly, and went quickly. As soon as Li Dong finished comforting, this girl smiled and said: "Right, Zhang Meng also said, we are the first time, do not care about other people's views. Li Dong, then let's do a few big movies next time for everyone to see!" "I can't, I'm too busy ……" Li Dong hadn't finished speaking, Hu Xiaorui was unhappy: "You just said to continue to invest, and now you're backtracking?" Li Dong lost his smile and said, "Not to regret, I really can't find the time to get this." He used to think about making a film and entertainment company, after all, in the next ten years, the film and entertainment industry still has a great future and money. But recently Li Dong is a bit exhausted, cross-industry too much, he is also too lazy to get this. When Li Dong finished, Hu Xiaorui puffed out her mouth and said: "It's all excuses! You just don't want to continue working with me, it's not interesting, you don't even do it anymore, I don't play either!" This girl finished, picked up her own small bag and ready to go, looks like some angry. Li Dong some helpless, glanced at the Hu Ming couple, Hu Ming shrugged his shoulders, a face can not do anything about it. Sun Yue'e laughed lightly at the situation and said: "Li Dong, why don't you do me a favor? You don't need to worry about the money, just think of it as accompanying Rui to have some fun, it's just an investment, you don't need to put too much effort into it, just think of it as Hu Ming and I owe you a personal favor, what do you think?" Li Dong heard her say so, and looked at the side of the dilly-dallying refused to go side eavesdropping Hu Xiaorui, after a while before smiling bitterly: "OK, in fact, I do not mean not to cooperate, anyway, how to say it ……" Li Dong wanted to explain a few sentences, think or not to say more, but to Hu Xiaorui said: "Since you like to do this, then continue to do it. But I suggest you turn around and set up a film and television entertainment company. Do the movie, not only do the movie. In fact, like us, the investment of money is the most silly, but also the lowest rate of return. A movie or TV series, the interest itself is actually not the big head, the real thing to do is the surrounding derivative industry, in addition to the IP focus effect.