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Chapter 667: The unending story

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The fastest update to pick up the teapot and teacups for themselves to pour a cup of tea, and pour a cup for Li Dong, Shen Xi then said, "Still satisfied?" "It's pretty good." Li Dong nodded and said, "It still looked a little shabby before, but now that I look at it again, it finally has a little taste of home." "It's good if you like it." Shen Xi gave a smile and took a sip of tea, Shen Xi got up and said, "Go upstairs and see what you've moved." "Didn't move anything, just brought a few pieces of clothes." Shen Xi also ignored him and went straight upstairs. After entering Li Dong's bedroom, seeing the backpack that Li Dong had casually thrown on the bed, Shen Xi shook her head and said, "It's really not reliable to expect you men to do housework." Open the backpack, see inside are suits, Shen Xi more speechless said: "Suits you just stuffed in?" Li Dong snapped, "Save space." Shen Xi gave him a blank look, and then began to help organize it. Li Dong saw the situation and said, "You do not get it first, later I will clean up myself." "Count on you, I'm afraid you'll go out tomorrow wearing wrinkled clothes." Shen Xi despised a sentence, while helping to pack clothes while saying: "Also, these clothes of yours are old, I will go back to buy a few for you." "Old? No, they're all clothes that I just bought last year." Li Dong side is saying, Shen Xi said with a helpless face: "Sometimes I do not understand you, to say that you are stingy, you do charity, a few hundred million thrown out without blinking an eye. But say you are generous, you are at least a rich man, a year to buy a few new clothes can not? I pay for it, right, young people have no vitality." Li Dong was choked straight rolled his eyes, dry: "Not the money thing ……" "That is you lazy!" "Nonsense, how lazy I am!" Li Dong indignantly said: "I'm just too lazy to bother with this ……" These words have not finished, Shen Xi can not stop laughing and said: "You listen to yourself, is not lazy!" Li Dong's cheeks twitched for a while, their own mouth, this is not their own face well. Shen Xi laughed for a while and did not pester the matter, turned the topic and said: "Today is your housewarming, do you want to invite a few friends to celebrate tonight?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "Forget it, just a change of residence, there is no need to make a big fuss." "Since than not willing, then we will celebrate ourselves. Later you accompany me to buy food, what you want to eat in the evening, I will cook for you." "You know how to cook?" Li Dong looked at her with a suspicious face, obviously somewhat unbelieving. Shen Xi smiled smugly: "Do not look down on people, my father cooking and you have not seen, the ancestral craft understand? I cook very well, my father said good." Li Dong habitual blow: "You also said your father, your cooking, is even more difficult to eat, your father must also say good." Shen Xi glared at him and puffed out, "Li Dong, do you know how to chat?" "If you don't believe me, then you try it tonight, at least than you can cook!" Li Dong grunted, "Be careful of the big words that you can't take back? Better than I do? Are you kidding, do you think my decades of cooking skills are for nothing?" "Decades of cooking?" Shen Xi suddenly laughed, covering her stomach and couldn't help but say, "Li Dong, can you not just brag in the future, how old are you this year?" Li Dong speechlessly said, "I'm serious." Of course, Li Dong is not talking about this life, this life he really has little experience. But in his last life, he lived alone for nearly ten years. Ten years, Li Dong can not eat outside every day. In his spare time, Li Dong himself will do a few dishes, on a little wine to entertain themselves a little. Ten years, even if the culinary idiots, some simple dishes Li Dong also do a good job. But these years Li Dong lazy to do it themselves, after all, now is not compared to the last life, there are parents at home, going out is also a variety of hotels, Li Dong also do not need to cook themselves. Shen Xi saw his words, funny said: "Okay, then let's cook together tonight and see who cooks better." Li Dong scratched his head and said, "Really want to open your own restaurant?" Shen Xi firmly said: "Of course, you think I'm kidding? There is always a home to live in, from now on we have nothing to open our own meals ……" Before she finished her sentence, Li Dong jawed and said, "You want to move here?" As soon as Shen Xi saw this expression on his face, she was not happy and said, "What is your attitude?" "No …… I …… anyway ……" Li Dong incoherently said a few words, but did not know exactly what he What to say is good. Shen Xi just look at him, and wait for him a weak face to shut his mouth, Shen Xi only then hummed: "think beautiful! I'm just saying, your side is close to my house, I have time to come over and cook, are you still ready to kick me out?" "Absolutely not!" Li Dong hurriedly returned a sentence, but also do not know at this moment in the heart is relieved or slightly regret. Shen Xi gave him a blank look, but stopped talking. Li Dong stared at her for a while, and after a few seconds laughed dryly: "Angry?" "No!" "Why don't you say anything if you're not angry?" "Don't want to talk." "Don't be angry, I just said that in passing. Think about it, I'm a big man, I can still be afraid of this? But you're a woman, if people know about this, how bad it will be if word gets out."