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Chapter 668 - Fire at Li Dong!

  One second★小△说§网. Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! March 2007, Li Dong both private and public affairs are particularly much. The company's business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. And Suning's cooperation officially opened the curtain, from the beginning of March, Suning side sent people and Qi Yunna contact, and now both sides have been in and Beijing and Tianjin area site selection. Zhang Jindong and Li Dong's meaning is clear, fast, fast, fast! Since they have made up their minds to fight for once, both of them are not indecisive, and they quickly reached a resolution that the preliminary layout should be fast. And the Far Eastern Group, the layout is not only Beijing and Tianjin. Including the previous Lu Province, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Gan Province, as well as the cooperation of the Chinese hundred over in E Province, are on the agenda of the Far Eastern Group. This is only the supermarket, logistics and shopping mall side, the group has also gradually accelerated the pace of expansion. In addition to the real estate companies consolidating their achievements, the four pillar industries of Yuanfang, three of them are expanding rapidly. When it comes to expansion, it is inseparable from the word money. At the end of last year, the total debt of Yuanfang Group was as high as 6 billion, and 4 billion of them would all be due in March. With so many debts due at once, both Yuan Chengdao and the rest of the group were always surrounded by a sense of urgency. Just at this time, Yuan Chengdao began a radical reform and assessment. Originally, Li Dong gave him the advice to start the assessment from this year, he also means that the past can be passed without inquiry, we all start from zero. As a result, I do not know whether Yuan Chengdao misunderstood his meaning, or Yuan Chengdao's own OCD attack. This guy in the appraisal system just implemented down, began to pursue the system, the group director level of senior management to take the year-end assessment! This year-end, naturally, refers to the results of the KPI assessment in 06. Not only for individuals, including the performance of the entire department, and Yuan Chengdao took a more severe punitive measures, joint and several responsibility! In other words, if the overall performance of the department does not meet the standard, even if some senior personal assessment passed, will also be responsible for joint and several, this strain has been continued to the department head level. On March 12, Yuan Chengdao waved his hand and two director-level executives were forced to leave the group. on March 13, Yuan Chengdao again dealt a severe blow and three manager-level executives were killed at headquarters. on March 14, four or five department heads could not bear the pressure and left the group voluntarily. on March 15…… In just one week's time, more than ten people were forced to leave the top and middle management. At one time, the dark clouds of Yuanfang Group covered the sun. …… blessing is not a double blessing but a single misfortune. Just when Yuan Chengdao was boldly restructuring, the dark clouds had not yet dispersed, the storm came! Far Eastern Group is in a crisis of broken capital chain! Liu Ke and Chang Qiqi's long-brewed revenge came, just a contact on the newspaper, in an instant by the Far Eastern Group butchered the page. Claimed tens of billions of assets of the Yuan Fang Group, in fact, has been insolvent. This is what everyone saw. A lace tabloid even analyzed in detail the current situation of the Far Eastern Group's capital. 06 years, Far Eastern expanded rapidly, investing up to ten billion dollars before and after, and at the beginning of 07 years, Far Eastern Group again expanded drastically. On New Year's Day, Yuanfang acquired Greenland, followed by the acquisition of Pengfei and Beichuan Real Estate. In the outside world's estimation, Yuanfang contributed at least 5 billion for these three M&A plans alone. Just after this wave of M&A frenzy, Yuanfang started to cooperate with Suning with an investment of more than 2 billion. In addition, Yuanfang's plan to enter the central China market was completely exposed when the contact between Yuanfang and Zhongbai was also revealed. Also added to this was the establishment of a charity fund by Far Eastern and a massive employee welfare program, which added up to another ten billion dollars piecemeal. Two years, up to twenty billion dollars of investment. And the profit of Far Eastern Group, the supermarket part was just over one billion, as for the real estate company, it was subconsciously ignored. Twenty times the income and expenditure ratio, where does Far Eastern come up with so much money? How long can the insolvent Yuanfang last? Can the crazy expansion of Far Eastern continue to be as crazy as its founder, Li Dong? One by one, alarming question marks pushed Yuanfang Group into the limelight in an instant. ……3 on the 17th. Far Eastern Group held a meeting of the group's top management. Li Dong arrived at the meeting room early and sat dazedly in his position without saying a word. When Yuan Chengdao and many other senior executives were seated, the meeting officially began. Liu Qi, who was presiding over the meeting, had just finished speaking when Sun Tao, who had rushed back from Sunan, asked, "Mr. Yuan, I have a few questions to ask you!" Yuan Chengdao's face was grim and said, "Please speak, Mr. Sun." Sun Tao emotionally slightly agitated said: "A week's time, far side of the senior ten to one of them, this Yuan total after our consent? Where did your so-called assessment and criteria come from? The three directors and three managers who left the company were all old people who joined Yuanfang in 2004, so is it appropriate for Mr. Yuan to cut across the board? This is not the way to make an example of a monkey! Your so-called assessment, in my opinion, is to exclude dissidents. The Far Side is the Far Side for everyone, not your Far Side alone!" Sun Tao took the lead, in fact, everyone had expected it. Yuan Chengdao this time beheaded down the executives, nine out of ten are Sun Tao's people. Say Sun Tao's people may not be appropriate, in fact, should say 04 years 05 years into the old man, are counted as Sun Tao's people. When Li Dong was still in school, in addition to financial power, personnel power and other rights almost all handed over to Sun Tao.