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Chapter 669 - Injection of $2 billion

  Sun Tao's grief and anger filled the entire conference room. Li Dong was slow to speak, and the conference room was once in silence. Seeing the deadlocked state, Shen Xi said softly: "Mr. Sun, this matter we have to put or not, now the urgent task is ……" "No!" Sun Tao directly interrupted her words and looked at Li Dong Dong: "Mr. Li, I want to ask you a question!" Li Dong finally opened his mouth and nodded, "Go ahead." "As the group goes on the right track, is it necessary to clean up our group of people?" Li Dong frowned slightly and said softly, "Mr. Sun, don't take a point for a point. This group of people you are talking about includes me, includes you, includes many people!" "The word clean up is overused, am I, Li Dong, such a person in your eyes?" Li Dong said the words, stood up and said: "Ask yourself, I Li Dong really treat everyone wrong? The birds of prey you say are hiding, is that what I want!" Li Dong picked up a document in his hand and threw it at the center of the table and said: "You say everything do I not know? Zhang Tao and how much they have contributed to the company, do I not have a number in my heart? Why should they leave, not only the company development needs! They not only failed to pass the assessment, do you know how much loss the company brought because of their malfeasance and mistakes in just one year? Not to mention the expired milk last year, in the last year time, there are seven expired products or private workshop's three no products mixed into the shelves of the far side! I fixed a group of people and let a group of people go. I thought they would stop and do their job, but it didn't work, you know? Do you know how much this has affected our brand? Do you know how much the company lost? Over $10 million in direct economic loss, and if I were to say that the brand value lost $100 million, wouldn't you think that's an exaggeration? Mr. Sun, feelings are sometimes not everything! It's not just them I need to consider, there are tens of thousands of Far Far Away employees, how do you expect me to choose! I gave in, according to my old character, I should send them to jail, how else do you want me to back out? I understand your feelings, but I want to say that it is not only me who caused all this today, but also you. Your tolerance, your feelings, let them find a dependency, this is not what you want, and not what I want …… "When Li Dong finished, Sun Tao froze like a wooden chicken, a long time speechless. Others are afraid to make a sound, including Yuan Chengdao. At this moment, not related to the status of high and low, Sun Tao and Li Dong at this moment is not with the status of subordinates to talk, but friends. The two of them have gone hand in hand to now, experienced too much. From hand in hand, to mutual suspicion, then to the interests of the dispute, and finally to the feelings of the dispute, the relationship between these two people continue to change. From subordinate to both teachers and friends, then to subordinate, and then even to the point of mutual suspicion, all this is unknowingly changing. Until today, the aggression and fire in the hearts of the two people are venting out. Li Dong felt that he was right, Sun Tao felt betrayed, the cause of everything is not only because of simple personnel issues. Some of these things have been hidden in the bottom of everyone's heart, today is only infinitely magnified. Sun Tao did not speak again, lost his soul and sat down without saying a word. Li Dong also stopped talking, sat down and continued to walk away. Yuan Chengdao people look at each other, after a while, Yuan Chengdao light cough: "personnel issues we do not have to worry too much, if anyone feels there is a problem, you can always find me to respond to the situation. Now the most important thing is to talk about the outside rumor problem. Three people become a tiger, the group's reality is clear to everyone, although some difficult, but definitely not as exaggerated as the outside world. Far side assets up to 15 billion or more, liabilities of no more than 6 billion. And the first two months, the East side of the opening, has returned more than 1 billion. Throw away this 1 billion, our total liabilities is only 5 billion, relatively speaking, the situation is very stable. The reason for the illusion that we are on the verge of insolvency is partly because someone is pushing us around and partly because Yuanfang's expansion has infringed on some people's interests. To deal with this kind of behavior, I and Mr. Li mean to resolutely fight back to the end and never compromise!" Yuan Chengdao spoke for a while, the first words were to appease the internal hearts and minds, while the latter was to set the tone for the next words. Not to compromise means to fight back. How to counterattack is the next main topic. The first part of the story was to calm the internal people, and the second part was to set the tone for the next part of the story. Once the bond issue fails, we will not only face the problem of debt maturity of up to 3 billion, but also the problem of plummeting credibility. If we can't come up with a strong countermeasure, it will definitely have a great impact on us. If the bond issue fails and the 3 billion debt matures, I'm afraid that if there is no solution at that time, the rumors will come true." After she finished, Wu Shengnan immediately said, "In fact, it's simple to solve this problem, prove to the public that we have abundant cash flow in Yuanfang!" The others looked at her, this is simple to say, the key is how to prove? It is a fact that Yuanfang has no money, can we still turn out money? If you really want to have an abundant cash flow, there is no need to issue bonds, everyone can see, do others do not see. The reason why Shen Xi said the other side time to pick a good, meaning this. Wu Shengnan saw the crowd look at themselves, not panic: "want to prove that we have plenty of cash flow, in fact, it is not a problem. It's enough to do two things." Yuan Chengdao smiled lightly and said, "Tell me, Mr. Wu, which two points to achieve?" "First, the charity fund has been established for some time, but because the private donation promised by Mr. Li has not arrived, there is no big movement on the fund side. If the 500 million promised by Mr. Li arrives immediately and the Yuanfang Charity Fund makes some big moves, it will definitely dispel some of the people's doubts." "Second, to dispel rumors, not only we come forward, including our partner groups. The reason why people are questioning our capital problems is because we are expanding too fast, so many people have doubts. Regarding the cooperation between Pengfei Real Estate and Suning, we all know what is going on, and we can ask both sides to issue an announcement to the public to clear up the doubts. The betting agreement between Mr. Li and Suning, including the issue of Suning's capital advance cooperation, will be made public. The same goes for Pengfei, we can properly ask Pengfei Real Estate to announce some issues, including the price we paid for holding Pengfei Real Estate. Immediately after we ourselves properly disclose part of the accounts, these things will soon be solved.