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Chapter 670 Stock Market Retreat

  After the meeting, Li Dong directly rushed to Lanshan Villa. As soon as he entered, Li Dong asked Tang Kuan, "How is the situation of the stock market now?" Tang Kuan hurriedly said, "It has been a positive state, and the rate of increase has also maintained the previous rate." Li Dong did not care about the rate of increase, and said, "Now if the market is delisted, how much money can I get?" At the beginning of January, Cao Feng told him that the money in the stock market was over 1.8 billion. Now more than two months have passed, the specific amount of money Li Dong has not asked, but a conservative estimate of 2 billion should not be too difficult. Before he was ready to delay until June or July, but it seems that it is unlikely to drag on. This time, Liu Ke and Chang Qiqi did hit Li Dong's soft spot, the funding problem has actually always existed in the far side. These two years of constant expansion and re-expansion, more money is not enough to spend. Far Far Away has actually been tough enough, relying entirely on a supermarket to start out, and can hold up in less than three years, in fact, Li Dong himself knows that there is a lot of luck. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Although after that it went back up, even to a new high, in fact, it was an inflated high, should be considered more dangerous. Want to put a little bit of stability, this is the time to withdraw from the market is the most secure time. Hearing Li Dong to withdraw, Tang Kuan hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, now the good factors have been maintained, I think there is actually a wave of rising stock prices, now the words …… delisted," he did not finish his sentence, Li Dong waved his hand and said: " These I know, but Tang Kuan, since you want to continue to do in this business, then remember one thing, avoid greed. Now you and the previous you change a lot, when you are cautious, afraid of where to go wrong, judging the prospects of the stock market and never give a definite word. That's actually good, although for me, these words are somewhat demotivating. But for you, it is a kind of protection for yourselves. And now, I want to exit the market, and you advise me that this should not be something you say out loud. Once there is turmoil in the stock market and my billions are lost, do you think I will take it out on you? The stock market is something that is very gambling, don't judge easily. You now think the stock market still has a wave of upward, but after the upward period? Is the stock market will always go up? And whose money are we making? When you are confused by these things in front of you, you will soon find that everything is illusory. The money that arrives is the money, before it arrives, do not easily go to the conclusion." Large drops of sweat suddenly seeped from Tang Kuan's forehead! Li Dong's words made his heart abruptly cold. For most of the year he really was a bit lost, and had been immersed in the thrill of rising stock prices, even making him feel that it was all his own doing. But in reality? In fact, these stocks are Li Dong's, the circle is also Li Dong selected, they really do not do much actually. Although the stock market has been rising, but is there no money loss? Yes, not only there, and there are many! The reason why Li Dong's stock can rise so much and so fast is not a myth created by them, but by Li Dong himself. Now he actually fainted and persuaded Li Dong not to withdraw from the market. As Li Dong said, once there is a change in the stock market, what about these money losses? Billions of dollars, if you can not recover, not only the anger, think about it, if he himself, the heart of murder. And Li Dong does not lack the ability, get them killed is not at all possible? The more you think about it, the more scared you are, your face changed for a while, Tang Kuan bowed towards Li Dong and said, "Thank you, Mr. Li, for your teaching." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "Not really a teaching, after all, we have been friends for a while, I also hope you will have a better future in the future. People walk by the river, there is no not wet shoes. The stock market is originally an ocean of rivers, doing this business all year round, how many of them can really achieve a hundred hits? After this delisting, you should be able to get a good amount of commission. After getting this money, I actually hope you can leave a way out for yourselves, when we meet again in the future, I hope to see not the despondent Tang Kuan." Tang Kuan hurriedly nodded and said, "Mr. Li, thank you, thank you for your advice." Li Dong waved his hand with a smile and turned back to the topic, "You haven't told me how much money I can get now." Tang Kuan said with an apologetic face, "Sorry sorry, Mr. Li, it's hard to say exactly how much money right now, but we do a rough statistic every day. According to our statistics yesterday, the money you have in the stock market, if you exit the market now, you can have about 2.5 billion, after deducting the tax to hand about the same price. But if you want to get rid of it quickly, such a large transaction, I'm afraid the price will fall a little." Li Dong pondered for a moment and nodded, "Then let's get out, it's okay to drop a little." Tang Kuan nodded and said, "Then we will arrange to take off as soon as possible, but it will probably take a little time ……" "Can we do it before the end of the month?" Now there are more than ten days before the end of the month, Tang Kuan thought about it and said, "It should be about the same, now the stock market volume is large, two or three billion of funds withdrawn, two or three hundred million a day should not be difficult."