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Chapter 671 - Are you guys having a gay affair?

  March 18th. 天』』籁小说WwW.⒉3TXT.COM Jiangbei Grand Theater. This was the day of the screening of "Ears Greatly Blessed". When Li Dong's car stopped in front of the red carpet, the surrounding reporters immediately dropped the few creators who had just arrived and flocked to the Maybach. Li Dong had expected this situation, and as soon as he got out of the car, he raised his hand and said, "Today we will only talk about the movie, nothing else." If the reporters were so obedient, they wouldn't be reporters anymore. Before Li Dong's voice fell, a female reporter aged 27 or 28 said loudly, "Mr. Li, there are rumors that Yuanfang Group is in a crisis of broken capital chain, and now Mr. Li still has time to attend the movie screening, does it mean that Yuanfang Group has found a solution to the capital crisis?" Li Dong glanced at her and said indifferently: "You said it was outside rumors, and you believe in rumors? What others say is what it is, then there is still a need for me to explain?" Hearing his tone was not good, the reporter who asked the question was a little embarrassed. A male reporter standing next to her said, "Mr. Li, since there are rumors out there, they are certainly not just empty rumors! And the Yuanfang Group will soon have a batch of bonds of up to 3o billion to line, isn't this evidence that Yuanfang is short of funds?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "The line of bonds means that the capital chain is broken? Is that what you think?" Li Dong scoffed, "Do you know what it means that the bonds can be successfully executed? It means that Yuanfang Group has the strength and the ability to repay the bonds! If Yuanfang is really in a capital chain crisis, do you think the Securities Regulatory Commission and the Reform Commission will agree to our bond at this time?" "Can you say a big word about those who can line corporate bonds these days, except for the best companies?" "Some people are jealous of the Yuanfang Group and want to use it to smear me and discredit the Yuanfang Group, but in the end it's just a joke after all!" Li Dong responded with a few words, then pressed his hand and said, "Today is the movie screening, I don't want to talk more about this. If you're really interested, there will be a press conference at the end of the month, so you can go and support the event and ask what you want to ask then. In addition, the legal department of Yuanfang Group is already collecting evidence. For some people and interest groups who smear Yuanfang Group behind the scenes, Yuanfang Group will never tolerate traitors! I hope you will not listen to the wind and make statements without real evidence before the matter is finalized. Freedom of speech does not mean that you can create rumors! I Li Dong's character we all know, Jiangbei media and I deal with not a day or two, you are polite to me, I am polite to you, there are questions will answer! But recently, some media have been following the trend indiscriminately without checking, which has caused a very bad impact on Yuanfang Group. Because of the inaccurate reports of some of you, Yuanfang Group has suffered direct and indirect losses of more than ten million dollars. I understand the principle of taking money from others to eliminate disasters. But since you did it on the first day, don't blame me for doing it on the 15th day. Starting from today, the Legal Department of Yuanfang Group will pursue legal responsibility for all rumor-mongers. I Li Dong is this nature, you are good to me, I am good to you. If you are not polite to me, then we will see, it's just a lawsuit, I will play with you for eight to ten years. Li Dong dropped these words, then walked straight towards the theater. The reporters looked at each other, and a few of them had ugly faces. When Li Dong walked away, someone in the crowd muttered: "It's great to be rich, we're not the only ones talking about Yuanfang's broken capital chain, he can sue if he has the guts! As soon as he said this, the surrounding area immediately emptied a section. Many people look at him like an idiot, rich is not necessarily great, but rich to the extent that Li Dong this, but also specifically focused on you, that is really can not afford to mess with. Everyone is saying is right, but also depends on the parties to pursue or not. Li Dong has made his attitude clear, before the end of the month, Far Eastern Group will open a press conference, at this time, if anyone does not have tangible evidence to continue to make improper remarks, then he is certainly not finished with you. If Yuanfang does not have the risk of capital breakage, Li Dong is still the rich Li Dong. At this time you are still acting against the wind, this is not a self-inflicted death is what. It is said that the media is the king of the uncrowned, but also depends on what media. The official media has the strength, the national famous media has the strength, you a lace tabloid reporter which has the strength to say this? Besides, this is still Jiangbei, Li Dong want to whole a small newspaper when it is really that difficult? …… theater studio, Li Dong directly in the front row to sit down. The following he came with Shen Xi whispered: "You just so angry to do what? The media is going to say you let them say, why public fire, but let everyone look down on you." Li Dong hummed: "You don't understand! These people give him three colors and dare to open a dye house! To the Jiangbei media side, I think I'm still friendly attitude, some things are also asked and answered, and even some lace tabloid nonsense I never take seriously. But now these people have to take advantage of the situation and dare to smear Yuanfang to death! And then smile with them, but let these guys have the courage! I want to hold them legally responsible, I want to see, in Jiangbei, my Li Dong's face is not as good as a few hundred or a few thousand dollars red envelopes!" Hearing him say that, Shen Xi thought about it and did not speak again. These days is indeed a stormy city, the Yuanfang capital chain break things more and more widely spread, the Yuanfang Group has caused a lot of impact. This time Li Dong fire, maybe also a way out. Two people did not say these things, after a while, Hu Xiaorui came over and sat down next to Li Dong. Just outside the door Hu Xiaorui also heard people say, see Li Dong sullen face, Hu Xiaorui smiled and said: "angry with them why, a group of guys just see the wind and rudder. If you do not want to hear those, then I will give them some red packets, specifically to let them say good things to the far side." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "No need, I'm not angry with them either." "Then who are you angry with?" "Your father!" Hu Xiaorui and Shen Xi both froze for a moment, and it was only after a while that Hu Xiaorui depressed, "My father? You're talking about Shen Bingshan's father, right?" Shen Xi gave her a blank look and said, "Why are you fighting with Mr. Hu again?" Li Dong grunted: "The old foxes are falling down the well! The front begged me to cooperate, and when the matter was born, I want to cooperate with him, he is not happy." "How?" The cooperation between Tengxiang and Yuanfang is known to Shen Xi, in Shen Xi's opinion, Hu Ming is not that unwise to be right. Not to mention how good this would be for Tengxiang, but if the capital chain was broken, ordinary people would take it seriously, but did Hu Ming take it seriously too?