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Chapter 672 - Addicted to Gambling

  Not to mention Shen Xi does not understand, Xu Jiang Hua now also can not understand his son. The first time I saw him, I was able to get him to do it. Xu Shengzhe nodded his head and said, "Yes." "Are you sure you woke up from your sleep?" Xu Jianghua couldn't help but say more. Xu Shengzhe said speechlessly, "Dad, do I look like a fool to you?" Xu Jianghua sighed, "Not before, but now it's quite like that." "Five hundred million dollars to buy Yuanfang's bonds, what do you think? Long Hua is rich but can not be so bad, he Li Dong gave you what benefits? After he merged Greenland and Pengfei, Beichuan, Dongyu real estate strength is not much weaker than us. At this time he is in an economic crisis, we do not fall into the well even if you think about the friendship of friends. You have to buy their bonds to help him open the bond market, you say you are not stupid, I really do not believe." Xu Shengzhe bristled, "Dad, you think I would contribute 500 million because of this?" "Then because of what?" Xu Jianghua asked. Xu Shengzhe raised his eyebrows and said, "He made a bet with me." Xu Jianghua was surprised at his words, "What kind of bet?" Xu Shengzhe narrowed his eyes and said, "He wanted to bet me on the future. Li Dong said that within three years, Dongyu Real Estate will definitely surpass Longhua Real Estate and become the leading real estate company in Jiangbei! I do not believe this evil, so I took 500 million to bet with him once! If I lose, he will pay me back in three years with interest, I will not lose anything. If I win, Li Dong promises to allow Longhua to take control of Dongyu Real Estate!" Xu Jianghua looked at him for a while, not knowing how long it took before he coughed lightly, "Shengzhe, it's not that dad I'm hitting you, are you sure you want to bet with him once? Although I don't like this guy Li Dong, I have to say that his drive and opportunities are one of a kind. Dongyu real estate from scratch, from there to strong, just less than a year's time, now the scale has reached half of us. Three years, something ……" Xu Jianghua wanted to say more, Xu Shengzhe was calmly interrupted: "Dad, if even this confidence is not, then I simply give up to take over the chairman of Longhua forget! A nearly twenty-year old company, a leading industry leader in the Jiangbei real estate sector for ten years, and now his founder says it's no match for a real estate company that's only a year old! I don't believe this, and I don't think Longhua is inferior to others! What's more, if I really lose, I admit it! It's only a 500 million dollar loan to him, if he can really get past Longhua, then I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. To Longhua, 500 million is just one more piece of land, how big can it be? I would like to see, with the additional 500 million, Li Dong can really take off? If he can't, when we take over Dongyu Real Estate, the whole Jiangbei real estate world will be ours." Xu Jianghua saw the situation did not say more, but only admonished: "empty words, since you have decided, Dad supports you. But friends are friends, some things are better on paper, that guy doesn't follow the usual rules, so save him from backtracking." Xu Shengzhe raised his eyebrows and said, "No way?" Xu Jianghua shook his head and cautioned, "Never easily believe in other people's promises, and do not believe in other people's character too high. I'm not going to evaluate the character of that guy Li Dong, but don't you forget that he owes us that sum of money, how long has it been dragging on?" When Xu Jianghua said, Xu Shengzhe immediately came to his senses and said, "Yes, we have to sign an agreement! This bastard keeps saying that his character is reliable, but he has fooled me several times, Dad, you are right to remind me, I will find him to sign the agreement later." When Xu Shengzhe left the door in a hurry, Xu Jianghua couldn't help but lose his smile. A few moments of contemplation, Xu Jianghua shook his head again, let them go. Agreement not agreement in fact Xu Jianghua at this time is not too concerned, perhaps the existence of Li Dong will let their son grow up may also be. The youngest son is proud of his nature, others do not know, he can not be clear. People are too proud, sooner or later to suffer in this. The reason why Xu Jianghua did not want to give Long Hua to Xu Shengzhe, worried about this. Business to his point, in fact, he is not willing to gamble again, gambling on the future, that is a young man's business, when he was young he was also like this. But people to the old age, and then the great stamina is also worn out by time, Xu Jianghua want or a stable. But now that things have become final, Xu Jianghua would like to use Li Dong's hand to polish Xu Shengzhe properly. No matter how much he and Li Dong have a grudge, but sometimes Xu Jianghua has to admit that this guy is a character. In just a few years, Li Dong has risen rapidly, whether it is due to external factors or really unbelievable luck, it is enough to show that Li Dong cannot be underestimated. Since the son wants to fight with Li Dong, no matter win or lose, in fact, are earned, Xu Jianghua is not bothered to care about this. …… Jiangbei Grand Theater. Shen Xi heard the reason, could not help but frown: "You again! Last time and Suning's bet you are not feeling the advantage, now addicted! Long Hua and Dongyu real estate, it seems that the gap is not much, in fact, the world is different do you understand?