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Chapter 673 - Making Gods

  Shen Xi finished, Li Dong laughed: "You do not rush ah, I did not say I agree. Wang Junyu is still too young, in fact, so vague promotion effect is not good, have to create our mall's trump card project, and then all the resources to this trump card project promotion, that is the right way. Find the focus, large-scale promotion, for the mall to create God, this is our ultimate goal. When people talk about Yuanfang Mall in the future, they can immediately think of our trump card project, or when they talk about this project, they can immediately associate it with Yuanfang Mall, which is what I need." Shen Xi didn't quite understand what he meant, while Li Dong was actually talking about Double Eleven. To be honest, in his previous life, Li Dong was really impressed by this activity of Taobao. The creation of a non-existent holiday out of thin air, far from the ordinary people imagine that simple. Chinese five thousand years, a total of only how many festivals. And these festivals, without exception, are with a long history and cultural deposits. Only this double 11, no cultural heritage, no historical precipitation, just a few years, this only exist in the imagination of the holiday has become almost a national holiday. At home and abroad, a wait for this day, the first thing that comes to mind is Taobao to discount, which is success, unparalleled success! This sense of accomplishment, even than the day to sell tens of billions of things are to shock. Money to that time is actually just a number, the first time may be happy, will be excited, and so many times, the old horse will be so happy and excited? But wait a few decades later, when others are accustomed to this day as a real holiday to live, that is a lifetime of indelible brilliance. Although Shen Xi did not quite understand, but in general also heard a little something, thought about it and said: "You mean, we should create a trump card activity like last year's spike activity, and then promote it on a large scale, or even make it a regular activity, right?" Li Dong first nodded, and then shook his head. Shen Xi did not understand: "Then what do you mean?" Li Dong laughed: "It's too early to say this, our next goal is to increase our mall users, the user base is the source of all success. Liu Hong is developing the game will soon be online, your mall side more snacks, I'm counting on this game to bring us tens of millions of new users. As long as our user base exceeds 50 million, then Taobao's ass we can also touch." Shen Xi some speechless said: "You think too much, expect a small game to add tens of millions of new users, you are not afraid of their own face when the time comes?" "What am I afraid of, at least now there are ten million user base. Back to you to make a program out of this game I want to promote the whole population, the mall ace now I have not decided, but the next year, the farm is our ace. Don't be afraid to spend money, spend money is nothing, one hundred million is not enough for you to two hundred million, two hundred million is not enough for that five hundred million! Do not look at the game can not earn a penny, but if you can increase 10 million users, a few hundred million is nothing. Also, the number one common problem you guys to solve me before it is too late, this little thing you delayed how long, last time I use pp account login mall, stuck for a good half a day is not logged in. Do not underestimate these problems, very serious know? We are usually very busy, who has the time to remember so many accounts, if this small problem is solved, we can still hundreds of thousands of millions of users believe it or not? People Tencent this is very well done, an account login, almost all the games can play. We do not fear that others say copying, good things since others have achieved success, we also follow with it. Besides, this is not their original, Tencent is also borrowing the advanced experience of others, you do not hold on to face to give up the interests. The last time our emoji package came out, people Tencent turned around and did not take it to use, now our emoji package system is only how much, you see how many others? Don't think you're too big to see Tencent's behavior, I do think it's pretty good. He is not directly copied us, people change their face, better than we get, this is the ability, you have the ability to also change the face to let him eat a dumb loss ah! Forget it, these things with you also said in vain, I have to talk to Liu Hong deep back, this guy does not give a little more, I am ready to give up on him." Li Dong finished these words, Shen Xi did not rush to refute. In fact, she should reflect on it, when the expression bag system came out, pp at once a few million more users. But the late users continue to lose, the mall side has been watching irreparably, to now pp user loss of only a few hundred thousand, these responsibilities should have been someone to take up. Although Li Dong did not blame her, but Shen Xi herself knows that this is her helmsman is not enough to give. Thinking about this, and then thinking about Wang Junyu's entry, Shen Xi gently sighed and did not speak again. Maybe it's a good choice to retire in a hurry. The e-commerce is not her expertise, she has some experience in foreign countries, but not much better than amateurs. Now the mall wants to be bigger, relying on her knowledge is obviously not enough to use.