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Chapter 674 - The hero is sad to see the beauty

  The fiasco of the broken capital chain of Far Far Away is still going on. Although Li Dong warned a few words at the movie premiere, the media that reported it was not only Jiangbei media. The company's main goal was to make the company's business more efficient. The announcement declared that Suning and Yuanfang cooperation, all funds by Suning advance, and has passed the board resolution. When the news got out, there was an uproar! Ordinary people felt that Suning was too stupid and Zhang Jindong was too stupid to be willing to do such a thing. Even because of this, there were some fluctuations in Suning's share price on that day. Originally Suning and Far Eastern cooperation, Suning's share price rose a lot. But now Suning advances money to help Yuanfang for expansion, which makes many people can't understand. Of course, these ordinary people and retail investors can not understand, Suning side does not care too much, because the people who should know on the line. About the betting agreement between the two sides, Suning did not announce it in this announcement, but only mentioned that more information can be asked for the answer at the press conference of Yuanfang Group. Just when all the media and the masses were eager to get an answer, on March 25, Pengfei real estate headquarters also sent out an announcement. Originally, the announcement of Pengfei Real Estate did not attract much attention, but because everyone was recently concerned about the movement of Yuanfang, the announcement of Pengfei Real Estate was soon circulated on the Internet. Immediately afterwards, media from all sides also made small reports. Pengfei's announcement was even simpler, just a few sentences, in short, Yuanfang merged Pengfei Real Estate Jiangbei Branch, without using cash. Therefore, the outside world speculates that Yuanfang spent billions on the acquisition of Pengfei, but that's all rumors, in addition, Beichuan Real Estate is a real estate company established in cooperation with Pengfei Real Estate in the early days of Yuanfang. The company did not spend much on this, conservatively estimated at no more than five hundred million. When the crowd guessed what cost Yuanfang had used to merge with Pengfei, on March 26, the Jiangbei media was once again shaken up a bit. Longhua Group and Nanrui Group announced at the same time that Longhua Group would buy 500 million bonds of Yuanfang Group in the name of the group. On the other hand, Nanrui's side, Chairman Hu Ming personally contributed 500 million to purchase Yuanfang's bonds. At this time, when everyone was questioning Yuanfang, when everyone felt that Yuanfang might face bankruptcy, the two groups actually said they would buy 500 million bonds, which was really out of everyone's expectation. Before the media had time to interview the two groups, seven or eight other groups or companies issued new announcements immediately afterwards. Ji Lanxin, the current head of Jinding Jewelry, announced that Jinding Jewelry would contribute 100 million to support Yuanfang. Hu Wanlin of the Guanghe Group joked that the Guanghe Group had no money and barely contributed 50 million to mean a little. In addition to these people, the heads of several other Jiangbei Mutual Aid Associations also put out the word that each company would contribute $10 million to $50 million, raising a total of no less than $300 million to buy Yuanfang bonds. At once, the Yuanfang bonds were almost half sold out before they were officially issued. Everyone was so surprised that they didn't know what to say. Was the previous news about Far Eastern going bankrupt true? If it was really going to be bankrupt, would others still support Yuanfang like this? Don't say anything about feelings and friendship, one million is feelings, ten million is interests. If they were not optimistic about Yuanfang, how could these people be willing to pay so much money to help Yuanfang. Corporate bonds, this thing is too risky. Once Yuanfang goes bankrupt, they are likely to lose all their money. Who would be so stupid to take more than a billion dollars to prove their friendship with Yuanfang? Once these news came out, many suppliers and home buyers who could not sit still had extinguished their fires. This juncture also to question, it is not stupid. Besides, Yuanfang has said that there will be a big announcement to make next, so it is even more important not to mess up. The suppliers are actually worried that if they don't support Yuanfang at this time, it will be difficult to cooperate again in the future. Now that Yuanfang Supermarket is expanding, more and more suppliers are looking for cooperation with Yuanfang without a doorway, and it would be silly for them to mess up at this time. …… external disturbances can not interfere with Li Dong. Although Ji Lanxin these people came out to support him, Li Dong did not know in advance. But since everyone has taken a stand, Li Dong can't say anything other than thank you. After making the last thank you call, Yuan Chengdao in front of Li Dong lamented, "I never thought, I really never thought that the Mutual Aid Association could bring us such great help. If we had known it would be like this, we wouldn't even have to hold any press conference, the news alone would have been enough to offset the rumors." The 3 billion bonds hadn't even started to be issued, and half of them had gone in the blink of an eye. At this point, if you say that Yuanfang has no strength and that it's going bankrupt, who will believe it!