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Chapter 675 - Spring Blossoms

  Yuan Chengdao said Li Dong heroes sad beauty, this sentence if Li Dong heard, will certainly be proud. The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. Whether it is reality or movies and TV, the final outcome of the hero seems to be not good. Hero Li Dong dare not be, but the word beauty Shen Xi can still bear. When the sun brushed Shen Xi's face, standing at the side of Li Dong suddenly looked frozen for a moment. Shen Xi stroked the scattered black, looked up to see Li Dong staring straight at him, some amusement said: "What's wrong?" Li Dong rubbed his eyes and laughed: "Just now I thought I saw a fairy coming down to earth." Shen Xi couldn't help but white him and said, "Slippery mouth, more and more out of line." Li Dong said with an aggrieved face, "I'm serious." Shen Xi still laughs, but this time did not refute, regardless of whether it is true or not, at least in the ears very comfortable. However, Li Dong's next sentence is angry Shen Xi wanted to punch people, this guy really did not rely on the past. "Shen Xi, have you been to Korea?" Shen Xi has not made a sound, Li Dong muttered: "This change is also too big, when you applied for the job that photo is obviously a passerby, how to turn around and change a person." Shen Xi glared at him with a black face for a while before she gritted her teeth and said, "I've never been to Korea, but I especially want to send you to Thailand now!" Li Dong coughed dryly, this woman is really ruthless. Go to Thailand is obviously not to send themselves to travel, this woman actually want to turn themselves into human demons, too poisonous. The two of them joked with each other for a few minutes, waiting to walk in the distant park for a while, Li Dong suddenly stopped in his tracks. Shen Xi, who was following him, also stopped in her tracks and wondered, "What's wrong?" Li Dong did not say anything and stared at the peony in front of him for a while before muttering for a long time, "Spring is here!" Shen Xi lost her smile and said, "Spring has arrived long ago, it's almost April, and only at this time do you feel that spring has come." "Yes, I'm too slow to react." Li Dong murmured, faintly lamented: "There is nothing in the world, mediocre people disturb themselves." "At this time of year, I should be enjoying the flowers, but now there is a lot of disturbance and no peace, I do not know when this kind of day will end." Seeing him talking sentimental, Shen Xi frowned slightly and said, "Why sentimental again, you are a young man in his early twenties, or a big man, all day long sad wind and autumn, then I'm a thirty-year-old aunt still live?" Li Dong froze for a moment, then laughed: "Not sentimental, just feel that time passes too quickly. In addition you do not say you are thirty, look how young you are, than I look younger, should say eighteen is right." Shen Xi glared at him in a good-natured way, this statement can be more false? The two looked at each other, and then both could not help but laugh. The staff who passed by not far away saw this and hurriedly lightened their footsteps, afraid to disturb the mood of the boss and the vice president. …… enjoyed the flowers for a while, Li Dong and Shen Xi sat down on the public seats in the park. After chatting for a few minutes, Li Dong turned back to the subject and said, "Old Du is back?" Shen Xi gave him a blank look, but did not correct his name, nodded and said, "I've been back for a few days." "Things are completely settled?" Although Li Dong said vague, Shen Xi is clear: "It should be considered settled, unless there are changes, otherwise it is the result." Once the two sessions are over, some things will be finalized, this thing the country understands. "The emperor or the second oldest?" Shen Xi shook her head: "You do not think too much, presiding over the government, as for the secretary, certainly not possible." Li Dong sighed lightly: "I guessed it long ago, but unfortunately. If it were not for the Shen family adding to the chaos, the old Du is not so anxious to leave Jiangbei to do one more term in Jiangbei, the next term will certainly be able to step in place, and the seniority is a bit stronger. Now serving in Jiangbei but three years, many things have just begun, the results have not come out. This time in a hurry to go, others look, the three years old Du nothing, seniority is obviously worse than a cut. Even if the future in the empire to the top, from number two to number one, it does not necessarily better than now." Shen Xi smiled and shook her head slightly and said, "It's not easy to say, and can not be blamed on Shen's head. Between gain and loss, right, after all, the capital side of the next big thing, if my father can do a good job, in fact, it is still the same." Li Dong knew she was talking about the Olympics, the biggest event during Du Anmin's tenure is probably the Olympics next year. As long as Du Anmin presides over this Olympic Games and maintains everything needed, then he is successful. With the merit of this time, it can barely fill the gap in seniority. But Li Dong is still slightly regretful, the number two as good, that is also the number two, the real credit or someone else's. Du Anmin left a lot of peach on this side of Jiangbei, like the first logistics park in East China, as well as the more important economic docking between Jiangbei and the Yangtze River Delta region. Now the old Du has actually done almost all, laying the foundation. This time he has to stay a few more years, the implementation of these policies are implemented to carry on, the next term ironically rise. And this kind of merit, more gold than presiding over an Olympic Games.