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Chapter 676 - Turning over old scores

  March 28th. Far Eastern held a press conference. Since the morning, media from all walks of life have been wandering around Yuanfang's campus with long guns and short cannons. Originally, the Yuanfang campus was closed, except for the employees of Yuanfang, no one could enter. It was not until this opportunity that people had a chance to see the real situation of Far Eastern. Today's Yuanfang Group is very open, except for some confidential places, other places are open to these reporters. There were even a few bold reporters who somehow managed to get outside Li Dong's office. When Chen Ke found out, he was startled and hurriedly got up and said, "Gentlemen, this is the chairman's office, you can't enter without permission." The reporter in the lead was a young girl, and as soon as she was discovered by Chen Ke, she quickly smiled and said, "This sister, we know that this is the office of President Li. But since we are here, can you let us interview Mr. Li?" Chen Ke hurriedly said, "Mr. Li is not in the company right now, and he will be there after the press conference starts later." The female reporter's eyes twinkled and she said with a smile, "Sister, since Mr. Li is not here, can you let us go in and take a look? After all, we are all curious about Mr. Li and would like to know how he lives and works in private. We promise to just take a look and come out afterwards, sister, please be accommodating, please, okay?" Chen Ke shook his head repeatedly and said, "This is definitely not possible, no one can go in without Mr. Li. Not to mention you, even Mr. Yuan will not enter Mr. Li's office without permission." She was just a thoughtless remark, but the female reporter in front of her suddenly became interested and said, "Sister, do you mean that Mr. Yuan can't even enter Mr. Li's office?" Chen Ke immediately frowned and explained, "I don't mean that, I just want to say that this is Mr. Li's private space, you should go elsewhere to see it." "Sister, do me a favor, please ……" The female reporter was tangling with Chen Ke when someone suddenly spoke up behind her, "What's wrong with this?" Chen Ke saw the arrival of Li Dong, immediately relieved to say: "Mr. Li, they want to enter your office to see, because you are not in, so I did not agree." Li Dong sniffed at a few reporters, smiled and said, "What do I have to see in my office, if you want to see something interesting, then go downstairs to the Far Mall, where a small game recently developed is quite interesting ……" Li Dong casually dismissed A sentence, the female reporter who spoke before was pleading: "Mr. Li, let us go in and take a look, okay? Anyway, we are at the door, and you are here, so I will delay you for a few minutes." Li Dong some crying and laughing, finally had to nod and said: "Then you guys come in with me, in fact, my office really has nothing to see ……" he said while pushing open the office door, the door opened, just the female reporter just like a wind rushed to the The office. Before Li Dong could react, the female reporter had already excitedly said to the cameraman: "Quickly shoot here! Hello, I am Pingchuan Life Online reporter Zhang Shiqi, we are now located in the office of Mr. Li Dong, chairman of the Far Eastern Group …… everyone, this is the widely circulated gold brave ……" "This gold brave up to 138 centimeters high, weighing 66 kilograms ……" the female reporter at the moment has forgotten that Li Dong is still beside, excitedly pointing to the office in the gold brave a burst of introduction. Look at her casual data and explanation, it is clear that this female reporter has long been fully prepared, and even her purpose is this gold brave. As for Li Dong himself, she has long been forgotten to a hundred thousand miles away. Li Dong a black line, how he forgot about this. This gold brave, he has now spread, Jiangbei who does not know that the distant boss has a true Buddha enlightened gold brave. And the rumor also said the eye, said the brave actually not human-made, but in a thousand-year-old temple excavated. The reason why Li Dong can rise so quickly, the credit is all in this brave. This thing to understand people naturally will not take seriously, but this society, understand people are ultimately a minority, and some people also tucked into understanding when buried. Jealousy or envy, some people do not want to admit that Li Dong stronger than themselves, naturally have to find an excuse to comfort themselves. The reason why Li Dong can rise, not by themselves, but the blessing of God and Buddha. Although the rumors are not very reliable, there are still many people who want to believe. Plus Li Dong has been avoiding this gold brave, that makes people even more curious. So Zhang Shiqi into the office of the first moment, is quickly rushed to the brave, which is more mysterious than the existence of Li Dong himself. See Zhang Shiqi said the gushing, Li Dong shook his head, and did not drive people away. Some things the more you avoid, the more curious people are. In fact, the reason why Li Dong do not talk about this, just think some vulgar. Golden brave, see once feel okay, see more is a little disgusting. Li Dong earlier also wanted to deal with, but afraid of trouble, so it has been placed in the office, and now it has become accustomed to its existence. Since everyone is interested, let them shoot it. If anyone really think they rely on this brave, then let them get a few of their own, anyway, there are many rich people these days, you are willing to spoil is your own business. Li Dong walked to the rest area and sat down, Chen Ke quickly came in to pour him tea. After a few minutes, Zhang Shiqi finally finished explaining, until then, Zhang Shiqi realized that he seemed to have forgotten the existence of the main character. Seeing Li Dong slowly sipping tea, Zhang Shiqi said with an embarrassed face, "Mr. Li, sorry sorry, I just got too excited ……" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "It's okay, just shoot if you like." Zhang Shiqi smiled and said, "Mr. Li, can I touch it?" Li Dong lost his smile and said, "Feel free, you can't take it away anyway." Zhang Shiqi some embarrassment said: "I'm just afraid that Mr. Li taboo, after all, this gold brave is your beloved object, some people say that the Buddha's treasure can not be tainted with the breath of strangers ……" she had not finished, Li Dong said with a black line: "Who said this thing is my beloved object? "Who said this thing is my beloved thing? In addition this kind of Buddha treasure if you like, you can go to the Long Hua Xu, people that are full of warehouses, if you can handle him, as much as you want!" Zhang Shiqi's face turned red and she didn't know what to say. Li Dong saw the situation also did not embarrass her, waved his hand and said: "Let you think what you want, but the shooting and touching are hurry up, the press conference is about to start, I have to go there later." "Thank you, Mr. Li, don't worry, we won't delay you."