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Chapter 677 - $8 billion cash flow

  One second★小△说§网. .Org], wonderful novels without pop-up windows free reading! The press conference officially began. The meeting was hosted by Yuan Chengdao, and after a few opening remarks, Yuan Chengdao said straight away, "Next I have a few things to announce." The crowd immediately perked up their ears, the far side of this press conference to engage in such a discreet, there must be major news announced. After all, the outside world rumors have been clamoring, although because of the many groups supporting Yuanfang, does not mean that everyone can accept. This time, Yuanfang opened a press conference, of course, is favorable good news to announce. Yuan Chengdao picked up the folder and slowly said, "First, about the cooperation between Yuanfang and Suning." "Before the Suning side of the announcement, I think we all know. And the news from Suning side is also true, about the cooperation between the two sides, it is true that Suning fully advanced the funds in the early stage." Yuan Chengdao just said this, the stage is a flurry of hands raised. Yuan Chengdao frowned slightly at the situation, but still gestured to one of them: "This reporter, what do you want to ask?" The reporter who was named hastily said: "Hello, Mr. Yuan, I am Liu Kuan, a reporter from the Sunan Economic Daily. According to the cooperation agreement announced by both sides, the two sides will jointly invest more than 5 billion. And the initial investment, according to Suning side, they have to unilaterally invest at least 3 billion in the initial capital. I would like to ask Mr. Yuan a question, what kind of concessions or costs did Yuan Fang make to make Suning agree to this resolution? After all, 3 billion is not a small amount, once the late retreat of the far side, or other changes occur, can not take the follow-up funds. Suning want to maintain the situation, can only continue to invest themselves, that is, unilaterally into North China, the total investment will exceed 5 billion, and the risk is also very large. Taking such a big risk, I think it should not only be because of the friendship between Mr. Zhang and Mr. Li, right?" Yuan Chengdao calmly said, "That's exactly what I want to say, so next everyone wait until I finish before asking questions." Everyone nodded, and only then did Yuan Chengdao continue, "Regarding the cooperation between the two sides, Yuanfang and Suning did reach some agreements. Originally, the agreement was not announced to the public, but now because of the rumors of individuals, Far Eastern had to open the news to the public to prove Far Eastern's innocence. The reason why Suning is willing to advance funds upfront is actually very simple, because Mr. Li and Mr. Zhang have signed a betting agreement ……" When Yuan Chengdao finished this betting agreement in a calm manner, many people froze. This is sure this is a betting agreement? A reporter soon reflected and hurriedly raised his hand and said, "Mr. Yuan, I have a question!" Yuan Chengdao nodded and said, "Please go ahead." "Mr. Yuan, according to the agreement you just announced, it means that if Suning cannot occupy half of the home appliance market in North China in the next five years, all of Yuan's investment projects in North China will be lost to Suning?" Yuan Chengdao shook his head and said, "It's not North China, it's limited to Beijing and Tianjin. Also not all of Yuanfang's investments, just the piece of projects that both sides cooperate on." The reporter who asked the question didn't dwell on this, but said in shock: "Mr. Yuan, I want to know for what reason Far Eastern would make such a decision? Half of the market share, I think this possibility is very, very low, for a momentary sudden advance, set such a big bet, do not you think Far Eastern is too risky?" Yuan Chengdao smiled lightly and said, "I don't think it's risky. Sometimes what seems impossible doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be done. Besides, it's not surprising that nothing happens in five years, and with those five years, I think our business in the Beijing-Tianjin region will not be limited to the cooperation with Suning. At that time, you may just find out that this betting agreement, in fact, is not as serious as you think." The crowd couldn't help but glance at Li Dong next to them, this kind of thing was obviously not something Yuan Chengdao could decide. The one who can really decide the future of Yuanfang is this young man who has not spoken. It is hard for everyone to imagine what kind of strength and courage the young Li Dong has to set this agreement with Suning. More than a billion bets, in exchange for a six-month time advance, in the eyes of the crowd Li Dong is too crazy. Yuan Chengdao saw that everyone was still digesting the news, and did not wait, continued: "The second ……" "Far Eastern Group will have an injection of funds in the near future, this fund is Li's own private funds. The total amount is 2 billion ……" the crowd is now completely moved! Li Dong's private capital injection into Yuanfang? Since Yuan Chengdao said so, it is obvious that the funds will not be diverted from Yuanfang. After all, such a large amount of money flow, it is easy to be checked. Once Li Dong diverted funds from his own company, the left hand for the right hand, that if exposed will certainly cause the opposite effect. At this time the Far Eastern Group would not be so unwise, that is to say that the funds are indeed Li Dong's private money. Yuan Chengdao's words just fell, seven or eight reporters hurriedly asked. At this time, everyone can not care to raise their hands, it is really this matter which means too much. Not only is the issue of 2 billion, and this matter reveals a message, that is, Li Dong hands control the source of funds I'm afraid is not only the Yuan Fang Group. Up to 2 billion of funds, without any prior warning. Not to mention Jiangbei, is the domestic, can take out so much cash flow at once the group can have a few, let alone private. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. See everyone scrambling to ask questions, Yuan Chengdao coughed lightly and said, "Everyone quiet, one by one, now so chaotic, but delay everyone's time." When the reporters gradually calmed down, Yuan Chengdao pointed to one person and said, "You ask." The reporter who was named stood up excitedly, facing Li Dong and asked loudly, "Mr. Li, can I ask you directly?" Li Dong nodded slightly. The reporter said excitedly, "Thank you! Earlier, Mr. Yuan said that you privately injected 2 billion into Yuanfang Group, I think what everyone is concerned about now is the source of your money, can you reveal it?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "The source of funds is definitely legal and compliant, otherwise you think I would inject capital into Yuanfang at this time?" "Everyone thinks that Yuanfang has no money, thinks that Yuanfang is short of funds, in fact, it's all just a rumor." "Far Eastern doesn't have money? Last year, the Yuanfang Group invested more than ten billion before and after, if there is no money, then how did these investments come? And I am not afraid to tell you the total debt figure of Yuanfang Group, which is not more than 4 billion. This time I injected 2 billion into Yuanfang, and the total debt of Yuanfang Group will be less than 2 billion. How much is Far Eastern Group worth? No bragging, I said he is worth 20 billion, that can certainly be worth so much money.