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Chapter 678: Shelling Ali

  The release continues. ranw?enw?w?w?. Yuan Chengdao next announced a few more news, mainly some good news about the profitability of the far side. The company's profitability has been low for the last year, but this year it has also started to make a profit. There is also the Eastwood real estate, recently because of the land price rise, Eastwood real estate, although there is no big action, but also has been in the profit. On the issue of profitability, we actually do not attach too much importance to it, nor is it very surprising. After all, the profitability of Yuanfang is there for all to see, if not profitable, Li Dong could not have made Yuanfang this big in just a few years. However, when Yuan Chengdao finished announcing the last news, the scene was once again noisy! Yuan Chengdao just finished, a reporter immediately said loudly: "Yuan, what you just said, does it mean that Yuanfang Mall is officially on par with Taobao?" Yuan Chengdao lightly laughed: "How to say it, it sounds fine, but in fact there is an essential difference. Far Eastern Mall to accept individual stores to reside in, is our Far Eastern from the b2c model to c2c model for an exploration. The best c2c model in China is naturally Taobao, but Taobao is not exactly the same as c2c," Yuan Chengdao paused for a moment to continue: "In addition, we and Taobao are still essentially different, Taobao is a full range of coverage, what industry are doing. But Far Eastern Mall currently does not have the intention, we are mainly involved in the FMCG industry. It is better to be big than to be fine, the focus of the two sides is different. The main reason for the current changes in Far Eastern Mall is to give customers more choices. At present, we have reached an agreement with Suning and China Bacai to move in, and Suning and China Bacai will officially move into Yuanfang Mall at the end of June. In addition, Yuanfang has also reached the terms of entry with Changkelong and Five Star Electrical Appliance, which will also be online in the mall at the same time at the end of June if there is no surprise. In addition, we are prepared to accept about one hundred retail enterprises or individual stores to be stationed in the mall in the first phase. The merchants or individuals will have strict audit standards, preferring lack to overcrowding, which is the guideline of Yuanfang Mall." Yuan Chengdao was saying, someone on the stage answered: "Mr. Yuan, when you say strict audit standards, is it for Taobao? After all, Taobao is very lenient conditions for the entry of individual stores, you are vetoing the Taobao mode of operation?" This person just finished speaking, many people's faces showed a touch of dissimulation. Yuan Chengdao is a bombardment of Taobao? After all, in 07, Taobao opening requirements are still very low. In order to attract individuals to open stores, Taobao repeatedly lowered the audit standards, although a short period of time to attract a large number of stores stationed, but in fact the overall is to lower the level of Taobao and other aspects of regulation. Like some quality problems, as well as the problem of vicious competition, has been subject to criticism. Now the distant mall also began to c2c transformation, Yuan Chengdao also said the words rather than indiscriminate, in the understanding of everyone, this is for Taobao fire. After the reporter on stage asked, Yuan Chengdao shook his head and said: "This reporter should be misunderstood, Far Eastern Group is not against anyone. Raising the standard of review, is it necessary to bombard anyone? Does it mean that we have to put it in without any restriction, and that is not targeting people? There are differences in the customer groups we target and the main industries involved, so it is inevitable for Yuanfang to raise the vetting standards. After all, the FMCG industry, including food, over-the-counter drugs, health care products …… most of these things are going into the mouth, if we lower the audit requirements, that is not responsible for our customers. In this case, we improve the audit standards, not only for the customer is responsible, but also for our own responsibility in the far side, why people will understand that against Taobao?" The crowd smiled and thought about it, Yuan Chengdao said seems to be a bit reasonable. But there is another person asked: "Mr. Yuan, according to what you have said so far, I can not understand that the Yuan Mall is committed to creating a huge retail industry complex online mall? After all, Yuanfang is currently talking about cooperation including Suning, China hundred, five stars, Changkelong are well-known enterprises in the retail industry. And the FMCG industry that you mentioned can also be broadly categorized as the retail industry, does this mean that Yuanfang Group is unable to achieve a monopoly on the physical stores, thus changing direction and wanting to achieve a monopoly on the e-mall?" Yuan Chengdao laughed: "I do not deny your previous words by and large. To do a retail industry complex online mall is also one of the goals of the far side, but what you said monopoly, this I do not dare to admit." Yuan Chengdao side finished, did not say much Li Dong skipped: "We count what monopoly? You should ask Old Ma in Lin'an, monopoly is against the law, besides, with this scale, we can't monopolize even if we want to, right?" The crowd couldn't help but laugh at the words. After laughing for a while, someone asked: "General Li, the current expansion of the physical stores around the far side, the scale is staggering. At this time you also choose to expand the mall at the same time, the focus of the next Yuanfang is the e-mall or the physical stores?" "Both sides go hand in hand, right?" Li Dong explained, "I have discussed with Mr. Zhang of Suning for a long time before, with the popularity of the Internet, the proportion of online e-commerce will also be bigger and bigger. How to combine online and offline, is something that every industrial company should consider. And the reason why Yuanfang Mall chooses to accept other companies and individuals, on the one hand, to enhance our competitiveness, on the other hand, Yuanfang also wants to be a pioneer and exploration for many industrial groups." Although Li Dong said the truth, but at this time everyone did not care too much. On the one hand is now the market share occupied by e-commerce is too small, even Taobao, 07 years can not shake the solid industry with strong roots. So the country has not yet risen to the impact of e-commerce on the industrial wave, many large groups and enterprises simply do not pay too much attention to e-commerce. In fact, if not for the arrival of the mobile Internet era, e-commerce will not have as much influence as later.