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Chapter 679 - The High Place

  Soon after Yuan Chengdao left, Zhou Haidong and Tan Yong joined hands.? Fire Ran? Wen w?w?w? The two men were invited to sit down, and Li Dong gently knocked on the table and said, "Zhu Hongtao is awake, do you know?" The two people froze for a moment, then Tan Yong eyes fierce light, lowered his voice: "Mr. Li, or I ……" Li Dong frowned at him and said: "And nonsense what? Now is not a few years ago, I need to care about a Zhu Hongtao? If he is smart, then he should honestly avoid me, I do not find him trouble is a good thing. I say this focus is not Zhu Hongtao, but the people behind him. Zhu Hongtao woke up, we are nothing to know, this is not normal. Plus the recent wind is a bit wrong, before I can not catch the focus, check also no direction, now Zhu Hongtao jumped out just right. You guys arrange it, find someone to keep an eye on Zhu Hongtao, see who he has contact with. I will dig out the people behind him, day after day, not too annoying!" Zhou Haidong two people hastily nodded, since someone jumped out from the surface, then things are much better to investigate. In Jiangbei, the Far Eastern Group wants to check the bottom of a person, do not have too many methods. After briefly mentioning this matter, Li Dong said to Zhou Haidao: "In two days Wang Jie will go to your side, you help a little, so that he is familiar with the business of the Supervision Department as soon as possible. Although Mr. Yuan's side is recently under supervision, but one side of the supervision, there is always a leak, you are the people I trust the most, some things to you I am at ease." Although Li Dong did not explicitly say, but Zhou Haidong immediately understood what he meant. Yuan Chengdao supervised all the old people from afar, while his own side of the people, not to say not to supervise, but some times the difference in treatment still exists. Li Dong let Zhou Haidong and Wang Jie take over the Supervision Department, is also a balance of power. Now Li Dong gives Yuan Cheng Dao a lot of authority, plus Li Dong himself can not always supervise, naturally need an independent system to Yuan Cheng Dao supervision. This point must be understood by Yuan Chengdao himself, otherwise he would not have moved the Ministry of Supervision side. Yuan Chengdao cleaned a lot of people, even Shen Xi these people he did not let go, but only the Ministry of Supervision Zhou Haidong side, Yuan Chengdao seems to have ignored. In fact, not he really neglected, but he understands the significance of the existence of this department. A group of companies so large, and he Yuan Chengdao is only a professional manager, Li Dong can really completely and completely entrust the group to him? If Li Dong really wants to do so, Yuan Chengdao will only say he is stupid. The word trust, that is relative, built on a certain basis to work, otherwise trust out of thin air, which only means that one of the parties need to recharge their IQ. After admonishing Zhou Haidong, Li Dong said to Tan Yong: "Keep an eye on it, I'm afraid some people will jump to the wall." Hearing Li Dong say this, Tan Yong and Zhou Haidong face instantly changed dramatically. The dog jumped to the wall? Does someone really dare to come to the hard way? Li Dong saw two people nervous, smiled and said: "Do not be too nervous, just in case. The older people are, the less courageous they are. Recently, the wind is not good, some people have been attacked several times by me back, just pay a little attention." Two people nodded at the same time, but the heart is determined, recently must strengthen the security work to do. Fear not just in case, the reality is more exciting than TV these days. Some people are faint in the head, which will consider what the consequences, under the interest, it is not strange to do anything. After explaining these things, Li Dong let the two out of the office. After sitting in the office for a while, Li Dong walked to the balcony and looked down. I don't know how long he looked at it, but Li Dong murmured, "It's not easy to get high up there!" A rootless young man who controls tens of billions of dollars in his hands, there are always some people who are not willing. Plus the two sessions are over, the matter of Du Anmin is no longer a big secret. Old Du to go, many people will be foolish to move up. Liu Ke and the others are pawns, Zhu Hongtao is also just a pawn, the real powerful people have not yet shown up. Take down Li Dong, control the Yuanfang Group, the benefits of which are huge. It seems that Yuanfang Group is only a local retail enterprise in Jiangbei, but according to the current trend, once Yuanfang completes its layout, it is a national giant. By the time Yuanfang is listed, it will easily be a 100 billion dollar dominant enterprise. A hundred billion, sounds not enough shock, in fact, not to mention a hundred billion, is 100 million, can also make many high above the big man moved. Now while Du Anmin is leaving, Li Dong has few cards in his hand, many people want to take advantage of this time to give Li Dong a fatal blow. The seemingly calm distant, in fact, has long been dark currents. ……3 31st. Provincial Hospital. Li Dong said Wang Jia surgery himself not to come, in fact, he still came. Standing outside the operating room, Li Dong expressionlessly looking into the distance, not happy or sad. For a long time, Li Dong said in a deep voice: "Dr. Chen, give me an accurate answer, after the successful surgery, will there be any adverse effects?" The chief physician standing behind Li Dong hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, regarding post-operative recovery, these things vary from person to person ……" "Don't talk to me about these burnt things! I ask you, how many years is the longest lived after liver failure replacement at present?" Dr. Chen looked embarrassed, and only after a while did he whisper, "There are no detailed statistics in China yet, actually I'm not fooling you, but we don't have much to say about this. Some people are actually no different from normal people after liver transplantation, and there is no qualitative answer to the question of whether life expectancy is affected, because the longest successful liver transplant I know of has survived for more than ten years after surgery.